Wake Up Time! I.D. or Identification is another form of slavery!

If you are claiming to be a Citizen or using any form of I.D., social number, birth certificate, etc, you are pledging to those who created it that you are under there control. We are Living beings, how does I.D (a image of you) overwrite the real you? Paper does not have a voice, so they created a whole world on paper and we now believe these things are reality when in fact they are not. They have tricked us with these titles for example: Marriage is just a title on paper created so that the people Govern over our mental has a way into our lives by our own consent. Please share some information on this topic and how these spells written down are controlling our reality.

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It's also of course about the fear of the subconscious, as with just about anything you see on a film these days, the insane lengths people will go to, to rationalise it. See my above post :), 

Okay, "buckle up"..... Here we go.......

Ancient Gnostics used to call him Ialdabaoth which means “son of chaos”; sometimes he was called Sabaot: “god of exertion”. They also used to call him Kosmocrator or the Great Arconte, the creator and arranger of matter. But the name most commonly given to him by Gnostics is the demiurge, Greek for creator. Creator of time and space and matter and the angels and us..

"Another interesting thing about the myths of various
religions is that the creator isn’t creating alone, he says “let
us make”, as if there were many creators working together.
“Let us make this”, “Let us make that”. The bible says:
“Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”. Us our. Why? Who are the others? Who else is he creating with?

Saint Augustine in his book “On the Trinity”, skilfully
and wittily, says it once very clearly. The creator says “let
us make”, in the plural because he is speaking of the three
divine persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, who
are three and yet one at the same time. That is why god
speaks in the plural. Augustine never returns to this issue.
He settles the matter like this once and for all.
For Gnosis, the demiurge is not alone in his task of
material creation, forming different worlds, evolutionary
processes, beings and entities. In India for example, they
call them devas, constructing devas. They are the angels
who help with the creation. They are inferior to the creator
god but they are with him, helping him. The creator god has
delegated many tasks to the creating angels. This was
believed in ancient Babylon and the religions of the ancient

"The creator god is the one in charge, but he relies on an
army of helpers, of constructing angel-demons who support
him in his creation and carry out his orders. That is why in
Genesis the creator is called elohim. The bible story begins
in this way: Bereshit bará elohim (“In the beginning the
gods created…”), because elohim in Hebrew is plural and
means “gods”, “lords”. Gnostics point out that these gods
are the demiurge and his constructing angel-demons which
in great numbers, millions of them, help him in his task of

Our software programs operational program is binary : 0/1 on/off positive/negative good/evil

red-pill/blue-pill time/space and the angels(adjustment Bureau) control it... there is no middle path... only right or left.. you either with us or against us...(I knew a politician here in South Africa who confided in me that George Bush actually called our then President Mandela and 'asked' him that exact rhetorical question before initiating the Gulf War.. 

The others creating are you and me.

Here is where I am supposed to agree or disagree with you. That would be a binary response. Already many people are moving out of that in their ability to see contrast in something, or some truth, or something they can use and leave the rest.

Not everyone but a lot of people. Sadly the more people you are trying to lead and carry on your back that are in the fight/flight mindset, the less likely you'll be able to not think in terms of urges or the lowest common denominator. In fact the world would be a much better place in many ways, if more men had less power for this very reason. - This is why so many people are 'tapped' to try to reduce stress for the community around them, as healers of one form or another.

Demi Urge

Demi urge would be a be something incomplete, demi meaning half.
Urge meaning - a strong desire to do something, impulse or to persistently persuade someone.

Half of the information, an incomplete picture, letting an urge make a decision. Where that urge comes from, well that is a different story :), and has what you are inferring in it.

There is a binary process in the brain, neurons going on and off all the time you are alive. So the switch itself isn't good or evil, only the reliance on quick instant stress filled decisions make it good or evil, really bringing the brain down to that kind of mechanical simplicity. 

Just an opinion here - the trinity, or plural, speaking in the plural itself is over complicating, so when someone starts to (try / tri ) to create spiritual structure with it they are already overcomplicating it from the word go.

