Note to start - second page is more universal, breaking it down bit by bit!

I wanted to start a thread everyone could contribute to, no matter how far fetched the ideas, just fire them off and we'll see if we make any progress. Please look at this thread as pure speculation, and have no expectations of it. More than one thread has led me to write this, so it is important it becomes reality somehow. This will leave people free to just go at it on instinct, and we might uncover a gem or two.


Decoding Babylon the Visual Way.


Whatever idea you have for the symbol of each letter of Babylon, please post it and we'll see where the path takes us.


My thoughts:


B = 8 (life death) or B = Ladder

a = Sitting Snake or a, Coiled Snake (Kundalini?)

b = Matter created from ether above or b = soul sent from above

y = Dualities forming or y Dualities rooted in the lower dimensional self.

l = Self or Eyes or Face.

o = The Total Solution, or the Earth, or the Cycle, all things made up of spheres.


Alternatively: 1 and 0 make all computers, all systems and all things. 1 and 0 are found contained here, trying to get out but:


n = Rooted back in the Earth or n = The entrance and Exit the same.


n = a bridge that needs to be straightened within the illusion to let the 1 and 0 free.


Is Babylon descriptive of the container or maze the soul finds itself in? If you follow through the letters that is what I mapped out here by accident. 


Does the hanging garden have another meaning in relation to this.

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Here is what I got today taking your lead on numbers, I didn't read the details till I got back, but it seems we match up on many things, converting each letter to its closest number here is what I got.




7 when written in my handwriting, looked like the division symbol we learned as children, it is also how I draw my y's. Which when we turned a curved y on its side, it becomes the diving line between two numbers. Reading your deciphering of it, that makes sense. Also Sevan had spoken of cutting to the truth before too, which in part explains why it empowers him.


So either:

896 divided by 10 to the power of n (infinity, the unknowable, everything else)

This gives us 89.6 or 6 being a fractal of 9, to the power of n.
It also means 6 comes from 9, which is what we get when we close the duality of material and spiritual. Reading what you've put about A this blew my mind too, that makes sense getting the . here.


After that I was trying to resolve the n, all I got was how to draw the numbers, in a half moon circle. Picture a chalice or cup upside down. Then flip it on the dual plane and do the same but in reverse, with a u. Not sure how helpful that was, that was where I was at when I was interrupted. I think the point of it is, infinity can be anything? If indeed that represents infinity.


Interesting problem though. 


Just running with speculation, please have no expectations :), that way no barriers to free form thought or discarding of the same.

Another way of decoding it to try:

Why would I turn the Y, or center point of the code/control system on its axis?

Vertical and Horizontal. If you don't have both, you don't have 3rd density, and you are still looking at a 2D word. When looking at something, everything can be pulled into other dimensions right, so why not words too?  I am back on the EYE angle. Two eyes and Nose. Flipped upside down in Czech to be OKO. Y being the stream of energy into the third eye, and also how you might describe a face on one level if you think about it.

The Y seems key in Babylon, the center point does to me now of most words, my attention seems to gravitate to them, after the reading a helpful book that the resistance member Whole gave me, my attention has moved past the capital ruling letter. B being its principality. This Y might be Babylon's third eye, or the merging of dualities. With all the energy we've given it, do you think Babylon itself is a thought form? That would give us more than one way to tackle it if so. In this way of decoding it, you have its very rough location of B already.

This all could be nothing, but it might jog an idea or two. 

I have been worked on the vowel I,E,Y and J as a replacment for each other and there representation as self, and Y is a split decision come about by duality, duality is a result of two conflicting instincts, and proof of the manipulation of our DNA, the gift of sentiant knowledge the APPLE if you want to go there, so the serpent added his dna to your gene pool so we can see from two perspectives, the innocent selfless earth beast cant think like the guilty ego driven angel, and the angel cant think like the beast, but with our high breed we can see both.


so I agree with you on the Y in your stud.

Thank you both, running with this as far as I can go! Let's take the most recent information or keys and crack this, further and further back to its central source or capstone.


Another method for the database:


Babylon = Natural and Artificial


Baby = Natural

10's = Artificial or Math. (Using the term Math is easier to work with)

Being made of 10's across infinity n. If n is infinity? This n bugs me a lot, so I sense I don't have it yet, or perhaps that is the point of it.


This gives you the merging of natural and artificial within the matrix of babylon, the place we find ourselves writing and reading this on one level. Both what Rudolph has said here, and what Sevan said to me about certain Mass Effect references making sense, link up, a merging of the artificial and natural within Babylon for whatever reason.


Anyone have any more yet? Letters that seem critical, Y = How is the y is attached to the natural, possibly the physical body. Anyone have a translation for Bab to throw in? Then the n, How does the n fit it?


