AQUARIUS - January 19th  to February 18th, 2012

Man with Pitcher of Water, the symbol of the Age of Aquarius

We go into 2012 witnessing the first hard angle between Uranus and Pluto since they conjuncted in 1966. 1966 was the sexual revolution and a total change to traditional family structure - especially wrt women. Pluto is power; power that is not challenged....But Uranus goes where angels fear to tread, and stood up to the power and posture of Pluto....the roles in the family shifted and changed, with mom going out to work to create a life of her own. The masculine role had to shift too, and many times it didn't, or didn't go quietly.

The world we have today - a much freer, relaxed world, with independence and acceptance of cultures and religions by those born then and subsequently, is because Uranus and Pluto met up in Virgo in the early-middle 60's. Now they are forming their first challenge, as Uranus is about to square Pluto in 2012.

It's been 44 years since they conjuncted in 1966, and in 2012 Uranus will make its first hard angle to Pluto.....squaring Pluto from Aries to Capricorn. We're seeing it already as it builds to a peak. Uranus is all about computers, and as Uranus moves in, we're seeing the proliferation of data and social networks.....the conjunction in '66 brought computers into the home.

Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) represents the inevitability of change, the transformation of creation & destruction, life & death, whether literal or metaphorical; physically, emotionally, mentally or psychologically cleansing, purging, upheaval, elimination, catharsis, regeneration, healing, revitalization, metamorphosis…the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, fearlessly letting go of the old to embrace the new. This alchemical transmutation is irreversible & inevitable…part of life.

The expression of complex Plutonian in-depth energy is extremely dynamic & intense, rising from the subconscious/ unconscious realms, acted out through behaviors that are compulsive, obsessive, secretive, hidden, subversive; it is the transcendental aspect of sexuality; energy released from the core of the subconscious.

In Uranus and the Aquarian age ( element air - waves ) thought will serve as a channel to higher octave energy sourced from the 8th dimension.

Live from the Logosphere

The 8th dimension is that of unity consciousness, or simply put, God's consciousness.

The Prince/Preist of Space can also be interpereted as "The Ruler of Air", as Horus the Child is the HAWK. Air in the esoteric sciences is very much connected to the function of Communication.  

This  will come to be known as the Revolution of Consciousness.



Notice the Goddess Nuit bowing over the twin God, on her ankles and wrists she has bands that bear the Symbol of Aquarius and the Twin currents of the New Aeon. Receiving and Sending simultaneously interacting with the Cosmic Egg.
















God of the sky and the first ruler of the heavens, Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. He is the son and mate of Gaia, who created him without help.Saturn was the ruling Titan who came to power by castrating his Father Uranus. In Astrology, the energies of Uranus are electric and crammed with change. Uranus is forward-looking. It balks at tradition, and celebrates originality and individuality. Uranus is associated with technology, innovation, discovery, and all that is progressive.

On the up side, Uranus is associated with enlightenment, progressiveness, objectivity, novelty, and ingenuity. Negative expression of Uranus is rebelliousness without a cause and irresponsibility.

When Uranus is not developed, it reacts; but when natives are truly in tune with its energies, Uranus is highly intuitive. It represents the spark of intuition that spurs invention. We can see Uranus as the intuition that sparks further studies or investigation. Discovered in 1781, between the American and French revolutions, Uranus symbolizes our capacity to go beyond limits.

Uranus, the higher octave of Mercury ( ruler of communication ), is often affiliated with the higher mental faculties, intellectual powers that go beyond analytical reason and rationality. The faculty of intuition is particularly associated with Uranus. Intuition is simply the immediate apprehension of an idea or concept that is not received through the physical senses. All of us utilize intuition everyday, and more significantly, we often make our more important decisions in life based on intuition rather than our senses or analytical reasoning. Intuition is what allows us to conceive of notions like archetypes, Ideal Forms, Pythagorean numbers, and sacred geometry. Intuition can allow us to envision our own personal future, or it can be used to gain insight into the workings of the archetypal realm, the invisible realm, or cosmic system that orders and structures the visible universe.

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun and the third largest (by diameter).

