Hello resistance family. I have recently been searching for someone but so far there have been no results. I was wondering if there was any way "manifest" people. By that I mean to contact or meet a person that you have not seen seen in awhile through your spiritual energy. Similar to a way you would manifest lost objects though your energy or aura but.............with a person I guess. It sounds so manipulative but believe me that is not my intent. I simply want to see an old friend that I have not seen in awhile but cannot find.

Any advice would be helpful. Thank you for reading.

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The person will come into your life when you don't expect it at all. By focusing on manifesting the person, the energy bottlenecks; you won't see him.

What's up family? The easiest way I found to manifest anything or anyone is to simply forget about it. Let me explain, Hollywood and the new age movement claims that the more you want something and the more you focus on something the more likely you will attract into your life, however it doesn't do any good if you're focusing on it while still consciously acknowledging it to NOT BE HERE YET. So the easiest analogy I've found is this. Would you ever give someone the time of day if he or she was trying to debate with you over whether the sky is blue? Of course not! You're that sure! You don't need to question it. Why would you? It's already a proven fact in your reality that the sky is blue. So why would you focus on it? Ya see? You simply ask and carry on with your daily routine and the Most High will provide you with what you want when you are ready. And what I've found is that the Most High will do so when you stop focusing on it so much. Also, remember to be truly grateful before receiving something is ESSENTIAL. And don't try to fool yourself, you have to FEEL TRULY GRATEFUL, it's the feeling that counts. Sevan mentions that things happen on a spiritual level before appearing into the physical plane so make sure to prepare spiritually and mentally through the attitude of gratitude, and that will surely put you on that latitude ya digggg??!! Wholeness 

Insightful revelation brotha, wholeness to all

I hope you find your friend you seem to have a great need to share your life with them. I’m sure your fond memories, and love will guide them to you. you’ll be standing there one day saying I was just thinking about you. Your post also manifested an energy thats beckoning to them also brother. Keep your journey loving, and keep it real.

Thank you all for your insight on this topic it is really helpful. Very comforting to have the resistance community to talk to for advice.



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