Wake Up Time! I.D. or Identification is another form of slavery!

If you are claiming to be a Citizen or using any form of I.D., social number, birth certificate, etc, you are pledging to those who created it that you are under there control. We are Living beings, how does I.D (a image of you) overwrite the real you? Paper does not have a voice, so they created a whole world on paper and we now believe these things are reality when in fact they are not. They have tricked us with these titles for example: Marriage is just a title on paper created so that the people Govern over our mental has a way into our lives by our own consent. Please share some information on this topic and how these spells written down are controlling our reality.

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Wow!! I'm in Awe! No words to be said! Thank you for sharing your light!  I"m reading again!

right on


Certificates are meant for objects, NOT people. In order to create an entity out of your name they put into capital letters. Birth certificates (berths are where boats anchor to the dock(doctor) after coming in through the canal(birth canal) ) Therefore to the system we are like FISH being netted into the city. Seaman(semen), The ocean is reminiscent of a woman and the symbolism behind it is obvious to those with the proper knowledge and understanding of etymology. 

Yes, the same steps we take to open or register a Business is how they make the BC.

Yeah! Right on! Lot of great posts! And also you "need to" make a name for your self, make people remember your name and

get caught on the bs . Damn. Yeah, right, you need reputation, if that was any good wouldn't have puta in the middle.

All these games man..

Whew!!! That was a layered mouth-full. Is this published any where with a Url. I'd love to share. 

I found the article link. Thank you in advance. 

Anyone filed a UCC financing statement ?     Kate told me people were getting jailed for accepted for value charge offs , but ive still yet to see one example of this . Anyone else have experience with this ?    From what ive read you can only get in trouble if you go purchase a car or something materialistic then try to charge it off . But i dont know for sure . I want to know for sure before invoking this .

I heard the same thing Noitavlas777 and interested to know the same. 

lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllollllllllllllllllllllllll   yes man yes that is for real like the post

It is true the all caps make you a corporation or fictitious entity but the way the structure is set up they assume you do not know this so they make decisions for you when it comes to law. I had an experience in court when I let the record show the judge was acting as judge and not banker and she almost hit the roof. When I said I was a flesh and blood human being so I could not represent myself because I was myself I was held in contempt of court and a fake warrant from 2005 was brought up that I had paid. I learned recorders court will never give you a fair trail. I did some research and learned you must file a 28 line deposition to clerks office but they give you a hard time filing it. If we claim African American which is not a nationality but a description we are considered outlaws in the eyes of the court. I still haven't figured this one out. Let me know if you find some info on it.



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