In order to not completely be held down to what you are currently experiencing in life there has been several "fail safe's" installed. So lets take it from the top. We talked about the concept of the NINE and how there is a moment when certain individuals realize that they can actually create/manifest. We need not tie this into whether one is totally manifesting the reality themselves because there is really nothing that we are "totally" doing on our own. There exist many energies that we are unaware of working in conjunction with us to also see their reality accomplished. This is the power of the Creator that can be vividly seen within our connection. Sevan and the Resistance. 

In a certain moment I felt like I needed something in my life real and tailored for me, at that very moment you had the same idea. Although we would think these are sole manifestations of our own, the Creator simply says, "these wonderful pieces fit together, lets link them to handle their manifestation requests, funny my little children are manifesting, how cute, next". When people begin to link this creates more motivation in fact many are feeling the "residual" of our unity here because they are sometimes hearing the repeated comments that may have been said between us all in this celebration of "knowing" that we are currently engaged in. They are feeling the warm feelings from me that I send out becasue of the nurturing I receive here. My feelings I exude no doubt have become more wholesome because of the Resistance and I feel comfortable in that part of my life now attached to purpose and accomplishment. This gives me more appreciation to do more to gift others with the ability to see. So as you can tell although it may seem remote, many people are gaining and benefiting off of our union together.

The next level is Creativity, one begins to become more confident that they can actually manifest an entirely different life/reality at will. This is most certainly correct but there is much more to it than just knowing you can do it of course. Belief must be accompanied with Energy and because the whole world is in an "energy crises" many people that know about manifestation still fail in accomplishing it to do what they want. Its time for them to learn the exact formula of manifestation. 

The word "powerless" comes into play here. If one knows they can manifest everything they want and they only need power they then realize all the things that are taking power from them. They must be firm at admitting this and begin the energy conservation process as soon as possible. This is like a leak, unless it is patched up one will keep having to refill constantly. If they run out of a way to "fill" (feel) themselves, they will be left powerless and utterly unable to do anything about their current surrounding until somehow they gain power over it. I see many people that believe they are powerful but in fact they are powerless. This is the ultimate Jedi mind trick used on oneself when one has fallen into such a state. 

What takes energy? Anytime one does something that they are not being correctly compensated for. Compensation in most cases does not equal money. That is the trick. People at times will trade their energy for paper. To them this paper means power and unfortunately it doesn't, money is circulation, which can be turned into "real power" but in most cases it grants one false power. Think of hydro electric energy, the water circulates creating the power but is not the power itself. This is the person who buys a brand new car and feels like they have accomplished something when if they had spent a fraction of that money on Monatomics and Radonics etc, they would come to innerstand the meaning of true power. It allows one to gain control most importantly over themselves, not everyone else. That is actually a misuse of power and will eventually lead to total consumption and depletion that is rather vicious. Making it to the top for individuals who behave this way simply means a long way down when falling, thus, they fall harder. 

Powered up means becoming awake. There can be no better indicator of this than when the ability to control your dreams or at least see them vividly enough to divine their complete meaning comes about. The power of superconductivity  gives one the ability to make it all connect. The meaning of your life is before you. Once it all connects one can manifest 10 cars, but most certainly they already learn if you have more than you need it requires you to use more power to keep something you are not really using anyway. One cannot drive 10 cars at one time so thus the other 9 are pulling energy because they are not being utilized. This is like leaving a light on during a sunny day. 

So powerless is simply not being able to change life into what you want because of whatever circumstance. Even when a person goes to a movie theatre if they are not watching the movie to gain something that is real, some deeper insight, sycromisticism etc., but are just watching to be entertained/entrained left open, once they come out the theatre they send all their energy into the actors and the concept of the movie. One remarks to another "isn't Tom Cruise a great actor" a chunk of energy goes to Tom. The correct response to this kind of person that makes these types of fawning statements should be "no you are the best actor because you are utterly fake right now, you have been faking with yourself imaging that you are living life and you are not." The person continues on and gets cut off in traffic and proceeds to curse the other driver, once again external energies that feed on emotion take another chunk of energy. Then a friend calls with their problems, as they always have, since they are utterly powerless also in their lives because they are yet to comprehend these principle we are speaking of and thus they are on the hunt for any energy they can scrounge. After the conversation about their disgruntledness they feel better because they have shared, "they think", but in all actuality they have siphoned a little power also from the listener and have used it recuperate until something comes and takes even that from them. A vicious cycle.

