I think everyone should be on this theraphy. Especially in the time period were in now. I been praticing it for awhile and through my own experiments this is truly the answer to many of the body's problems. Im pretty sure UT raises your frequency and Chi through my own experiences. Proven that Urine is actually a by product of blood it thus carries most of its characteristics. Its about time we realize that free 24/7 life force is available to us all the time. We should be grateful for this blessing are body produces. A natural Medicine made especially for you. UT is acts as a serious detoxifier, one who pratices this theraphy will be extremely cleansed of toxins. Im pretty sure it even helps in detoxifying the pineal gland. When meditating one day i thought about how man descending from his original state. Breatharian to Liguidarian to Fruitarian to Vegetarian to Meat Eaters. and it hit me, could urine possibly be our primary food source second to the sun? because it contains all the nutrients your body needs. The true diet that respects all living things. Plus its the closest to our natural non eating state.

Through my experience I'll share some of my changes
Skin and Hair becomes youthful, radiates a shine, very healthy
Senses Increase dramatically
For those sensitive to their prana/chi/life force.. you feel a dramatic increased!!!!
Happier "its rather hard not to be"
Extremely more energy
People will notice your powerful energy, you will yourself
attraction from opposite sex.. *trust me*

man on the real there so many benefits i just named a few hopefully to motivate people to open there minds and remember this ancient pratice we all used to do. Amnesia sucks!!!

for more information check this out

http://goodmanlivingwell.com/urine.htm   (packed with information)

and heres a ebook http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/shivambu.pdf (for those that read more than articles lol)

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I am compelled to point out, iseeisee, that it is not uncommon for a female (or whoever) to ingest sperm during fellatio. You already know this. If this is a practice that you stand firmly against (ingestion during fellatio), then I accept the rest of your argument as opinion, as you say, and not as a quick and judgmental emotional response to something you are surprised to hear.
That's exactly why it's best to prevent yourself from ejaculating often, for it unnecessarily releases many of the nutrients that your body needs to thrive spiritually.
You got it mcshane! I'm going to make a post on that topic soon as ejaculating (rubbing one out to put it crudely) drains your body of what has been described as your vital life force (chi) in eastern philosophies. I found a book on this topic accessable online so I will find the link and post it
The best way IMHO is to drink it right away, for it is sterile for the first 15 minutes. I wouldn't drink it after 2 weeks... I drink it everyday, and my energy level is up almost 500%. I just keep going and going and going like the energizer bunny after drinking this stuff. You think coffee gives you a boost... Hehehehehehh... 10X as much as coffee... Maybe more... I never let a drop go to waste...
"original buddha was rumored"
It is True Buddha did Practiced Check Below site.
"The Buddha Medicine"
In an English translation of the Mahakkhandhaka (a text in Mahavagga found in the Vinaya-Pitaka) the Buddha says:
"The religious life has decomposing urine as medicine for its resource. Thus you must endeavor to live all your life. Ghee, butter, oil, honey, and molasses are extra allowances. "
In the Vinaya Pitaka, the books of monastic discipline, this medicine (urine) is mentioned in several places. At one occasion, for example, the Buddha recommend the yellow Myrobalan fruits pickled in urine for a monk who was sick with jaundice (probably anaemia) to be taken orally:

"O, monks! I allow that urine and yellow Myrobalan be drunk."
At another occasion the Buddha included urine as an ingredient in a mixture to be used as an antidote for poisonous snake bites. The other ingredients are excrement, soil and hot ash. This quote is from the Vinaya Pitaka:
"For snake bite a medicine may be made of the four great filthy things: excrement, urine, ash and clay. If there is someone present to make these things allowable, one should have him/her make them allowable. If not, one may take them for oneself and consume them."
and Also read this book if you are interested
Click here Book
UT also helps with dna activation. By re ingesting all the nutrients in your blood, you also re ingest Dna. Thus triggering the Dna production two fold. You will quickly notice mutations.

some may find themselves having a new standard in health... makes u question how healthy you was before.
skin may change complexion.. mines appear atleast 3 shades darker..
voice becomes clear and beautiful.. a melodious voice that i'll probably pay to listen to.
All senses become energized..
Psychic senses begin to surface.. you begin to be aware of many subtle things.. being super aware if you will
Less amounts of sleeps required.. I sometimes sleep 3 hours and be good for the whole day.
Hunger slowly diminishes.. your body may react in wanting a more liguidarian diet.. you will drink more than you eat.. which is a good things.. liguidarians are closest to our original state.
Hair becomes strong and grow like weeds
whole internal organs are cleansed of toxins... no more solid waste.. it comes out nice and easy the way it should.
You also appear to have stopped aging.. infact you begin to grow younger with age.. you will notice a younger looking face.
Your body slowly becomes a temple that feens for activty.. you may experience urges to jog or run to places instead of walk.
You slowly become more spiritual .. you will look at your physical body differently then before.. personally i have established a great connection and i feel more one with it.
Discipline appears out of nowhere...
Better dreams
Immune to everything.. a cold wont even last 2 minutes with me..
if combined with deep breathing you shall obtain a energy.. that is felt by all..
if also combined with sun gazing you may even hasten your ascension process and become super human quicker..
Fear diminishes
Past memories or things you forgotten begin to surface ... for example old talents
Brain becomes a brainutor *super computer brain*
Victory over lower freguencies.. such as negative emotions
The brain to body connection increases.. Your nueral pathways will be cleansed for more efficient performance.
If you pratice things like yoga.. You will master it faster than your teacher can imagine.. u may even surprise yourself of how easy something difficult seemed before.

UT feeds your charka system.. it truly helps you with almost everything.. wether your trying to meditate, or trying to shed some pounds.. wateva it may be Ut will change you on all levels!!

peace and love to all
hell yeah!! it feels like I smoked another blunt after that fresh cup..I can keep a high atleast 4 to 5 times longer..

proof to show you are only reingesting your blood..with all the nutrients being recycled..
gota try this ish
I love you guys. I feel one with you. There are not many like us, but I will go out of my way to make sure the masses know about this therapy, for they just don't know what they are missing, and they are still struggling with simple colds etc. Like I said, my energy has been up by at least 500%, and I haven't had a bad day yet since I started UT.
you are a great example of the product of our society. WASTE WASTE WASTE.. what u ate?
im happy to see you have money to buy whatever you like.. some people dont have that. Personally the illusion money can not give me anything better than my free golden elixer made especially for my body packed with everything it could possibly need at that exact moment.. what i dont understand is how u can have all this knowledge infront of you and still enforce the lie on how urine is a waste. Yet then again some lifeforms play their role.. i do care for you..but at the end of the day its your freewill.. go ahead destroy it, and enforce the lie.
greetings i've heard of this years ago by an elder and most recent i've seen it use in an oriental martial arts movie where the master was suffering from been hit with a poison dart when let him to lose his mind and they held him down and a small child urinated into his mouth.... and momentarily he was himself again.... when i saw it there it left a quest for knowledge and here you have presented info on this.... this is urine therapy is awakening childhood memories.... remembrance that should not have been forgotten...
Hey, isn't sweat like.. pee also? And so don't you sweat and pee bacteria etc out to cleanse yourself? Then, how is that helping someone who's sick by ingesting it back into the body?



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