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I am preparing for my next interview with Sevan which will be airing on my on blogtalk internet radio station and possibly Sevan's new platform as well.  Haven't quite got the title down yet, but the topic is basically: "What will we be doing with all this new power we are developing, both individually and as a collective?"

Necessarily we have spent a lot of time decoding and dissecting all the things we don't want.  And I love those conversations.

However, it is also so important to focus energy time and attention on birthing the things we do want.  I'd like to do a show focusing on that!

Also, we have done a lot of reacting and responding to what "The Elite" have created, but I'm interested in ways WE can get more proactive!

What are your plans, goals, dreams, ideas, visions?

I am certain that many people here have done some very deep work on themselves and have seen some wonderful things, and I'd love to hear your ideas and visions.

I'd like this radio show to be open for callers, so if you contact me here with some ideas we can discuss the option of your being a caller on the show.  It's tough to organize the show with callers, cause no telling who will call-in....and furthermore, it's a VAST and exciting topic, so challenging to organize and harness the energy, ideas and consciousness this will surely elicit.   It might be nice to have some pre-scheduled callers....(?)

At any rate, I wanted to start to ask people their ideas so I can get my mind greased up and ready for the radio ride.....

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As far as plans/goals go, I just want to continue to expand my current, by continuing to seek and serve truth.. To express and share through art/creativity these greater truths as well as personal truth/experience. To continue to take better control over myself and environment and to stop wasting energy/time on fictions and lower mindedness..

I have a scenario you may want to talk about?...   It could be any type of thing but in this instance I will use Reggae Music.  I know the connection between RAstafari and JAH etc but what if you took that element out of the equation and just use the MUSIC as a means to better yourself and others? Reggae music without praising nothing, just the message.  I'm a musician and find that Reggae lifts me toward compassion and love for self and other.

So for those who use shapes etc, if you use a particular shape/symbol, know it's origin and it has a history of being abused, but use it for enlightenment for self/one?  Crystal formations etc...

What's the view on this?  I'm kind of unsure on this angle..

Thanks and Wholeness!


Good day Resistance good day Michelle first I want to thank you for what you do and for continuing to broadcast our brother.

Id like to start off by saying topics of value I think can be addressed or in line of what youre looking for is for sure some of the major World issues we have on our hands and ideas for the solutions and implementation behind them, industries that need to stop , the courage it takes etc,.

Okay so as far as Im concerned the 2 biggest jobs right now are Healing & Recycling breaking it down further when I say recycling im talking about trash, trash, trash, hazardous wastes, pollution, radioactive materials and what to do with it. Healing  when i say it I encompass preservation, restoration, conservation, education, Healing the lands the waters, animal nation, those around us, the hungry, the sick.

Ever notice in the debates they always talking about automobile industry and new cars. Well theres more cars than people dam near we dont need new cars figure out something to do with the ones that do exist and put people to work while you do it. Just like we dont need more happy meals toys for toddlers to chew on theres mountains of this stuff and we can walk in this direction for a long time point is there exist things we can do right now that can begin to balance its corresponding areas you know and would be awesome to hear others ideas.

Places like Trash Island, Digital dumping grounds, the Amazon Dams, polluted areas these are the jobs ideas on how we can handle that example you know how big one of this war ships are you can allocate at the very least one ship and modify into trash consuming ship with sorting facilities with one of many department is spinning fibers from plastics I dont know im not the engineer guy but im sure it could be done you got trash eating insects, radioactive absorbing fungus.

That is how you start healing and you heal more when you can start replenishing I believe a member Joeronimo sayed somewhere to plant a billion trees I think thats brilliant and we do a billion gardens I think that is a good simple idea that we  make happen if we all want to as a collective of course. More of the kind of wellness centers that need to be up and running work being done with the frequencies, lights, touch I believe these are the jobs and we can begin steering into that general direction of healing and recycling maybe we can mention some of this also there is already alot of people out here fighting the good fight it comes time to build and become bridges to reinforce our battles and expand networks 

In South Florida we have very serious water issues but saving the Florida Everglades is gonna have to happen and is already happening and thats something at some point shortly I will write on.

So yhea i know theres a lot of smart folks out there and I would love to hear what kind of questions are out there, ideas any ideas how we heal and recycle with music how do we do it with art, dance whatever it is I think that can be interesting.


