This is just an overview of the Venus affiliation in China and how this is all coming to a head. I will state again that the Chinese as a people are no different that suburban citizens of the United States who have no clue of what their governments are up to and are lead to assume everything is done in their best interest. The only difference is true communism, not viewed communism, is much more effective at keeping its subjects subservient and clueless waiting on destiny to manifest never realizing they create it as they go.

Venus Worship in China

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Some more info regarding Velikovsky's Comet Venus :
Dr Malachi York once said that the Asians were the only ones who did not have the gland for the higher spiritual senses Barathary gland removed by those who last altered humanity. He stated that they were being used for a special purpose in our future. As a result their intuitive qualities naturally outshine the majority on earth.

In 1988 in Beijing during the rise of the new Chinese industrial age the only cars I saw were taxis save the odd personal car. The old life with the dominant bicycle traffic was just about to be transformed into a new industrial age of pollution.

The massive busy crossroads that were without traffic lights or police were usually full of people walking and cycling in all directions at the same time. The crossroads were a mess of vehicles, pedestrians and hundreds of cycles, yet I noticed while studying the people during these amazing scenes there a unique ability for every citizen to know or feel the presence of everyone else coming or going around them. Thus I marveled at the unity of mind, the oneness that allowed all to cross the road without fear or collision, mothers eased across with their babies in bike carriages never looked left nor right, workers with their heavy loads hardly needed to look before entering the crazed order that was the busy crossroad.

If this is a portion of the human hive mind then it has its benefits, and Mao may have done something useful in principle at least. If the one mind of a planet was like this then war would be pointless. If the unity of the all was flourishing on earth it would be best observed during Chinese rush hour.

But that was then, 1988, and today mind control has a stronger presence. So most of what I mention here is just observation of the positive of the hive. The individuals representing a unity was what I observed back in 1988, albeit under the hard line guidance of Chinese communism.

That communism could be seen as the school teacher training the citizens to be realistic with living together before a further generation with an evolved communism and a matured hive.

Of course the pdf has a lot to say about why? I would like to know more about what the threat really is with this Venus dominance. Total global slavery means what exactly? A hive mind without room for individuality leads to stagnant realities so what are the real threats to a global hive existence? What could be worse than the lack of love for one's neighbor?

When is there more on this article please?



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