Wake Up Time! I.D. or Identification is another form of slavery!

If you are claiming to be a Citizen or using any form of I.D., social number, birth certificate, etc, you are pledging to those who created it that you are under there control. We are Living beings, how does I.D (a image of you) overwrite the real you? Paper does not have a voice, so they created a whole world on paper and we now believe these things are reality when in fact they are not. They have tricked us with these titles for example: Marriage is just a title on paper created so that the people Govern over our mental has a way into our lives by our own consent. Please share some information on this topic and how these spells written down are controlling our reality.

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I have a greater understanding now of why I can sometimes get answers to a question and why I cannot, just from the feeling of the spirit inside my own body. It confirmed what you said in the first paragraph very definitely. It always bothered me that if something was all knowing, why did it not know something when I asked it, that always gave rise to doubt, but the spark of creation itself doesn't have charge/opinions/reactions for things that are not it.

I understand more now and need some time to reflect, thank you my friend :). To return something for that, my initial reaction when you said cell was Horned (C) - ell (illi). I don't feel we have even half the truth of what a cell actually is, it was given a deliberately shortened description (and word).



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