Greetings to all from all Races, Creeds, Federations, Empires, Kingdoms, Hives, and Innerspace.

We will be moving the site to a new location thus allowing us to be "indexed". The Group is now prepared to take this to the next level. This new level will include a full featured site with the largest esoteric library available on the net. The League will then bring millions of viewers as new movies "custom made" will be available daily, and Our previous content will be "indexed" allowing the thousands who wonder what "leophantalus" or "Intrepidi" or "Pahanuk" really means along with a million other subjects that have been only discussed in silence. Seekers will finally find a site discussing such things thoroughly and boldly as We have no time to waste outside of time. We will also be moving to radio along with daily podcasts so those who wish to call in can do so live.

If We could ask for anything at this moment it is that each one of you who read this take a moment in your day to put positive intent into Our smooth transition here. In all of my personal work, I do believe this will be the closest One can get to saving the world truly, watch what happens next or be what happens next. I would also like to personally thank the members that We have now, it was you that kept me going when I would just as soon dive into a valcano, there is no separation. :-) Now Our dreams will be realized.

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No, thank you Sandy there is nothing left for me but to see the people awake completely.



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