- Gamma-Ray Beams from the milky way's center of YOU. Nice violet 8 astral door in and out to the waking world we have here expanding? 


Fully mainstream programmed article below:

To see violet as a collective soul group we are doing something right at least, as it implies the upper chakras and the color I usually see when I meditate in the tunnel.


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For people skilled at the game within is the place to be, no doubt. The within seeking is an interesting perspective for me, but the answers so far require a lot of created time to see their blossoming. Seems wasteful as I often create an answer which then is recreated the next day, with the new experience and frame of existence that then comes about. Which always leads me back to ask why did I or existence, bother with the step in the first place, if its merely to make another the next day.

These all too obvious external reflections in (space) the void of not you (yet), are good time spots for focus, they allow someone to shape the reality much more easily with such a blatant reference to keyholes for instance ;).

I hope the team (family) has some answers in regards to time in their next show, really looking forward to it.



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