Walter Russell

The world is in desperate need of some new ideas, or at least good ideas.  The most intriguing idea I have found dates back to the early half of the last century.  It is the work of Walter Russell, a musician, artist, painter, sculptor, poet, philosopher, architect, businessman, horse breeder, and figure-skater born in 1871, who in the later half of his life, wrote extensively until is death in 1963 on his vision of a Universal Cosmology based on the Nature of Light and the Wave of Motion.  This Cosmology challenges fundamental ideas of many world religions and modern science, such as the Big Bang and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.  It is based on a simple set of principles which can be taught to anyone, which are the basis of all phenomena in nature, from atoms, to plants and animals, to planets and stars and galaxies.  Understanding of these principles I believe would not only revolutionize the sciences, but human relations, medicine, agriculture, economics, and spirituality. here's the website for his school - they sell his books This website features some of his diagrams and paintings.

There is some great work being done to bring the work of this incomparable genius out of obscurity.  I would like to make my humble contribution, by explaining as best I can, the fundamental principles of Russell’s cosmology, the important ways in which it differs with religion and science, as well as the things it has in common with them.  I hope that I can bring philosophers, mystics, scientists, engineers, inventors, artists, and others into this discussion.  This is intended to be the beginning of a conversation; not the end.


The Universal One

Some people, both religious and not, will immediately take issue with Walter Russell’s use of the word God.  I do not intend to apologize or qualify this, except to say that he was writing to a predominantly Christian audience in 1940s and 1950s America.  I will avoid using the word God here, as it has a recent history of dividing people because of the many different definitions that people hold in their imagination.  In order to say you believe or don’t believe in “God”, you must accept a definition of that which you say you do or don’t believe in.  The etymology of the word god suggests it is that which we “Implore” or “Invoke.”  This is not really consistent with the concept I will be exploring.

Nevertheless, it may be useful for our understanding to deal with concepts of the Infinite, the One, the Universal, the Source of Light, Life, Love, Mind, Matter, and Motion, the Invisible, the Formless, the Transcendent, etc. Even the theory of the Big Bang involves the concept of a Source, Oneness, and a Creation Event.

Many religions, philosophers, and scientists have avoided dealing with definitions of the Absolute or Divine or Transcendent, because it is considered impossible to know or at least put into words.  Perhaps the best expression of this is the first line of the Tao Te Ching: “The way that can be spoken is not the Eternal Way.”  Our words and symbols and models of the universe must not be confused with the Living Reality of the Universe itself.

Russell’s cosmology depends on not necessarily defining the Absolute, but describing its relation to Nature.  We can not so much say what it is as what it is not.  A good way to address this is to frame the question: “While all Phenomena in Nature are undergoing constant change and motion, what is it that doesn’t move or change?”  In contrast to the world we can detect with our senses and measure with scientific instruments, this Transcendental aspect of the Universe is

  Unchanging, Undivided, Unopposed, Unconditioned, and Uncreated.

  It is absolutely Motionless, Formless, Sexless, Changeless, and Dimensionless.

  It is the Source of all Knowledge, Energy, Balance, Motion, Life, Love, and Light.


The “Vacuum”

This is referred to in science as the Vacuum State  In the past, this was described as “Ether”  It is a condition of absolute Stillness or Equilibrium, which seems to be at the core of all atomic systems, and is believed to have a “complex structure”.  It is defined as the state of lowest possible energy, which might make sense because it is motionless and seemingly empty.  At the same time, however, it is estimated that the energy present is as high as 10^113 Joules per Sqaure Meter! Nassim Haramein describes that this is equivalent to all the galaxies in space within a teaspoon.  Exactly how much energy is present in the “Vacuum”, or what its structure is, is the subject of ongoing debate and research.

How can a Vacuum have a structure or contain energy at all?  It seems illogical.  Consider the alternative explanation that what we call the Vacuum is really the Fundamental Substance of the Universe, which we can call Light, or Mind, in a state of rest.  It seems like empty space to us because our senses and scientific instruments only respond to motion. 