So of course the true solution to this is to become a powerful generator of energy that gauges exactly how much it gives out in order to not only have enough to keep them in power of their own reality but also a denizen of the people, distributing it to them as they need it and teaching them the ways of doing it themselves. Once they reach at least enough power to comprehend, they are on the way to becoming generators themselves. There is an art in choosing properly who you can give energy to that will be able, once charging themselves back up, to also distribute it properly. Notice all of this is about what one needs to do with self, not with society, government, etc. so thus you can get to work right away. Powerless also keeps one totally unable to comprehend anything besides what's in front of them, they lack the ability to tune their opticals and perceptions to examining the depth of everything. This is why many simply don't understand what's going on and can't really even imagine it, it takes power to do all of that. This is just a fact and facts don't need to be proven they just are and until the facts of life are adhered to, there will be an uphill sensation to much of the journey. 

Look at the body as some type of massive organic device with tons of abilities. The device itself has an energy cell and that energy cell determines what abilities can actually be used by this incredible organic device. If you fire off the special weapon right away, there will be little energy to do much else, use your time wisely, your time is the special weapon. When I talk to people for a long time on the Resistance or in interviews when I'm finished I feel the drain but I'm also aware of how to direct some of that energy back to me so that I can charge up. This comes with knowing that you are aiding man and woman, thats why its always important to attach yourself to something that doesn't benefit just you. It must be tied also to the total species in realistic areas that need service. 


Because of our connection, I mean the connection we all have with each other every existence is possible. On higher levels you can share the feelings of someones experience without even getting involved with the action itself. So this means that whatever you think you did in past lives, you actually have done because somebody has done it and us all being human means we all really did it together. To innerstand this deeper is to know one would not keep writing if someone wasn't reading, this symbiotic relationship exists between us all on multiple levels. If you actually wanted to even live like a Persian again for example, you can manifest the resources, move to the desert, secure a nice residence on the dune, and hang out with Bedouins who have remained pretty much unchanged for centuries. Its all possible, here and now, no limitations but ones own self and preconceived notions that have mostly been taught to us but are not how we truly believe, the child in us knows everything it needs to know about this, We must find the inner child. 

Lastly what makes something real? First it has to be relevant to you. Some people believe aliens are not real because that is not relevant to them, they have no need to discover within themselves that there is other life. But that does not mean there isn't other life, it's simply not real for them because it is not relevant to the stage they are in. But when they need some other worldly confirmation and everything has failed them, they are willing to gander out further and "believe" just maybe there are aliens, even if it is just for a moment. If they go further they discover they are the Alien. 

This is somewhat of a fringe thing going on with us at the Resistance because we are all so incredibly special adding us all together will produce the results that we are all looking for to keep going, to get into life more in order to become leaders of life. The world is in need of good people showing by example, all factions agree on this. Evil even has trouble when it is the only thing that exist, it risk consuming itself totally when it tends to only want to consume good. When there is no more good left, this whole thing will freeze up and reset again, I suppose that will also happen if there is no more evil left, and I have to be willing to accept that as a construct of this reality because this one in particular is a joint venture between us all. It makes sense that the next phase will be for some of us a chance to get a crack at making our own. Our own worlds I mean, in reasoning we would be able to invite others to that world. The limitations that people have is within their mind, keep all ideas wild like the jungle and of the highest nature, its this same method that brought us together.


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"thats why its always important to attach yourself to something that doesn't benefit just you. It must be tied also to the total species in realistic areas that need service"  This Statement Thru Me Off Can Some One Help Clarify
I interpret it like this : Its like what 7 was speaking of in his radio show about having no self plot, meaning if you are only in it for yourself in some way or another you can not advance as a being.  It is more about an effort for the collective good of humanity, doing actions so that everyone can benefit from them in the areas that need it and not expecting any kind of ego praise for it.
Good Post!
So self worship of the god in you is gives your energy to yourself, Like in you put your business profit back in the business it grows, if you draw it and spend it on your person you'll suck you business dry. Also if the Resistance family worship or honor each other our collective power grows as we gift if power around instead off surrendering it too the hollywood elite. we can manafest your souls to an energy greater than power, A light that burns the shadows they cast!! and by the stong lifting up those with less power the the upward force increases. so the more energy you give to these who give back the less you surrender to the Vampire Elite
VERY well put together article, Sevan. This intelligent incorporation of esoteric knowledge into 'normal' consensus reality is the point I've been missing my whole adult life up till now! It also brings to light for me the true neutrality of the Good VS evil perception we are all trained up on by our role models as we grow. Although I CHOOSE to be on the side of Light and Life, I understand and accept that the dark is just as vital a component of existence as the Light. Like you say, I believe complete removal of either Yin or Yang will result in "Game Over" for this round. Perhaps that's the point of it all? One day we will find out, if we remain in charge of ourselves.



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