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During a school board meeting  a man by the name of Clay Duke sprayed a V insignia on the wall and had a speech right before turning his gun on himself. He asks 6 men to stay. This comes as a rise of V based agenda tactics continue to flood the news along with overwhelming UFO phenomena. I would always ask, what if those ships we are seeing entering and exiting the Planet are actually relocating as Earth continues to become a hot bed for zero hour. Our team is now working night and day to formulate and execute plans that will change the direction of a world starving for its next climax. We will need energy to support our rapidly growing population .All this comes as we remain hot on the trail of the "V" based activity. Wholeness



This video is absolutely riveting and shows that clearly people need to wake up in regards to not believing there is a negative presence beginning to grow that must be dealt with by those who have came here to do such things. Getting lolled to sleep by fluoridated wishful thinkers is simply not the way to go. Its all in the fractals, you will have to learn to be strong, grow up and quit asking for mom and pa to help. This is a major part of the spiritual growth.


Stay tuned today for a post on how we are really moving through the galaxy and the incorrect notions that we are standing still spiraling around a Sun. Wholeness.


Clay Duke Decoded -


Clay: as in Golem something created and them programmed to carry out a mission.


Duke: Sovereign Prince from a Vulgate perspective a term given to warlike beings used to protect or service a sorcerer.


V Based Photos and Agenda Along with Links




They have a Vendetta.



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Indeed, I see it so clearly it is all steps and as long as someone is there to play the correct role than the next phase has been prepped properly. In all of it you see how we so symbiotically support the greatest extremes of our mind in a ripple as soon as we react. Now true Adult time is here, all of the unbalanced fluffiness will cease as people will be encouraged from every angle to wake up. Whether it is the value of money, the darky in the room, or the knowing that you are so much more and it is then the people will wake up from their fairy circle Pandora of a Maya/Illusion and become Present. Present will now be determined by who has awakened all senses and is available to for this task of carrying higher energy which does not allow you to sleep.

The maker of the huge video game "hit" - Call of Duty - Act IV SION - ACTI V ISION


Not Sure if this worked, but not suprisingly - 13 KB size... fitting.... sneaky no gooders!

If you watch spanish television there is channel called Venevision and they are constantly flashing the giant golden V with laurel branches on each side of it . Valvoline has been pushing stickers here with the red V and commercials of kids rooms with the circle and cross or X painted on the wall in red.

This brings back up something I forgot long ago which was to do a post on video game consoles "con soul". One of the big boys to watch is EA "Electronic Arts" pronounced Aya which is one of the most popular names in the Sumerian Pantheism next to Bel and Anu. In this case this would be the art of the Elite.


Boasting the tagline, "Challenge Everything"  EA has pushed out titles such as Madden and a whole slew of other games that have soaked up thousands of hours of a persons life. Not only that it is said that video games teach one how to project or live in a virtual reality. It is highly possible that the construct that many enter almost 80% of the time while dreaming is developed by their own brain with a little extra hinting, triggering, and subliminal programming. Its all for a reason though and we are getting so close to those reasons its still in our advantage that a new stage awaits


For those interested in examining the etymology behind EA, Zeus, Yahveh, and the rest of the names that represent all the same Being see the document below brought to you by the new Library which is still cloaked on the internet until Sunday. The reason why I'm so adamant about getting people in the Know about religion is in great part due to seeing really good people totally being used because of their own ignorance and unwillingness to question the proper cycles of life which range from life, death, and transmutation. In addition many of these people are on such a low level of the teaching that they are imagining what they are learning has anything to due with the actual entirety of the faction itself. This is like a 1 degree Mason imagining he knows as much as a 720 degree Mason.




I've got some things I have descovered,I will load it up and share soon
All of what there is now is also linked to this v based organisation,something
Else,some entities come in dreams ,and I was visited by one who said that
This propaganda on friendly bogies are lies to prevent innerstanding to take place..
Its been here before and since the beginning of time..

Well this one should be obvious............The V as well anagram for Zion. Unfortunately I worked here for many years up until only 6 months ago. It got to the point where it just didn't feel right anymore. I had no idea why. Walked away from a six figure salary with not a single regret.  I started doing a little  decoding since being a member of the resistance.  Now I know why  !

Izon. I've seen it before. It was the name of the company that manufactured the cube in the movie Cube 2.  (But that was only a movie).

This was the first thing I thought of right when I caught wind of this.

Another "V" in the news...

January 7, 2011

A package (addressed to Homeland Security's Napolitano) ignited today at a Washington, D.C. postal facility that looked "similar" to the book-sized envelopes that detonated in Maryland on Thursday, officials said.

The Metropolitan Police Department received a call at 2:45 p.m. that a package had ignited in the 3300 block of V St. southeast, public information officer Lt. Nicholas Bruel told ABC News.

The parcel was similar to the two packages opened in Maryland on Thursday.  All three contained a note saying :

TOTAL B*******!



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