100-year-old experiments in Quantum Physics show us that at a certain point, we can no longer measure or predict the motion of matter.  This has led to bizarre notions, like that we are randomly perceiving one of infinite parallel realities.  A more sensible explanation, is that matter is under the control of something that cannot be sensed or measured.  You can call this the Unified Field or the Implicate Order, but I choose to simply call it Mind. 

Thus we cannot sense or measure the real nature of Light or Mind, we can only sense and measure motion which is fleeting and illusory. We cannot understand the nature of Mind by dissecting brains, talking to patients on a couch, or smashing atoms together in a multi-billion dollar particle accelerator. The mystics of the ages, including Russell, have taught us that we can, however, Know this substance by turning Awareness in on itself, and attaining a stillness of mind through meditation.

“That which seems to have substance is really empty.  That which seems empty is really substance” –Diamond Sutra (Buddhist Scripture)



  The idea of Knowledge must be clarified here.  Generally, we think of Knowledge as Information.  For example, someone who knows many scientific terms, historic details, or different languages is considered “knowledgeable”.  This kind of information seems unlimited in a Universe of nearly infinite detail, and the idea of Omniscience in this sense seems ridiculous.  In Russell’s definition however, Knowledge is limited to Cause, which in itself is finite, therefore all Cause is knowable. 

  In the past, Causality has been thought to be a chain of Action-Reaction events in Space and Time.  This kind of thinking led to philosophers to theorize a First Cause, that God or some Creative Event set the Universe into motion sometime in the past.  The Big Bang, which was put forth by Catholic Scientist Georges Lemaitre, naturally comes from this  The alternative considered here, is that Creation was not an event in the past, but a Continuous Process that is Omnipresent, and without beginning or end.  Thus, Cause is not in Space and Time, but at rest in a Changeless Dimensionless Condition of Mind.  All the many phenomena in Nature are based upon One Cause, Idea, and Principle, which itself is the basis of all real Knowledge and Understanding.

This is consistent with what physicist David Bohm calls the Implicate Order  He describes this, the way many mystics have, as an Undivided Wholeness, which is expressed in many seemingly separate processes.  This is a challenge to the concept of reductionism in science, which assumes we can understand the world by breaking it down into parts and measuring them.


The Divided Two

According to Russell, Creation emerges continuously by a seeming Division of this Unchanging Substance into Two Opposite Conditions, which by contrast are

Changing, Divided, Opposed, Conditioned, and Created.

They express Motion, Form, Sex, Change, and Dimension

They are the expression or manifestation of Effect, Energy, Life, Love, and Light.


  Experiments have suggested that particles spontaneously emerge” from the Vacuum in “particle anti-particle pairs”, and subsequently.  From an alternative perspective, these are not particles, but opposing states of motion extended from this Absolute Equilibrium, just as the peaks and troughs of waves in water are extended from and return to the equilibrium of the still ocean.  They do not emerge spontaneously or randomly, but as a result of the Thinking of the Universal Mind, which cannot be measured.  It should be noted that this is seemingly a violation of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, which says that over time, differences in temperature, pressure, and chemical potential tend towards equilibrium.  If, however, all differences in potential arise from the Universal Equilibrium in the first place, a completely



  These two Opposites express Motion in Two ways: towards Centers of Gravity, and away from Centers.  Centripetal Motion and Centrifugal Motion, or Gravitation and Radiation, is the basis of all Motion in the Universe, which creates the appearance of different Forms, Substances, and Forces of Attraction and Repulsion.

  How can something which is Motionless be the Cause of Motion?  This question seems baffling, and is the sort of seeming paradox that good mysticism is full of.  See Aristotle’s concept of the Unmoved Mover.

