I saw someone working on information of various water filters, but no specific values yet. As I am about to purchase one, I was wondering if anyone had any information on for instance how much fluoride each removes?

This is the one I am looking at, recommended by a helpful soul here at the resistance:

It seems more practical than one that attaches fixed to the pipes, however I was wondering if it will remove as much fluoride as a reverse osmosis system. I will call the manufacturer tomorrow, they were shut today but some second opinions would be vastly helpful, just to make sure they are telling me the truth.

Thank you all,


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Hi Karrade i would honestly just purchase some MMS- miracle mineral solution found on the products tab, that takes care of the fluoride and any pathogens in the water and one drop treats a whole gallon, so it will go a long way, just a thought.

Thanks for the recommendation, at this point i'm not 100% sure on its ability to remove fluoride. It is a great choice to remove toxins, and heal the body that much is obvious from the research i've done, but I've been doing some reading from Jim Humbles forum (stern supporter of mms) and there is quite a lot of mixed views on the subject of its ability to remove fluoride. 

I'll link the discussion below in a separate post, please delete the next post if after you reading it you feel they have the wrong end of the stick:

Last post first:

You'll see the chemical analysis of it all in the thread.

NB Also the water filter site is down now, i've informed them of the problem getting their telephone number via google cache, so it should be back up soon.

I'm looking into zero point energy wands for water does anyone own one? They're suppose to great for helping the body function properly

this is something i have been looking into as well, would love some feedback

I recommend a Big Berkeyhttp://cart.berkeyfilters.com/bigberkey.aspx?gclid=CN_zo-22pq4CFRLG...  They're fantastic filters, but only part of the equation as your water is still "dead". We have a roughly 5 gal. (bentonite)covered clay pot that we place our filtered water into. We set the pot in the sun for 3 days and "Presto", you having living water (water containing living microbes that your body requires). IF you can not find a suitable filter, taking bentonite internally will suffice (and be far more beneficial in the long term). IF you live on the West Coast (US), you have been exposed to high amounts of radiation via Fukushima whether you're aware or not (this also includes anyone who eats CA grown produce no matter if its organic or not). Healing clay will totally neutralize the effects. http://www.eytonsearth.org/drinking-clay-internal-use.php. In the coming months/years, IMO, radiation will be THE issue we all face (in the northern hemisphere) Orgon generators (aka chembusters) also aid in neutralizing radioactive particles. I have a plethora of info available if you're interested. Sorry to veer from the original question. Wholeness

I fully agree.

Hi Karrade!

I use this Nikken PiMag countertop system, cause I don't have running water in my cabin:


It was a little over $200 Canadian. The little white spheres you see in the video are zeolite.

I did use an $800 Gemini "Jupiter" system, I don't think it is still sold though, it was similar to the

Venus model here: http://www.gtawater.com/assets/ionizer_jupiter/jupiter-alkaline-wat...

The filter cartridges are $50 though. They have a gravity feed system for $179.

My mom swears by her scalar wand, I don't have one yet. If I get one it will be the $100 combo deal here:


I am also going to buy distilled water and try the decalcifying pineal program Paulo Dias posted here:



Best wishes!




Thank you for all the advice!


I've been using the distiller in the first post for some time now, about a week or so. It has helped a great deal in removing fluoride from my diet, my pineal is still not 100% due to a somewhat frustrating and persistent energy block around my upper or sometimes mid lower back, (though I know it is active to a degree) but the overall health of my physical body is growing daily. To the degree I can do warm to high temperatures fairly quickly consciously when required.


There are a lot of myths about distilled water, as a part of a balanced diet, being vegan I live on fruit and veg, my mineral intake is fine. Though I have considered buying a supplement I have no need so far. I don't drink gallons of it, as there is no need anyway with the quality, and green tea tastes so pure it is hard to describe.


I could never go back to regular, toxic water, and if you'd have seen the inside of this distiller after a few uses, you might see why.


It is slow, uses a fair amount of power but as I no longer watch (programming) exclusively now, my energy bill hasn't been effected.


Wholeness to you all.


NB On the subject, I also stick to cold showers (to avoid fluoride intake) and have been eating vegan chocolate cocoa powder (in spread), and parsley to speed things up. Charge at 4.30 sunrise, outside if possible for some of it, when you can warm the body the temperature it isn't a factor, plus the winter wind cleanses you when you can't. I have also been working on astral hygiene, and just starting proper reverse breathing (which is amazing, truly). Something is so close to clicking, but so far I am still more effective at consciously doing things than astral work.

To Clarify, the supplement point was in regards to added minerals to the water. I still intend on getting hold of MMS. The price to get it into the UK is almost as much as the distiller, because as nowhere here sells it now (after the clamp down), I am concerned it will get through without additional customs charges, or even being held.  Many MMS sites shipping to the UK have been shut down, the one listed in the british isles I think sells MMS, but as their product description has been removed (by request of certain controllers), I cannot tell if its the one I need

Apparently this is the best on the market :)




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