Okay space faring people and inter dimensional and extra dimensional couterparts. We are at it again with Sandy from zetatalk.com. You can be sure We will gt some information out of here as We are ready to present the proper questions that you want answers to. Stay Tuned. 50 Mintutes...

Direct Link - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/isiswisdom/2009/12/16/isis-interview-n...

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Okay... On the line now...
I won't even attach this video Alice will remain in Wonderland. I'm going to start an esoteric version of PUNKED just to clean up the esoteric world!
I'm with you Ayzik 100.
I am also new here. I nheard this show. I have to say that what Nacy was saying about pole shifts, I had heard before. I think she may have been on Daniel Ott. The edge show some time ago.
I felt really knotted up inside listening to the so called Zeta's, and her long standing relationship with them. Her coolness, calmness, and clearly, collectedness. Left my inner voice insisting that I was hearing garbage. I never heard Sevan, Or Isis, being rude. To be honest, I thought they were condoning what she was saying.
I must admit to drifting off into my own thoughts and assment of this show. So maybe there was some rudeness, but I never heard it.
I followed on by listening to Dr Blair. This gave me my faith back, as this master, gave as good an interview, as I have ever heard from him. When I hear the truth, my inner god lets me know it. I was electric for hours after. Conversely. I felt deflated and doubted Sevan, who inspired me to join this network of people. I expected him, or Isis, to pull some exposing questions on this woman, then I would feel better.
I am not qualified to call any of this material she was pedling lies. But whatever truths there may have been in there were certainly embelished, and had a smell of. Buy my book if she has one. My intuition if you will, never lies.
The Zeta dossier will be available by the end of the week, obviously they work for Visa. :-) And they are sneaky :-) Any they lie to old ladies. :-)
I love you. You so real and raw. That's all I click with now.. So many snakes on the bellies. I love to be the Bennu bird and just fly with love and my kind.

Even when I'm joking I'm right.....scary. NYSE stock exchange symbol "V". http://www​.google.co​m/finance?​client=ob​&q=NYS​E:V
This is just a perfect example of what is going on in the Esoteric Community at large, let Us be alert, let Us clean.
Like it..

Shaman Marie I commend you. Honestly that was the key turning point in the whole thing if it wasn't already. Just shows more and more how the Most High works, at some point in the near future all of these jokers will be put in their place for playing with souls as if its a game. Just like Ayzik said, it is now warranted that if someone is lying about things of such great importance like the lives of Our children and the continuation of Our souls, they have another thing coming now. Not on Our watch, it cannot happen.
Ok, I listened to the interview, came back here and "Foolishness Revealed" had me crackin up!!!! So True!
Dr Delbert Blair mentioned his website "www.themetacenter.com" and not to be confused with the flunkies at "blairbiz.com". However I do notice the meta center address steers me to blairbiz.

Can someone provide the proper website name here?



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