How is a better question that why, let us ask that to the universe and see if it has an answer. Whatever comes to mind, please anyone offer it.

Baby - Lion

Lots of lions ruling dominions. Again I come back to asking if there is an entity called Bab. I've read a few texts with one in, nothing substantial yet. That is all I have for tonight for the database. 

now thats more like it, Lion represents Zion or perception,


Babylon "child of perception" Baby Y Lion baby of duality perception?

even worse that may be a direct indication of how old the Zionist control system is.

also the artificial is still comes from a natural sorce or it wouldnot mould with DNA and cromozomes, though its not from this world, thats where type negative rh blood comes from,  negative relation to the rhesus monkey. this is the hybidism.

Please watch this, Its vary important



Rated Adept

Very old, predating the cycles, otherwise there could be no cycles. I had this information too, it is with us both for a reason, let me share my perspective at my current point in space/time. The 13,000 year cycles between spirit and material. The system seeks  1 and 0 answers to perfection, again evidenced by the previous line i just wrote. The nucleus at 1.14 was a computer image, fitting.


For me this is why it's critical to break out of it by reaching your own core, and firing right into it. Drop the grid and completely let go of the reliance on it, your web will no longer be with it in the same way. (Not a core that effects others, your core). I can see why some might prefer the structure, and that is the beauty of life. The hidden 13th bloodline/zodiac/room/level/core you name it, everyone has gratefully been naming it to me. I want no more walls, training wheels and small boxes that hardly do credit to the potential that creation is, that is the way I was born as a child. This is why I was in the mess I was in as an adult, limitations where there are none, except my level of perception of a system. There are no limitations in infinity except what you bring with you.

Keep on this with me as long as you are able, and we can go anywhere with it. - This is your choice, no -matter- (fitting word when you innerstand it, the video is one more level) what anyone tells you.

-If anyone does this before me, by using this, don't forget your wingman behind you ;).

Rated Adept

James: The Duality - Y seems universal to me, so many threads (signs) tie to it. Visual nose between the two eyes, leading to the third eye. Two strands meeting one, its positioned in the center of the artificial and material, Babylon word. Baby and Zion separated by it, with the Y being created by the baby, as we are learning we can close dualities just the same.

A long time ago I wondered if the final gate was perception. The premise is flawed as final doesn't exist, only in the mind, but the term perception gate was more universal - perception. Gate is a path and a gate. 


Further to add a musical 1D weight to the negative effect of dualities - Y's.

Here is another theory from my higher self. Words in Solfeggio frequencies in chakras, using the letters as notes from music.


Crown 216,432, or 864 A

3rd Eye 144,288, or 576 D
Throat 192,384, or 768 G
Heart 128,256, or 512 C
Solar Plexus 182,364, or 728 F#
Sacral 303,606, or 1212 E flat
Root 228,456, or 912 B flat

BAB (from Babylon)
Root, Crown, Root return.


Without the Y we cycle/balance at the extremes, much more fluidly, even musically so 1 Dimensionally.


Following this theory, I am using the 11:11, supposed grid of babylon sound here to try and expand:


I'll put it in videos if the grid allows that expansion I am fast on the heels of. 


One a side note - How many WHY (where a Y is born, ending in Y) questions really have useful, universal answers ;), very few i've found.


Home and Dry [C], this was from the feminine. 

(The C in a square ).

Small message but perhaps its something. It pairs up with the other sign, giving me a c in a circle earlier today from the masculine instead. When you wrote the female chinese god of dry = C and dry, this made me look back at the message that was written to me, from my mother.

Too many links to ignore it in the space of an hour, the note was written in the same way I saw the digital sign, indicated by my father in relation to the grid.

Rated Adept

The basic numbers for astral personality types within the structure were given to me in a strong sign, highlighted by my father of all people, though he knew not what he was giving me. This was completed by Sevan and Ruldoph, as it always is, you are my anchors/grounding/guru's and near (proximity) teachers.


2:11's - Grid of Babylon
Reverse 2 + Forward facing 2 = 8 (c)


This irons out the kinks a bit from a maths perspective of re-entry/entry through the Babylon grid of the 8's.


9.25 was the time, moving to 9.26 when I wrote it down.
The grid is a linking mechanism for 9 and 6 on the material plane.

8 Requires the way in and way out of the grid, as Sevan explains.

7 isn't present in this description that I can see. If we only have 4 basic personality types (imprinted) in the matrix, 7 would have been introduced last cycle perhaps? Ah if there is another forced cycle around I certainly hope I get a better crack at this in regards to time :D


Hope it helps.
I have something for your dry God name Ruldolph, Ba, but it'll be later tonight when I have access to it again, if its needed.

and Iam learning lol




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