Vatican Library will digitize its archives and put them online

Came across this article published by Reuters earlier this year about the Vatican digitizing its archives and making the information contained available to the public.

It seems that only select manuscripts will be made accessible. 

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nice thanks

Interesting they would choose a time like now to make this information public. I first question the motive of this. Second why these documents where not made public sooner. Awesome article thanks.

Select manuscripts will be made available. Only a matter of 'time' before all documents will be released. As vibrations increase we often transmute low vibe activity such as hoarding as it begins to feel uncomfortable. Kinda makes one go within to search out that which has been in the dusty closets of the psyche :)

ya i think there is just that yearning for knowledge that i hope this is true and that they will eventually publish all the old works that were suspected to be in those public burnings



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