At this point my mind doesn't generate angels or divas for me to see, there isn't a fear of the dark like when I was putting all my belief in man made 'gods' or thought forms. It sees these things as words, or a song, a frequency, so that is how, who or what they are to me. So the way I define angels is, there are many words helping creation, these angles and shapes on the black background here on the screen. I don't feel the answer is to stop using words, only alter them and gain control back from the few people, who dare to decide for us what words will and will not enter the language, that we teach to our children and so they teach to theirs.

Language forms our ability to process, understand life and express life. It's about time that power was back in our own hands. A picture is never going to have the definition of a word, a song, or a frequency, it'll have impact but not the depth or emotion that goes with it.

Eye was watching my daughter sleeping this morning; lots of eye motions under her eye lids; seeing in both worlds hmm which reminds me (Mark JM loved your reply) than how deep is that picture which is worth more than a thousand words/worlds?

Trish it perhaps does have the emotion but the depth comes from our own ability to express it. If we keep it to ourselves, then it might be a wonderful painting but nobody will ever know. 

Going into what I said in chat the other day, without the ability to express all this wonderful knowledge we have in the library, few people will ever know it exists.

"It's also of course about the fear of the subconscious"

Hey Mark come near, lend me your ear, lets have courage and overcome our fear... 

sub•con•scious definitions

existing or operating in the mind beneath or beyond consciousness.

the totality of mental processes of which the individual is not aware.

Your subconscious is the part of your mind that can influence you or affect your behaviour without your being aware of it.. hence the adjustment bureau are below your normal awareness..

 Just because we ignore them doesn't mean they not there... It is a con Joe, you are Marked Joseph... in the Middle.....

"Mark is a common male given name and is derived from old Latin "Mart-kos", which means "consecrated to the god Mars", and also may mean "God of war" or "to be warlike".[citation needed] Marcus was one of the three most common given names in Ancient Rome."

"Joseph is a name originating from Hebrew, meaning 'God will increase' recorded in the Hebrew Bible, as יוֹסֵףStandard HebrewYossefTiberian Hebrew and Aramaic Yôsēp̄. In Arabic, including in the Qur'an, the name is spelled يوسف or Yūsuf. The name can be translated from Hebrew יהוה להוסיף Yihoh Lhosif as signifying "YHWH will increase/add".

"the others creating are you and me."

How are we creating ?

What are we creating ?

Where are we creating ?

Who are we creating ?

Some of us have the Spirit Spark in us... The uncreated Divine Energy from the original creation...

We have forgotten..... Or have being purposefully manipulated into forgetting... Our emotions are the "Power  Source" You said we are always emotional in the chat room... we are unconsciously be in "harvested" maybe....

Hu man Being
These ROOT-WORDS are HUM & HUMAN which come from the Latin humus, meaning EARTH & GROUND and the Latin humanus which means MAN. It is interesting to follow the changes of idea here. It begins with HUMus, earth, then becomes HUMble, lowly; finally to HUMAN, Man. But we must never forget the origin of man; “Dust thou art and to dust thou must return.” 

Human be in harvested for emotional energy maybe ??

 You must be humble ... yet if it wasn't for the earth we wouldn't be here or would we ? or could we be here ? You cannot have a physical body without minerals which are inorganic crystalline structures could you ??


So the question is who is doing the harvesting ? and Why ? And why do over 99% of the crop never question where the emotional nectar goes ?

 But that's enough Humiliation for now....

Going to have some humus for lunch...

I had a question before I responded.

What happens if I don’t have a child to the spirit spark you speak of. It couldn’t or didn’t answer it for me.


It is not the entire truth to equate sub with being completely unaware of it (subconcious), this is what western minds would want you to believe, as its been taught to fear the unseen aspects of life (the dark for example). We couldn't be having this discussion if you had no awareness of what we were speaking of, the subconscious is the structure surrounding the focus you currently have. It’s everything unseen or not thought about. In a nutshell it’s life, the grid of the planet, everything else moving or not moving that you have ever seen, or experienced. You can turn your focus to an aspect of it if you want to, painful or not as it might be, though it’ll never be fully realised in the conscious mind (at least not mine, though I’ve met some exceptional people with very high IQ’s! ).