  The concept of Entropy, states that the amount of usable energy in the Universe is constantly decreasing, because all reactions tend to result in loss of energy as heat which expands outwardly.  This notion requires that the Universe began in a condition of immense heat and density which is now known as the Big Bang, and that it will eventually die when energy dissipates outward into space. 

  Several alternative thinkers, however, have suggested that an inward motion always perfectly balances this outward motion.  Buckminster Fuller called it Syntropy, Nassim Haramein calls it Centropy as opposed to Entropy.  Victor Schauberger called it Implosion as opposed to Explosion.  Walter Russell referred to it as Genero-Activity as opposed to Radioactivity.  In this light, it is not some mysterious “Zero Point Energy”, but the Gravitative, Generative, Integrative Force which is the Cause of the Appearance of Form and Matter from Space.  Its Opposite is the Radiative, Degenerative, Disintegrative Force which is the Cause of Disappearance of Form and Matter into Space. 

  This is the difference between the cosmology of a One-Way Created Discontinuous Dying Expanding Universe as taught by modern science, and that of a Two-Way Creating Continuous Living Breathing Universe.  Walter Russell and many others have claimed that understanding of this Two-Way Motion would yield a technological revolution to replace the current paradigm where we rely entirely on explosion-based machines, i.e. Coal, Oil, Gas, Uranium, etc.   

  “If they ask you, 'What is the sign of your father in you?’ say to them, 'it is motion and rest’.” - The Gospel of Thomas, verse 50 (one of many gospels omitted from the Bible by the Roman Church)


Sex, Life, and Love

  These opposite Lights express Sex in Two ways: Male and Female.  Although the Universe must be Sexless, it expresses itself through both Fatherhood and Motherhood.  The exchange between the two is necessary for all Forms to continually exist.

  Life is expressed in Two ways: Growth and Decay.

  Love is expressed in Two Ways: Love in this context, is based on Giving and Re-giving between opposites.  This is the expression of the Universal Principle of Rhythmic Balanced Interchange, the three words Russell chose to describe the Universal Idea which is the Cause of all Form and Motion.  This is the same idea as Resonance, or what John W Keely called Sympathetic Vibrations.



So we see a very simple and elegant Cosmology emerge, based on an Understanding of Three basic conditions of the Universe: the Undivided One Changeless Equilibrium of the Light of Mind at Rest, and the Two Divided Sexed Lights of Motion which continually Exchange with each other in Rhythmic sequences.  This can be compared to a cinema, in which the source of the picture is the constant white light (consciousness) of the projector, while the audience (the senses) can only see a sequence of moving images, made of contrasts in brightness and color.


Zero is not “nothing”; Zero is Rest, Stillness.  There is no opposite to Zero.  Any positive or negative number has its negative or positive opposite.  But Zero is unopposed.  And it is Zero which defines positive and negative in the first place.



A fundamental misconception of metaphysics in this regard is the idea that there is a spiritual universe which is perfect, and a material universe which is imperfect because of duality, which is assumed to be the source of conflict.  The material, or physical universe of nature is composed of polarized opposites, but this does not imply conflict.  The more that these opposites can work together with the Universal Principle of Rhythmic Balanced Exchange, to manifest Oneness, the more sustainable the system can be.  The conflict and violence we see in many of the creations of humankind, then, is due to unbalanced thinking, and ignorance of the Principles of Love and Understanding which centers us.  The spiritual, or Undivided aspect of the Universe must then be Unopposed.

“For in this world Being is twofold; the Divided, one;

The Undivided, one.  All things that live Are ‘the Divided’

That which sits apart.  ‘The Undivided’.”

 -Bhagavad Gita, Chapter XV

That which we call Chaos is just less Order.  All of Nature is One Ordered Body.

That which we call Darkness is just less Light.  Radiation is everywhere in Space.

That which we call Evil is not opposed to Good, it is opposed to itself.

