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I have had my internal cleansing kit for a while now, I will admit I've being putting it off to some degree, but, I am ready now. When looking through the booklet it mentions the importance of having clean water throughout your cleanse. This is something I've heard much about but haven't researched much myself. SO, what i have to ask is in regards to different methods of water purification, and what level of water purity is necessary for the Cleanse.

I have an abundance of shungite, but it is unclear to me if this is an apt way to purify.
If anyone has any info/experience with using Shungite, or could refer me to some info on cheaper "1st level" water purification type stuff, it would be greatly appreciated. 

(P.S. I am on well water currently, in a fairly rural area. Th water is slightly cloud sometimes with obvious deposits of calcium and likely a few other minerals)

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Hey Jack, 

Look into Vicktor Schauberger, an author named Callum Coats Youtube it. Also, Les Brown Pyramid Power he grew plants 3 times larger than average in a pyramid greenhouse, also on youtube too. Vicktor taught us how energy is obtained in water via vortexs. Temperature plays one of the main roles and shape of vessels or plant pots too. Vicktor is the Guru of water power as well, he made the first UFO for Hitler in the 1920-30's. He is the Tesla of Water and it's secret energies. Callum Coats has about 5 books about Vicktor and basically translates Vicktor's writings from German to English.  I highly recommend getting 2 or more of the books, they contain the details you'll need to design your own water system. The free downloadable book versions do not contain the real information you seek! There is a water Egg vase Vicktor designed and it is what we all need! Basically it energizes the water like it went through the Amazon river. Vicktor cleared out an entire cancer ward in 6 weeks with this and a sprinkler head design. Peace to you! 

There is a recent thread about structuring water so you might want to check that out. For your cleanse your gonna want distilled but w/ minerals added back to it. Really you could do just straight distilled but you dont want to drink it w/ no added back minerals for long term 

If your insure about your well water you can test it to see where it stands. I live in the burbs & the tap water isnt too bad but i just dont trust it enough to use w/ out going through distillation. I was just getting distilled jugs at the store until I got a distiller. I'd use distilled for the cleanse just to get you started & through w/ it. Then after that you can start to go about bettering your water supply. No need to overcomplicate things during the cleanse just keep it simple

As always, when a question of water comes up, we must consider www.aquariusthewaterbearer.com  Andrew Norton Webber's site.  

I even have heard Sevan recently speak to the effect of distilled water leaching minerals out of the body, which seems to be incorrect.  This is an organic vs. inorganic issue.  There is plenty of info on this over at Webber's site.




Wholeness bro! Most info has already been given in comments though I'd like to speak from experience with this recently. I bought a cheap distiller for $200 and bought Deva Liquid Minerals for maybe ~$35. After 1-2weeks I have experienced more vivid dreams and better dream re call as well as a strong intuition that my body highly prefers this water haha. I have been drinking about a gallon a day and also noticed it initiated a kind of detox within my body. Once you look at the crap that is left in the distiller even after the first use you will be very happy you made the investment! Till then though go on a good better best system. I was utilising the mega hydrate when I couldn't afford my distiller (about $30 a bottle) and it was a definite improvement over tap water on its own.

Good luck my friend keep doing your thing man!



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