Mark Joseph Middleton

Has a great many meanings depending on what you’re focusing on (see above). Though it was interesting to hear you break down my name thank you, I’ve done so a few times. I equate it to a time period in my life of upheaval, and also the energy I came into this world with, some of my skillset, but that’s just my interpretation. What you’ll often find in texts are, the negative or inverted connotations for something, which as we all know has to have a positive to it as well, a highest point you can take any trait to – or personal alchemy as it is known, lead to gold.

The negative connotations are there because they are used to reinforce the current subconscious(worldly) impression of a heroic god of war, and that Mars is just about war. :) Mars is about many things, but there are better qualified teachers for that than me.


>>How are we creating?
With every single action or reaction taken. Every thought, action, word, breath, bite of food, spending of money.

>>What are we creating?
That’s up to each of us, and we have to keep asking it, as motivation to create. Part of the reason our senses are taken from us here, is to encourage creation in the face of the unknown (though I feel that barbaric still to this day, that’s just my opinion).

>>Where are we creating.
This is an excellent question, anywhere and everywhere.


>>Who are we creating ?

:) Even better question, this requires having knowledge of something I don’t have, that which is yet to pass. At present I see a degeneration in many children around me, but then every generation I know has said that, the only answer they have is to make the rules on them stricter, so the structure causing it is reinforced even further and so the cycle continues.


>>Some of us have the Spirit Spark in us... The uncreated Divine Energy from the original creation...

I want to tackle this. Nothing can drain or take the eternal spirit from anyone, sure it can be locked up, guarded, shunned, ignored, sat on, but if it’s not there, your hearts not going to be beating for long. Products of that creativity can be eaten or consumed, by the fundamental spirit itself only grows, the spirit or soul in me wanted to make that clear :). Spirit instead grows when its nurtured, gaining understanding, or reawakening parts of itself, I feel inside that mines a good deal bigger than before I started at the resistance, its still contained in the body, but energetically it stretches to arms easy enough now when engaged. Probably explains why it can’t leave my body yet for astral travel, as it’s not big enough, it’s not grown yet.



Yes it can occur but only if you are in close proximity or rather close focus, focus which is to center the uni-verse, to what’s harvesting you. This is both physical or non physical. Some examples:  People that are emotionally unstable are going to drain you, you’ll feel tired after being with them, no matter what was exchanged. Watching the TV, all its symbols and drama, and the next upload for you to take on. Yes there are non physical entities but these are nothing when you can see or feel them, a Tibetan bell, burning white sage, or high frequency bursts, then they are gone and they really, really don’t like coming back when you sit a few crystals in your room, and cleanse now and again. Far more insidious is the 10 oclock news that fills your focus, mind, center and eyes of the universe with the worst 6 things to happen to millions of people today. If that’s not draining, and upsetting to the grid of the sphere (world) we are sitting on to saturate millions of people with it, I don’t know what is.


I’ve seen the levels of programming, I’ve seen the astral entities, had plenty of run ins with a lot of entities that I really don’t get on with, but that is reflected in day to day life, micro of the macro and all that. This may be what the program is designed to have us believe, or not, I am unsure, I just know I have run ins with plenty of spiritual entities or elder entities I really don’t get on with at all. – Is that the program or me, or both, I have no idea.

At the end there, it’s healthy for you (us) to be questioning what we need and don’t need, as we’ve a lot of weight to shed if we are ever going to get ourselves stable again. I’ll think on what you’ve said, thanks.


I’ve been messing with the term Hman myself actually so it’s a nice synchronicity. It is really the difference between Hmn or Mn, H meaning divide or half probably in this instance. The vowels in this type of older word don’t mean anything, in western languages vowels are used to accent words.

Thanks a heap MJM, The Resistance have me feeling like a new born so much to learn here!

My pleasure Trish I love these discussions :)

"I feel inside that ("MINES" much movement and tinglings going on thorough out the body all the time; eyes are reflecting shapes and colors during the daylight mostly while in meditation/quiet breathing or being still) a good deal big"...transmission very clear thanks for the Expansion

"What happens if I don’t have a child to the spirit spark you speak of. It couldn’t or didn’t answer it for me."

