I have come across a very interesting and insightful book indeed. The name of which is called The Most Important Knowledge You Would Ever Read and Live Up To Forever! Now I know that is a bold claim but in this book is a summation of knowledge that I'm sure was inspired because if it wasn't the anonymous author would probably not have had the energy to put it together. I don't want to allude to what is in it because it may discourage you from having a go at it. It is not highly spiritual or occultish in the general sense. It is more a guide for good clean unselfish living and covers a wide variety of topics and general guidelines for well being on this plane. So with that introduction here it is... please feel free to discuss it AFTER you have at least read through a 3rd of it over 500 pages.

The Most Important Book

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Agreed with the energy signature of it. I got stopped at the second phrase in the starting post right at the book's name. "The most important knowledge you would ever read"... really? To me knowledge becomes useful within a person's point of view of his/her life, not to mention knowledge is useful in it's own time. How can someone say what is THE MOST important thing to someone without knowing them? "and Live Up To Forever!" - this is assuming that when your physical body dies you're soul also dies... right? Not much to explain here!

And then I ventured into starting to read the book, trying not to judge... but again stopped at the first pages. Any work that starts by saying you MUST do this NOW, and to pass to at least 3 other people... come on... reminds me of those spamming emails we get from time to time... Don't be naive in believing "It is just a book someone felt like writing" because a lot of terror is spread that way in some form of mind control that you don't even perceive it. Just look at your society and see how the system is trying to work on you.

Thanks for your opinion though I don't see it that way.

The authors a self-proclaimed master manipulator, really the guy you wanna be taking advice from? There's some good advice like the workouts but I honestly think we can do better, he says things like don't drink alcohol or take drugs yet in the interviews on his site he speaks about how he has lyme disease and has been puking everywhere (blood) from the alcohol and "white powder (MDPV [molly])" in his quest to prove to himself he is immortal, he also says things like "in releasing this book I have gained an ability that puts me ahead of 100%" of people I mean smh high level satanist or not just take the useful and disregard the trash as with most things

There's tons of info and to be honest I have NEVER read anything that couldn't be taken apart if looked at from a different angle. So I gather info from many sources, use what I think I should and disregard the rest. Everything isn't for everyone. NO ONE has all the answers or else there would be no need for multiple people. It is just a book someone felt like writing because of what happened in their personal life or so it seems. Everything must be sifted through to find the jewels. Agree or disagree that's why I posted the book.

Sigh.... there is no need to try to "steer" someone toward or away from anything. I haven't even read all the book and accompanying info and I KNOW you guys didn't either. So when replying try to make it as objective as possible ONLY giving your opinion and try not to sway anyone as each ones journey is their own. I thank you for sharing your thoughts, just don't do so just because you can, without weighing your words carefully in regards to those who are easily swayed by others. Also, when reading things along these lines allow for differences in perception as compared to you and what you would say if you were trying to deliver a message of the enigmatic kind.

Young generations of these wealthy people not allowing to be brainwashed by traditions and mentality that no longer serve humanity's spiritual expansion, I have faith we will start seeing more and more of this TRUE enlightenment coming from within of what can be described as decaying skin.

Thanks for the video Neil.

Thank you for sharing this film Neil...

Thanks for the comments guys. Like I said I didn't finish the book or extra side info. I did get the masculine oriented vibe from it which is divided so it looses points from that. I mainly posted it to be examined by this exceptional crowd. I do believe it may have a few worthwhile things in it, which I leave to the individual reader to discover for themselves. All in all just another collection of info to dissect.

Very interesting, im definitely going to check out that book. Here are some interesting audiobooks I found on Youtube. The first link is a fascinating analysis of religion and ancient technology. The second is very much like the code to the matrix.



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