WASHINGTON – Osama bin Laden, the face of global terrorism and architect of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, was killed in a firefight with elite American forces Monday, then quickly buried at sea in a stunning finale to a furtive decade on the run.


Long believed to be hiding in caves, bin Laden was tracked down in a costly, custom-built hideout
not far from a Pakistani military academy. The stunning news of his death prompted relief and euphoria outside the White House and around the globe, yet also deepening fears of terrorist reprisals against the United States and its allies.


"Justice has been done," President Barack Obama said late Sunday from the White House in an announcement that seemed sure to lift his own political standing.


The military operation took mere minutes, and there were no U.S. casualties.


U.S. Blackhawk helicopters ferried about two dozen troops from Navy SEAL Team Six, a top military counter-terrorism unit, into the compound identified by the CIA as bin Laden's hideout — and back out again in less than 40 minutes. Bin Laden was shot in the head, officials said, after he and his bodyguards resisted the assault.


Three adult males were also killed in the raid, including one of bin Laden's sons, whom officials did not name. One of bin Laden's sons, Hamza, is a senior member of al-Qaida. U.S. officials also said one woman was killed when she was used as a shield by a male combatant, and two other women were injured.


The U.S. official who disclosed the burial at sea said it would have been difficult to find a country willing to accept the remains. Obama said the remains had been handled in accordance with Islamic custom, which requires speedy burial.


"I heard a thundering sound, followed by heavy firing. Then firing suddenly stopped. Then more thundering, then a big blast," said Mohammad Haroon Rasheed, a resident of Abbottabad, Pakistan, after the choppers had swooped in and then out again.



Generally when celebrating another's death one's own death looms that much more closer. I personally feel like the United States guides its citizens into building bad Karma so their shadow governments can later deal out that Karma to their own citizens in the form of economy failure, not so natural disasters, and continued disharmony.


Of course this comes at a time when the "clone like" American people, most of whom cannot think properly own their own, need another reason to pacify themselves about the United States current involvement in Libya.


More on this later.... 




                                                                                                   "We never saw Osama"

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lol its funny, when I first heard this story last night I said right away he's not really dead and that was without me even hearing any of the facts of the story. its all the same thing we've seen before the government really needs to think their plans out before they execute them. they did the same thing with john wilkes booth (the man who assassinated lincoln) you can find the story on him here . also at my school today there were many people wearing army suits and saying how proud they were to be american, its a shame how ignorant people are nowadays.
Is disinformation, to entertain the people and distract about the big real problems of the USA.Pure manipulation of the media.

Good research Init4truth i've been researching the new madrid fault line and the recent weather in the U.S engineering a massive 8.2 earthquake for that region for 21st/22nd May, please look out people for any unusual luminous clouds, this is caused by a static discharge or the HAARP before the quake please check out Sichuan on you tube for images of this strange cloud/light 30 mins before earthquake hit i will be thinking of you all and envisioning the plan backfiring on the NWO.


Be well brothers and sisters

I know this is a football player and some will not give him credit for that reason.  I have to because this individual spoke what he felt was the truth.  The fact that most are either dismissing it or verbally attacking him shows how hypnotized the American public is.  Yet, he is ironically playing for Art Rooney, a known Illuminati member.  There was a great post on the city and the owner of the Steelers posted months ago on the Resistance: 


Here is the article about Rashard Mendenhall, running back for the Steelers who dared question the government's lies:

The perfect distraction to get people to forget about the fraudulent birth certificate and whatever else they got brewing.
It all ties together:

Beltaine is a spring festival and sacrifice ritual, Death/Rebirth, fertility, and blood sacrifice are the themes...never do we tire of antiquated ideas.

The May Queen, The May King and the Sacrifice:
Kate Middleton married Prince William on April 29, coinciding with the celebration of St. Catherine of Siena, becoming the May Queen. On Beltaine, the white cake is cut and given to all, one piece has a black mark or stone in it. The recipient of the “Black Cake” is crowned the May King, at the end of the ritual, he is sacrificed. This year, Prince William enjoyed a special grooms cake apart from the rest, a Black Cake, favored by his mother, Diana. This seems this tale may not be yet fully told.

Death and Rebirth:
Obama was “reborn” with a new birth certificate, renewing his power as the true vicar in Washington DC. The pope was risen from the grave and reborn by the blood into beautification in the Vatican, and Prince William was reborn into his new life with the May Queen in london. All of these rituals were unknowingly powered and celebrated by the attending millions and around the world.

The End of the Hunt:
On Walpurgis night, the last day of the celebration of the queen of the hunt, Reborn Leader Obama proclaimed the end of the hunt of the archetypal evil of the world, Osama Bin Laden, in Washington DC, Celebration of Death ensued all around the inverted star. The Hegalian dialectic is once again reinforced and the sheep rejoice upon seeing the slaughter blade.

The Vatican is the seat of religious power for the entire world.
London is the seat of financial power for the entire world.
Washington D.C. is the seat of military power for the entire world.
All 3 are nation-states that fall under the law and jurisdiction of no country. They are the unholy trinity, oppressing the world with this sorcery, designed to aid in the illusion that allows their reign over Earth.

None of this is distraction, the whole is put before you, blatantly, for your eyes only! The subjects of saturn are entranced only by the brightening lights and see not the oncoming car behind them.

Interesting to note that Pluto was named on May Day. I tie it in loosely because we may ALL be a part of their sacrifice ritual, as 150kg of radioactive plutonium have been blown into the atmosphere at fukushima. Hot Plutonium is effective at destroying DNA at 1/1000000 gram of accumulated mass (loosely sourced).
Fear not, for there is nothing in this world to fear, and one cannot have fear and love truth at the same time, IMO.

Adepts among you may see even more.. but this is easily seen by the initiate, and completely invisible to the profane.

Get proactive or get radioactive...

Write on Braden !!

Here is another Australian expose of the Beltane and the Bin Laden Matrix connection:
 "Closure" based on an illegal excursion into a foreign country to carry out the brutal murder of a man
who was not responsible for the crime he is accused of, is NOT closure it is simply the perpetuation of a lie...
a lie that has already been used to murder over 1.6 million innocent Iraqis in previous illegal invasions.
Although it appears that most of the citizen slaves of the US corporation are completely dumbed down
from the massive fluoride overdose fed to them by their loving gov't there are still many that understand
that the CEO's of said corporation are completely psychopathic and we do not condone their actions
in our name. No one truly wants war. Every Human wants peace. Non compliance is necessary if we are
to recover our freedom & honor our dead. Sadly too many refuse to acknowledge their lacking.



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