The Spirit is from the original creation so I suppose it is anti-matter, a dark fire that would annihilate matter, so I do not think "child" is in it's vocabulary.. Children are "born" in the world of matter, even your soul could be composed of a type of matter, that's why many authors claim that there are many 'astral worlds' we go to after this one and we are still deceived there..

How is it possible to deceive us without a body when the normal programming devices for the body are no longer there... Read Robert Monroe books Journey's out of body and he sees golden type of glowing orbs been put into a "reincarnation device" and sent back to earth... So obviously the "creator"  Yaldoboath, Yaweh, Jehova or Amen the hidden one has us by the "balls" because he gave us a soul at our first 'birth' or breath cos check this out:


The fruit of a righteous man is the tree of life, and the wise man acquires נְפָשׁוֹת souls.

The Hebrew terms נפש nephesh (literally "living being"), רוח ruach (literally "wind"), נשמה neshama(literally "breath"), חיה chaya (literally "life") and יחידה yechidah (literally "singularity") are used to describe the soul or spirit. In modern Judaism the soul is believed to be given by God to a person by his/her first breath, as mentioned in Genesis, "And the LORD God formed man [of] the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being." Genesis 2:7. Judaism relates the quality of one's soul to one's performance of mitzvotand reaching higher levels of understanding, and thus closeness to God. A person with such closeness is called a tzadik. Therefore Judaism embraces nahala and not Birthday[80]as a festive of remembrance, for only toward the end of life's struggles, tests and challenges human souls could be judged and credited - b'ezrat hashem - for righteousness and holyness.[81][82]

For I [Hashem] will not contend forever, neither will I be wroth to eternity, when a spirit from before Me humbles itself, and רוּחַ souls [which] I have made.

Kabbalah and other mystic traditions go into greater detail into the nature of the soul. Kabbalah separates the soul into five elements, corresponding to the five worlds:

  1. Nephesh, related to natural instinct.
  2. Ruach, related to emotion and morality.
  3. Neshamah, related to intellect and the awareness of God.
  4. Chayah, considered a part of God, as it were.
  5. Yechidah, also termed the pintele Yid (the "essential [inner] Jew"). This aspect is essentially one with God.

So your soul was given to your body when you breathed for the first time... your cells started to function through gods breath in the Garden of Eden... so your 'soul' was given to who or what ? There must have been something to give that soul to besides the body ???

Why do we start out in a cell ? Or do we ? Maybe the cell is built beforehand and then the soul encasing the spirit comes afterwards cos.......................................

A cell is a: a prison or b: an energy source or c: both

Origin of PRISON

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Late in prehension-, prehensio act of seizing, from prehendere to seize — more 

[Middle English, from Old French, alteration (influenced by Old French pristaken) of Latin prnsi, prnsin-a seizing, from*prehnsi, from prehnsus, past participle of prehendereto seize; see ghend- in Indo-European roots.]
So something was seized and imprisoned in the pentagram(body) via the soul, What was seized and imprisoned ? I maintain it was the Spirit, something that hardly anyone has anymore cos it was/is stolen by god..... religion always says that you must be an empty vessel before you present yourself before god... spiritless.... your power gone.... A mere shell that god then can utilize for ???? 
Itself maybe, to create world's and imprison more spirit in matter... power trip of note....
The dices are loaded and the game is rigged.... The whole world is based on giving away our power and freedoms.... Wake Up sleeple sheeple...

Maya or Māyā (Sanskrit माया māyāa[›]), a term found in Pali and Sanskrit literature, has multiple meanings and can be translated to mean something of an "illusion" (or more accurately a "delusion").


I have a greater understanding now of why I can sometimes get answers to a question and why I cannot, just from the feeling of the spirit inside my own body. It confirmed what you said in the first paragraph very definitely. It always bothered me that if something was all knowing, why did it not know something when I asked it, that always gave rise to doubt, but the spark of creation itself doesn't have charge/opinions/reactions for things that are not it.

I understand more now and need some time to reflect, thank you my friend :). To return something for that, my initial reaction when you said cell was Horned (C) - ell (illi). I don't feel we have even half the truth of what a cell actually is, it was given a deliberately shortened description (and word).



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