Note to start - second page is more universal, breaking it down bit by bit!

I wanted to start a thread everyone could contribute to, no matter how far fetched the ideas, just fire them off and we'll see if we make any progress. Please look at this thread as pure speculation, and have no expectations of it. More than one thread has led me to write this, so it is important it becomes reality somehow. This will leave people free to just go at it on instinct, and we might uncover a gem or two.


Decoding Babylon the Visual Way.


Whatever idea you have for the symbol of each letter of Babylon, please post it and we'll see where the path takes us.


My thoughts:


B = 8 (life death) or B = Ladder

a = Sitting Snake or a, Coiled Snake (Kundalini?)

b = Matter created from ether above or b = soul sent from above

y = Dualities forming or y Dualities rooted in the lower dimensional self.

l = Self or Eyes or Face.

o = The Total Solution, or the Earth, or the Cycle, all things made up of spheres.


Alternatively: 1 and 0 make all computers, all systems and all things. 1 and 0 are found contained here, trying to get out but:


n = Rooted back in the Earth or n = The entrance and Exit the same.


n = a bridge that needs to be straightened within the illusion to let the 1 and 0 free.


Is Babylon descriptive of the container or maze the soul finds itself in? If you follow through the letters that is what I mapped out here by accident. 


Does the hanging garden have another meaning in relation to this.

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Rated most definitely Adept, working model theory.

Pyramid Base 432, ocean level, a place between the subconscious (ocean) and the thoughts, sky (ether).

Bab = Root, Crown, Root Return through the chakra system. or Thought/Action - Cycling - Manifestation.

Therefor Bab = Pyramid.

y = Plane of reference, in our case the dual plane. (Can add any planes in here)

10's = Data Stream, Cosmic Energy, etc

lon, lion or Zion = Containing 10's, artificial. Before continuing, please check the ego at labeling the actual 10's as evil or bad ;), they just are there, no morality but what you bring.

Resolving the n! Upside down n u = 0. This fits a few models below, i've used 0 to represent n+u.

Using a cross, a target, a center point on the human form (heart/solar plexus center), whatever you wish, this gives us two mathematical axis. In reality as many axis as you want coming from the Y, but let's keep it simple to start. Notice how a program even tries to label axis as bad heh.

1 Frame/Snapshot of Existence

Bab (Root Crown Root) = Pyramid Model, Bab reversed

Thought = Result (need a better word here)

Action   = Consequence/Manifestation


  ^       1

 / \      O

/   \     0  \    /

          O  \  /

          1    v

Bab (Root Crown Root) = Pyramid Model, Bab Non Reversed.

  ^    1   ^

 / \   O /  \

/   \  0 /    \



Text Version:



Bab 0 Bab (or reverse this last Bab)



In closing everyone I speak to fears resolving or expanding this, infinity is infinite, if it wasn't you'd leave it and no harm done to anyone else. No fear but what you bring.

Take your program, bend it where and how you want. All I am doing here is explaining how it works, giving you a key or two. Everything is the same thing, just from a different angle, please lend me yours too :).


Message of the day from the feminine:

6 is in a time lag. It is harder to resolve/join with.

Wanted to amend that slightly, *Bab = Pyramid Shape, a representation on the physical plane, and why sitting inside them, enhances your access to the stream/energy/source/god whatever it is you are calling it.

22:11 Reference in the bible.

Descent into Zion/Manifestation.

What you put in continues, what you put in from the ascent, the thought, continues. The bible skews a lot of things but this is right on the point, right on the system we are in. (As you might expect when you innerstand the system).


So to recap, for the pyramid so far we have! 

Pyramid - 3d (Conduit)

Triangle - 2d (Ascension Triangle/Third Eye. Perception for the base, emotion for the sides)

Sound wave - 1d (Solfeggio Music - You can see this in my post on the pyramid ascent/descent above)

Manifestation/Thought cycle - 0d (Chakra System)

Anyone residing in 4th or 5th Plane on occasion, feel free to enter and blow my mind :), would be very much appreciated to get the pyramid in time laid out.

432 - Pyramid Ground level/Solfeggio Sound of You or this Plane, feels important, it leads into the 1's of the Zion/Babylon Grid. I feel we need to be clear if the 11:11 duality grid is Zion or Babylon at this point, or indeed if they are exactly the same thing. Did Babylon hack zion or vica versa?

This pyramid theory could probably use its own thread now, not sure which section to put it in! Numerology and Music would also be very beneficial groups and it could fit in either/both.

Comparison of the two well known systems. Zion/Babylon

i = cut l , or more universally, an i that remains off the ground.


In the physical:

Prison = i cuts you from even beginning to manifest (S) to begin the method (O)

Confusion = i cuts the method of O from reaching n (the ground/root)

zion = Zion's i cuts your method from reaching the n (ground/root)

Condition = i cuts man from seeing the mirrors work to show him the truth (C, O, N Di). Mirror, Method, Root, Death (Door). - By now many of you know illness is a mirror to show you what is wrong, only the i can sometimes cut you from the way. It also cuts this information from reaching the source again, and benefiting the Earth.


The more I see i instead of the full I in regards to the physical, the less I like it. 

It works in Raining - because the process of it raining or even just rain, becomes Water on the ground. In the air (thought) it is still Rain. It works in Happiness, as happiness is not a thing you hold in your hand. You can get it from a thing you hold in your hand. it = man taken from his thought of what it is. (i, man.)


Hope it helps, it is another step in reflecting Babylon's code. Please feel free to share your own!! More I read or hear the more universal this can become.

*More universal than cuts i = Separation. This reads and flows better.

Physical - i separates the Mirror C with the Manifesting Elements of S and its Dualities if present.

simple, speculative - babble on, as the language flows from the human as a babbling brook. The "chit chat" run rampant in America is at a point in which language/languish is seemingly a flow, "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing", but sounds like the babble of shallow running water.



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