“To overcome evil with good is good.  To resist evil with evil is evil” -Mohammed

That which we call Death or Decay is not opposed to Life, it is opposed to Growth.  Together, these two opposites, Growth and Decay, constitute the Continuous Process of Life.  All bodies, whether, atom, tree, person, or star, inhale and exhale; they inhale the exhalations of other bodies, and they exhale so that they can again inhale.  Each inhalation is growth, each exhalation is decay.  You are constantly leaving a trail of CO2, dead hair, dead skin, discharged water and minerals and enzymes in the form of urine, and dead food matter you cannot further digest as feces.  It does you no good to hold on to these things, you must discharge them so that you can continue living.  And that which you have discharged becomes food for other living things. 

Similarly, a sun discharges light, which is recharged by its planets.  Planets' discharge becomes the body of their rings and moons.

There can be only Life in the entire Universe, as long as bodies continue to breathe into each other and out of themselves forever and ever.



Zero is Balance.  There is no opposite to balance.  That which we call imbalance is really just less balance.

Every machine we have built exemplifies these principles, but perhaps the best example is the lever, perhaps the simplest of all our machines.  Imbalance on the lever is the result of an under-balance on one side, and an over-balance on the other side, which can be to the right or the left. Over-balance to the left, is opposed by under-balance to the right. Balance, which comes from the fulcrum of the lever, has no opposite.  When looked at as a Whole, the entire lever is always in balance, though if we look at just one side, it may seem imbalanced.           


Power comes from Stillness

Try using a simple machine such as a knife, without keeping some part of it still; you cannot accomplish anything.  An athlete who has huge muscles but poor balance cannot express power effectively.  Understanding of this principle gave Archimedes, who was said to have lifted a huge ship out of the water with levers and pulleys, the confidence to say “Give me a place to stand and I shall move the Earth”.

Russell believed this was a major leap that needs to be made in human understanding: that the source of all Energy, Power, and Motion is not in Matter, which itself is Motion, but in Stillness.  In other words, the power to move the lever is not in the handle, it is extended from the motionless center.  Slow progress is being made in the understanding of “Vacuum” and “Vacuum Energy”, but failure to work with the law of giving and re-giving in Rhythmic Balanced Interchange will yield no practical applications.

“Thirty spokes share the wheel's hub;
It is the center hole that makes it useful.
Shape clay into a vessel;
It is the space within that makes it useful.
Cut doors and windows for a room;
It is the holes which make it useful.
Therefore profit comes from what is there;
Usefulness from what is not there.” -Tao Te Ching Verse 11


I believe the principle of these three conditions of the Universe can be applied to all fields, and give us a simple understanding of Universal dynamics.


+                                                   0                                        -

Underbalance                               Balance                             Overbalance

Debit                                                                                       Credit         

Centripetal Motion                       Motionless                        Centrifugal Motion

Gravitation                                                                             Radiation

Attraction                                                                               Repulsion

Compression                                                                           Expansion

Action                                           Cause                               Reaction

Male - Fathering                           Sexless                             Female – Mothering

Evolving                                       Changeless                      Dissolving

Integrating                                                                              Disintegrating

Growth                                         Life                                   Decay

Inhale                                                                                      Exhale

Generating                                                                              Degenerating

Giving                                           Love                                  Re-Giving

Matter                                           Light                                 Space

Radiance                                                                                 Darkness

Heat                                              Unconditioned                 Cold

Red                                               White                                Blue

Positive Electricity                       Magnetism                       Negative Electricity

Alkaline                                                                                  Acid

High Potential                              Energy and Power          Low Potential

Low Current                                                                           High Current

High Pressure                               Dimensionless                  Low Pressure

Low Volume                                                                          High Volume

Concentrative Thinking                Knowing Mind                Decentrative Thinking

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thank you for this. i have so much respect for trail blazers like Walter Russell and Tesla. Russell's works invoke phrases like "Dynamic Octave Theory", "Octave Mechanics", "Octave Physics", "Octave Science", etc. that open up entire realms of fresh thought just by acknowledging them. (-:o



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