Water: preparations for relations and consumption

Dreamstate this morning: I was holding a blue glass bottle of water, and I had the following occur:

1. I recognized the water's consciousness, before anything else. Greeting it

2. I recognized the state of change and chaos it may be in due to human mechanisms and interventions.

3. I appreciated it's journey to share relations with me.

4. I empowered it to regain it's own perfectly harmonic state of natural being, as pure consciousness, unaltered. Reminding it (and myself!) that we are perfect, whole, balanced; almost without anything needed except attention!

The bottle turned from blue to black to gray to clear!

In my dream I don't believe this was done with words, just emotions and thought forms

 I will be doing this when I fill my water to drink. Thank you dream twin!

Besides this, the water currently we drink is: RO water, UV filtered and distilled. We keep our water in BPA free plastic water spout/ceramic holder, We put a pinch or 2 of gray Celtic sea salt to provide extra minerals.In our container there is a 4inch quartz/chlorite. We clean and recharge the quartz monthly to maintain a vibration suitable for us,its relations.

Share your current water wisdom, it will not fall on blind eyes!

Thanks for taking a moment to receive my discussion! Wholeness!

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For a time I greeted my first glass of water with an affirmation or incantation if I had to label it.

It has been some time since I've recited it but it was basically thanking water for all the properties and aspects of my exsistance that it touched or developed as well as potential effects. Healing, growth, evolution, transmutation, nuturing, and awakening are a few that come to mind.

To be honest I did not detect or observe any change in myself when I did this unless there was balancement in my mind and actions. Now I take a different approach to any self created rituals but I do see the power in this practice.

I admire your method and dreamscape when it comes to water, I hope one day to have the infrastructure to nurture this habit as you do in the physical sense.

One thing that has developed since then with my minds eye is the nature of water from a scientific stand point. A scientist by the name of Gerald Pollack has done experimentation of water and its apparently crystalline nature. This crystal property has been discovered to be electric in essence due to its capacity to not only behave like a battery but also display certain physical characteristics similar to plasma filaments and the method we transport electricity over long distances, braided wires.

Thoughts are energy and this energy can alter its composition and as many here are familiar with crystals, water as a crystal only solidifies what is apparent. Water is a conductor of life and its multifaceted quality can aid when tuned with the right frequency, your intent.

The practice of self recognition of wholeness and harmony in that moment with the water is my focus. I see water is a great reflector of awareness, so I want a present, aware state to be reflected back to me and then contained in my cells when I hydrate.

The plasma idea is new to me, I have heard of coconut water being likened to plasma. What kind of water do you drink?

I'm down to try it out :) Thanks for sharing!

Kool, your dream state was showing you can effect water with your mind. Once and awhile i will charge my water with love energy before i drink it. Giving me a slight euphoric feeling. Also adding ph drops to a ph around 9.5 is a good idea.


How do you do the love vibe? I have been unsure about saying/writing the word because of what I'm about my language programming.

What do you feel is more important, pH or vibration?

The way i do it is simply taking a glass of water holding in my hand for a few minutes. While going into a meditative state thinking mentally. My appreciation and love for water. I love you water, something along those lines. It might sound silly, but that is what has worked for me.

As far as what is more important i don't know but the ph goes along way for keeping your bio-system alkalized.


Keep water in glass 50 oz - 1 gal glass bottles will do.

Put a charged quartz clear crystal in it.

Use a 3-5 drop dose of MMS witt a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt.

In adition 2 Prayer, Thought and Intent Winn consuming water keep a Constant Curation of Solfeggio and Binaurial beats as well as other conscious frequencies, meditations and music playing 4, around, and near Ur Water.

U want the sound of the music and frequencies vibrating through Ur water Winn it is stored(Consistently).

Allow water 2 be exposed 2 Fresh Air, Sun, Moon and Star light.

In my experience using this method...Water becumm'z more clearer (crystal like Clear), Taste juss as fresh as getting it from it's natural source. Depending on the type of frequencies and the duration U allow Ur water 2 Curate with...U can feel and See the vitality and energy th@ radiates from Ur water and it's gratitude 4 U having taken tha time 2 Love it enough 2 keep it's spirit thrive'n while being contained in a bottle.


Thank you for this. Since your innersight, I have been playing 528 hz around our water as of recently. Though my files are not FLAC files, so I wonder if the water gets the full spectrum of hz ranges. Do you use the MMS ongoing in your water?


Yes Eye do.

Note: Allow Water 2 Curate witt the MMS at least 24 hours priory 2 Sun Light Exposer.

You might want to check this site. To the left are links with a great deal of information and studies of this water. Www.alkalinewaterplus.com

Great post!



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