Wholeness to all who may read this. Just wanted to put an update on this site. I've had so many trials/tribulations in the last few months... a family member got incarcerated, another was in an auto accident... and yet another passed away on Dec 25, 2017... I also had to have surgery. A pretty heavy series of events! But I'm still on the path of enlightenment as heavily as I possibly can be!!!! Higher vibrations are expected. To any and all who may be enduring their own trials, I send my spiritual vibrations of wholeness. Also, I'm still in search of beings who've attained sources of sustainability in this physical realm (NOT THE PHONY MONETARY KIND - real, off-grid "main-sources"). I will try to keep my ear to the ground and continue to use this venue to connect. I am in a positive outlook state of mind currently - current state of events not withstanding, and I hope to hear from someone with a similar position soon. Namaste.

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Sending you so much love on your path!



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