Most of the planets spin on an axis nearly perpendicular to the plane of the ecliptic but Uranus' axis is almost parallel to the ecliptic. At the time of Voyager 2's passage, Uranus' south pole was pointed almost directly at the Sun. This results in the odd fact that Uranus' polar regions receive more energy input from the Sun than do its equatorial regions. Uranus is nevertheless hotter at its equator than at its poles. The mechanism underlying this is unknown. Uranus' magnetic field is odd in that it is not centered on the center of the planet and is tilted almost 60 degrees with respect to the axis of rotation.

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This is really really interesting and a lot to take in.  Thanks for sharing this. 

Hi Marique!

You are most welcome and it is really my pleasure. I thank Sevan for the opportunity to take advantage of his technical computer skills that allow me to post essays onto the web for sharing. Speaking of Uranus and Sevan,

the 7th chakra is our connection to that planet!


The planet Uranus corresponds to this center of energy. At this level of awareness you are able to see all events as a reflection of God's Will. (If you are uncomfortable with the term 'God', then substitute Spirit, Universal Force, Great Spirit, or however you choose to recognize this divine energy.) When out of balance, people trying to express this energy can become extremely depressed, full of obsessive thoughts, and confused. Because this energy/chakra operates at such a high vibrational frequency one must become selfless. Hanging onto ego-awareness brings up images of bleakness and morbidness.

HOW TO STRENGTHEN THE 7TH CHAKRA: At this level, one must "become empty to become full". Many spiritual writings refer to the body as an empty vessel that best expresses its spiritual potentials when it allows itself to be moved by Spirit. Even in the world of sports, there are all kinds of anecdotes by athletes who claim they suddenly entered a quiet space, and they were able to perform physical feats that they were not otherwise capable of doing. Many people on a personal crusade will say that they had no need of sleep or food - they were driven by Spirit to perform a selfless act that was beneficial to others. In order for this chakra to function most effectively, one must have a clear understanding of their purpose for having incarnated upon this planet Earth.

1st Chakra Saturn
2nd Chakra Pluto
3rd Chakra Sun and Mars
4th Chakra Venus
5th Chakra Mercury and Jupiter
6th Chakra Neptune
7th Chakra Uranus

Here is an article about working and connecting with the Uranus chakra. It's the 7th from a male perspective as we are wired from the bottom up, but a woman could consider it her 1st chakra.

7 is the inverse of 1. I like the 3 color braiding written about below. The hypersphere connection.

much agree with "become empty to become full" as I have practising Zendo meditation and I often experience symptons of depression, confusion, and obsessive thought. When I did today thought and force it upon myself to just to 'shut up" so to speak I felt immense vibrations all around and it felt like a good night rest

Recent solar storms are still buffeting the Earth's magnetosphere as I write this on January 25, 2012.

Check out what he writes about the coming changes!

Helix Nebula in Aquarius:


Thanks Darren. I read through the links also and was pleased to read Ken Carey, I haven't thought of him for a long time. Great pictures as always.

Hi Dennis!

I like Ken Carey as well! He reminds me very much of a peaceful Tom Laughlin from the movie "Billy Jack".

For people unfamiliar with Carey here's two links, the second has good videos on meditation:

There are many astrological forecasts for the 2012 period, the following two dates are important as they are Uranus - Pluto squares:

1. June 24, 2012 – first global square at 8-degrees Aries/Capricorn
2. September 19, 2012 – second square at 6-degrees Aries/Capricorn

There are 5 more of these leading into 2016 with the most precise triangle happening in Nov 2013.


"Nothing encodes itself. Only intelligence encodes or decodes. Hence some intelligence has arranged the predictive agreement (between reality and the number code) we call science. The coding of as yet unexperienced reality in terms of experienced forms, of which numbers are the most refined, is never absent in reality. (If it were, the unity would be broken, the code would not apply, experience would become arbitrarily inconsistent and reality would self-destruct.)"


I have been looking into squares, T-squares and 90 degree angles, square roots, magic squares and their relationship to magnetism for the last couple years. They are left brain codes that help in meditation and times when my brain needs focus or inspiration.

Iona Miller would say,

"For the root matter is the mother of all things".