A point I would like discussed is how best to fortify yourself and your energy/state ounce you have achieved a higher level of being. Sevan had mentioned in conversation on a past show about how some people can get charged up off of just ideas. I'm def. one of those people. Listening to Sevan or Santos, Red Ice, etc., leaves me feeling so inspired and expansive. I see it as a "peak experience", like Maslow wrote about. I guess the question or the challenge is how best to maintain and reach higher levels of your baseline reality, as a "peak" experience cannot and is not supposed to be perpetual as in you can't 24/7 be in this state by definition as then it would cease to be peak. But you can each time learn to grow your consciousness to reach higher levels of being/vibration as your normal state thus continually trying to raise the bar for yourself. This of course will also affect those around you. Ounce you have this outlook or in look when  faced with negativity such as the extreme levels of negativity one can encounter in daily living at the job on the street or even here on the web, what are the best ways to overcome that to maintain your level of energy and so as not to backslide? Early in morning for me still, so I hope this makes some sense, lol. Would be more than happy to call in to ask about this topic as well if this goes along with what you had in mind for the show.

Hey Michelle, great vibes for the show. The noise will reach far and wide, no doubt!

Some ideas to consider:

It feels accurate that on an individual basis, we all need to continue to find our passion and do it with integrity. The result will be the maximum joy in experiencing our uniqueness. This state of happiness, or bliss even, I think will be the ground work for manifesting reality when it comes to co-creating self, relationships, cultures&societies and even matter in a literal sense.
I recall a meditation experience where my thoughts and feelings weren't separate, and trees and nature just started to manifest/appear--like a lucid dream. Another person I've talked to once was sharing a golden aged kind of experience where water jumped from a stream into his cup because the thought/feeling came to drink something--but not in the same way a craving or thirst senses. In any case, this isn't really all that different from a fairly well known Gregg Braiden vid where he shares a video of healers dissolving a bladder tumor. The power of trusting and believing in your experience of joy works in the same way when in harmony, neutral an beyond polarity. In this place/state, there is a particular kind of relationship with self and light(building blocks of what we know as matter), since they are fundamentally the same. I would even go as far to say that the frequencies of love and bliss would take care of shaping reality on it's own without any intentional effort--something we've learned from studying cimatics. It would be wise to keep this in mind when preparing meals and while consuming any food or drink.

At some point in the near future I can see intention and thought going hand in hand with feeling. I think this is the end result for whoever has the capacity to contribute in this way, and in the immediate meantime, emotional clearing, removing and healing blocks ought to be ones focus until they've graduated from bhakti (devotional worshipping externally) and merhcant states of thought/being. Perhaps all a result of dualistic mind.

As for the garbage, my mind used to be riddled and preoccupied in the purification process with trash and other synthetics. I used to always think that maybe if we find certain openings in the earth where lava is exposed, it can be dumped within, whereby garbage will return to it's elemental form. Or even somehow sending garbage into space towards something like the sun to be incinerated. More practically, I thought that perhaps ultra filtered mega incinerators for power would work well too, but then all these other alternatives started to surface.

I'm sure this has all been said and done before, and it's all intuitive speculation, but until we have all sacrificed the garbage in our own lives, reclaim our power, and ultimately re-establish these states of being mentioned above, all attempts will fall short. Not intending to facilitate doubt, good intentions just aren't enough. It's no secret that an alternate state of consciousness, other than the same level which contributed to this mess, is required. Our efforts on the physical front, even with state of the art science technology, are still quite primitive in comparison to the technology of nature. They will need to be combined as well. Think holo-deck or food materializing.
For every illness and disease, Earth unpacks a cure to compensate and maintain equilibrium. As a living organism, eventually it will purge itself of parasites, or whatever is threatening its survival, as a final defense mechanism in maintaining its existence. This is where we're at now. The big choice between love and fear which has gotten us in the predicament to begin with. A wonderful example of how Ma has already 4seen and compensated for our preference for superficial convenience of synthetics, there is a fungi recently found in the amazon that can live off plastic, consuming it as a food source! Other than that there are a lot of other grass-roots organizations that are planting forests of trees, but are currently off the mainstream radar. Isha foundation comes to mind. Essentially, we all know the grande revealing entails everyone coming together whereby all the free, clean technologies for energy & transportation, and the man power to co-operate, is well on it's way surfacing and popping up in unlikely places.

Hi Everyone, 

Thanks for all the responses~ Lots of ideas to consider.

I got an email from a listener who was recommending a book to me, and it made me consider the idea of doing a show of book reviews.  People could call in and have five minutes max to review their favorite/current favorite book.  It was an idea designed to allow for participation from people without too much pressure on the caller----reviewing a book gives you an anchor point and focus.

At any rate, just found all these responses and it will take me a while to address everything here so bear with me....



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