Okay space faring people and inter dimensional and extra dimensional couterparts. We are at it again with Sandy from zetatalk.com. You can be sure We will gt some information out of here as We are ready to present the proper questions that you want answers to. Stay Tuned. 50 Mintutes...

Direct Link - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/isiswisdom/2009/12/16/isis-interview-n...

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If you go listen to radio interview again at the 109:00 mark, Dr Blair states his website and those like Blairbiz that STEALS from him.

I would like to purchase from him personally.
"TheMetaCenter.com" redirects to "BlairBiz.com" ...someone has jacked his site, this is what I am saying
http://drdelbertblair.com/. I went to this address
Great words, and great advice Isis. Heaps of love to you, and thank you. regardless of my age, and life experience. I still have not learned to trust my inner voice that told me exactly what to accept from this interview from Nancy and the Zeta's. Instead, I have to have my feelings endorsed by other people so as I can relax into my own intuition and accept it as true. This is a bad fault I have to overcome if I am to grow.
There are those who know the truth, but their agenda is to steer you away from what would benefit you and me... that is their purpose and goal. I have no intentions or time to waste in attempting to join with these types.

They have tried the red pill but their likings are in concert with the blue pill.
Dr Belaire drops the name Mona Harrison and states her 2 movies - Water On The Brain and Water Everywhere Not A Drop To Drink. I am having a hard time even searching her name out on the web.

Does someone have links already on her?
Also let me know if you come up with anything and if all else fails We will ask Dr. Blair
Greetings all - This s my first post as a new member so I shall be swift and clear.

A few thoughts on the "innerview" with Nancy:

-We need balance, so as a reminder sometimes its helpful to see both sides of the coin. To know thy left one must know right.
-Excellent approach by Sevan and sister Isis in regards to handling the interview.
-Some of the most precious jewels are found in the most dangerous places.

Love to all



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