I think everyone should be on this theraphy. Especially in the time period were in now. I been praticing it for awhile and through my own experiments this is truly the answer to many of the body's problems. Im pretty sure UT raises your frequency and Chi through my own experiences. Proven that Urine is actually a by product of blood it thus carries most of its characteristics. Its about time we realize that free 24/7 life force is available to us all the time. We should be grateful for this blessing are body produces. A natural Medicine made especially for you. UT is acts as a serious detoxifier, one who pratices this theraphy will be extremely cleansed of toxins. Im pretty sure it even helps in detoxifying the pineal gland. When meditating one day i thought about how man descending from his original state. Breatharian to Liguidarian to Fruitarian to Vegetarian to Meat Eaters. and it hit me, could urine possibly be our primary food source second to the sun? because it contains all the nutrients your body needs. The true diet that respects all living things. Plus its the closest to our natural non eating state.

Through my experience I'll share some of my changes
Skin and Hair becomes youthful, radiates a shine, very healthy
Senses Increase dramatically
For those sensitive to their prana/chi/life force.. you feel a dramatic increased!!!!
Happier "its rather hard not to be"
Extremely more energy
People will notice your powerful energy, you will yourself
attraction from opposite sex.. *trust me*

man on the real there so many benefits i just named a few hopefully to motivate people to open there minds and remember this ancient pratice we all used to do. Amnesia sucks!!!

for more information check this out

http://goodmanlivingwell.com/urine.htm   (packed with information)

and heres a ebook http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/shivambu.pdf (for those that read more than articles lol)

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Thank you Dolphina,

it makes sense to complete detoxification before practicing this therapy, it's nice though to get feedback from people with experience.

The radio show of Dr.Jubb that was posted earlier in this thread is fascinating on the subject.

Urine Wheel

Hey Crystal,

Where did you source this from?  What language is written?

I'd be really interested to know what this diagram is about.

A bit of research on this has had enough pull to seek more knowledge on this.

Thanks for any info Crystal in advance!



"This urine wheel was published in 1506 by Ullrich Pinder, in his book Epiphanie Medicorum. It describes the possible colours, smells and tastes of urine, and uses them to diagnose disease."


It was presented in a study-

from the Following Article

Systems biology: Metabonomics

Jeremy K. Nicholson & John C. Lindon

Nature 455, 1054-1056(23 October 2008)



termed: Metabonomics of Yore...

If you can locate the original copy or translate any latin copy found of  Epiphanie Medicorum there may be a  bridge  form then to  now... not hidden

Epiphanie medicorum 
Speculum videndi vrinas hominum : Clauis aperiendi portas pulsuum : Berillus discernendi causas & differentias febrium

Published 1506 by By the printer of Sodalitas Celtice] in [Nuremberg . 
Written in Latin.

From simple medical/nursing/ the Urinalysis contiues to be an part of diagnosis... ... 

according to some wholistic thought. urinalysis, and sputum... are as valuable, if not more, than blood tests...

Thanks KFive for the push to expand

Wholeness balances the vibrations.... 


Just located this link: hope it adds on 


I'm so glad to see this post up again as this was the one that got me thinking about urine therapy. When I did my research there wasn't a large emphasis and of course lots of skepticism surrounding it. But I thought to myself "who's profiting off this, nobody really." Urine was used back in the day remove stains off clothing in Rome times and it became so popular the Emperors place a tax on it, URINE! anyhow I gave it a try a two things I've noticed off the bat is my skin gleam and my acne was entirely gone. It even got my leg acne that no other store bought acne medication could have done. Additionally my hair was softer and shiner whereas shampoo often ruined it. One thing I did research was the possibility of heavy metals in your urine but you take things like Aulterra it'll break up the heavy metal making less powerful. I'm sure there's alternative just do your research. I haven't personally tried drinking I don't Im ready for that.

I am somewhat of an omnivore in my current situation, but these past 3 or 4 days I have been eating only fruits and vegetables. I did eat 2 hard boiled eggs over those days though. I have also been drinking a lot of water, carrot juice, and Sun Warrior Protein Warrior Blend. My cousin has also been taking me to the gym to lift weights (I have never been in any workout regiment/physical fitness like this) This diet I noticed I have been urinating much more often. I started to pee on my hands on the sink to relieve the callouses from lifting the weights, and it helps recover the skin. So this morning I wanted to try drinking it.. and to my surprise it didnt taste like anything.. just like drinking water.. hopefully I recycle the amino acids/protein/nutrients from that Sunwarrior protein lol..

So from what I've read, the urine contains specific nutrients for your body to help recover? Is it always good to drink your urine no matter what your diet is?

(note: other than the resistance group and a few other people i know.. the rest of society would think we are krazy for doing these type of things..haha.. much love to all of you)

From what I've read and experienced... Recycling your water is always a good thing.  If you are eating a healthy bio-available diet, then your pee will taste 'better'... Basically, when you have a 'bad' diet, your piss is giving you the opportunity to re-ingest vital nutrients you need, whereas if you are eating healthy then you will be using and processing things thoroughly.  

I actually prefer the taste of my urine to water when I am eating well.  

Check out Andrew Norton Weber videos on youtube.  His website is aquariusthewaterbearer.com

cheers zen

i fine urine theraphyt is very good for a lot of thing, i make copper device, i use it to clean my copper device.



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