In the nineteenth century a whole vast extension of the theory of functions or number relationships was made possible through the square root of minus one and is called the theory of functions of a complex variable. Without it electromagnetic wave theory and quantum theory could not be written.

It is awe inspiring to realize that the beings at the source of cosmic intelligence, what we call the gods who govern the Lion Path, have now released upon our planet the immense noetic powers of the hypernumbers that lay hidden within the Magic Square. The Uranus Square hypernumber is described as "constant integration through time, which is characteristic of selfhood or individuality". We know that the seven other powers of the outer ring of the Magic Square are integrated and unified during the Uranus Square session. They are integrated through time, which means becoming accustomed to the experience of the seven powers working together, instead of fighting against each other as they normally do.


A great deal of what I pasted into the info above comes from Charles Muses:

I enjoyed this interview excerpt as well:





yaa soo beautiful, I also liked this one, its stunning!


The configuration that stands out the most is a T-square composed of Saturn in 28 Libra opposite Jupiter in 1 Taurus forming squares to Venus in 2 Aquarius. This T-square is a directive configuration that can activate the planetary resonations with the Solstice Sun, so let's read it. Saturn in late Libra is finishing his quest for justice, fairness, and harmony that continues until early October 2012, since Saturn retrogrades at 29 Libra in February 2012. Thus we are midway through this process. With the opposition from Jupiter in 0 Taurus, which goes direct a day after the December 24 New Moon, we have the mythic Titans fighting for dominance in the heavens with the goddess Venus directing the script. Potent stationary Jupiter brings stability to Saturn in Libra and almost taunts him to accomplish his quest-universal fairness for all beings. Then the pressure of the great struggle releases its force through the tight T-square to Venus newly arrived in Aquarius-whose quest is liberation of the feminine. This wonderful and evocative T-square could create the most marvelous pillow talk and exposure of hidden loves that we've seen in a long time! In this environment, all presidential candidates and various new world leaders may regret past dalliances that helped them personally handle all the power and attention. Remember, this influence holds until the Spring Equinox!

June 5th, 2012 is when Venus will transit in front of the sun, a very rare astronomical event.


Here's a 3D solar system tool to identify celestial objects:

URanus rules electronics and science also. Aquarius is "shock". Sudden flashes of brilliance. Unorthodox logic.  We've entered the age of aquarius but unfortunately neptune entered pisces LOL so we will have to put the "knowing" on hold and brace for more misinformation ,scams, and so on.

Check out my site Darren   I have forums there if anyone is interested in learning the science of astrology.

Hi Sutekh!

I visited your site and read the Mitt Romney piece concerning disinformation from the top of the pile, ( of you know what! ), the oval office. Voting hasn't counted since the inception of USA Inc. in 1776.

As ide from the astrology we are used to seeing with 12 houses and the dodecahedral structure there is also Mayan, Vedic and Chinese astrological systems. Even the Celts used a 13 moon system.


These spiral systems are feminine in perspective. 13 and the Fibonacci sequence go hand in hand.

Coming back to "Neptune in Pisces":

Come Together with Neptune in Pisces

Compassion and unity reign during this spiritual transit

I didn't agree with very much in this RedIce article about Neptune either:

but the quality of their news and interviews has been deteriorating for awhile now.

Makes me wonder what is going on in Sweden?

The last "Neptune in Pisces" period saw the rise in spiritualism and mediumship:


Neptune works by disolving. Here is a page with some audio interviews about Neptune in Pisces:

threefold meanings offered by the Neptune symbol trident include:

  • Birth, Life, Death
  • Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Past, Present, Future

Neptune is connected to the bodies lyden gland.

At the next higher level is the lyden gland. It is the "door" through which the soul may go on to higher afterlife realms. If the lyden gland is the highest spiritual center activated in a person's life, at death, their soul may dwell in the 6th afterlife realm represented physically by the planet Neptune, the astrological plane of mysticism. This realm is where souls have the ability to have direct experience with the Creator and perceive the Creator.

There is little infomation about the Lyden gland, except from Edgar Cayce. Supposed the size of a pea, sitting above the sexual organs this is a door to spiritual androgyny, the third overtone above male and female. A leyden jar is a capacitor that stores static electricity.





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