Useful and Current Reading Material/Info on Programming/Deprogramming/MKUltra Methods Request.

Hello, Could I ask please does anyone know where I can get access to any solid reading material or links on current programming and deprogramming issues that are taking place now etcetera? Not so much the more mainstream programming methods used or info out there ie. TV, digital two way streaming, media, TV/phone masses etc but more detailed or perhaps not so widely spread info perhaps? I'm just trying to get more info on the subject matter to learn etcetera and have awareness/protection per say etcetera. (For instance, I've noticed that over the recent years in the UK the police siren sounds use a different frequency pitch, and in the 'quiet' hours of the morning when there is little or no traffic on the roads etc they seem to use them unnecessarily here in the UK, I've come to the realisation that the effects are not healthy (perhaps moreso for those tuned in) and so they are kind of abused unecessarily in my opinion. Does anyone have any similar experiences, or know of any detailed programming/deprogramming or perhaps MKUltra info I can get hold of to gain a better/deeper understanding? Plus soulutions would be helpful! Thanks Tx

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