10 - I beheld a world mechanically perfect filled with the products of the combinations of Zero's and One's it was only till looking closely I noticed it was a program. I Ascended.

9 - A council of Archetypes stood before me each an elemental maximization of what they stood for. They watched over their resonators and made the regions of oddities stand firm. I Ascended

8 - A vast Intelligence, a collection of all life coiled in compact spirals of time and energy expanding and contracting, imploding and exploding, a Womb. I Ascended

7 - Infinite seeds of wisdom took cycles of existence to sprout it then produced the knowledge of how to step outside of Time which came from those stuck within it. Intelligent is often reaped from ignorance. I Ascended

6 - Rotating around a giant cycle of regeneration fueling itself from itself it turned upon itself to devour itself only to generate yet more energy, terribly magnificent. I Ascended

5 - The proximity of the Sustainer could now be felt, the fire of the Spirit welled within ready to act and burst forth from its pen. An infinite amount of golden portals lay before me and with one key I flung them all open. I Ascended

4 - A wall unscalable with infinite width and height encompassing the entire area set betwixt the so called alive and the so called dead on each side they longed for one another divided by their own disbelief. When you are very close doors sometimes appear as walls so I walk straight through.

3 - Glimpsing the Tree of Mirrors reflecting fruits of innocence, experience, and memories all lessons are learned about the destinations of choices. I Ascended

2 - Arriving at the roots of dissension I saw myself and began to speak then I realized the problem. To separate only means to take away from yourself and there are no words when there is no one to hear. I ceased to talk to myself and decided to become myself. Duality is the Chariot for higher consciousness, it carries it through the progress of self realization now I wear a clear face. I Ascended

1 - Sol. This entire reality receives its charge from One which is the symbolism of the Sun in the sky. Feel your chest, that warmth is your Sol within and with it in full realization all your imagined problems have a clear Solution. We are with you.



Join me your Host Sevan this Sunday for the continuation of this amazing series on Activation, Universal Energy, and of course the direct application of knowledge pertaining to Ascension. 




Show Time: Sunday November 20, 2011 11:00 A.M. CST 1hr 30 Min

Call in number to speak with the Host:

1 (347) 996-5688



DIRECTIONS - Press play on the widget below during showtime or go directly to the link above. Chat room will be available.


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it reads like poetry. transcendental Shakespeare. thank you, Sevan. your efforts are greatly appreciated. i love esoteric radio and the universal current show. it's an energizing, transformative experience every time.

something to put on the wall

Beautifully engaging!  I want to be there.....  I WILL be there!

Thank you, Sevan.  I'm learning...

Looking forward to it Sevan!

If the Divine Spirit were to be personified as a ladder descending from the heaven to the earth, the uppermost echelon would be hot and dry in nature, masculine in sex and full of action potential. Alternatively, the lowest echelon would be cold and wet in nature, feminine in sex and wholly receptive or passive. One might undoubtedly ask where lies the logic in such reasoning? Well, the act of being and becoming in the cosmos can only be experienced if there is a polarisation of Divine Spirit or pure consciousness into entirely active and passive poles. Irrespective of where they are positioned on the consciousness totem pole or scale, all cosmic qualities express themselves actively through the planetary powers and passively through the earthly metals.

Within everything you can see how these two poles although opposites long for each other just as a dry desert seeks rain. 

can't wait!

7, 2day's show wuz off the chain az alwayz.  when u pointed out that, with what we know about the language, how deeply could we even talk with OUR OWN SELVES? LOL but it aint funny. :)  7, u just b flickin on bright lites in2 all the shadowy corners. :)  sometimes the info makes me so sad, (although smiling that that i've finally experienced truth) been asleep 4 the LONGEST while.  they stole me sumthyn awful

Brilliant stuff Sevan. Much appreciated.

I really like this image ( right side one ) as it shows the heart symbol

below the root chakra, the ass-end or ascend, the 7th seal. It should be

red ( as in the feminine pink ) and is connected to the green heart ( thymus ) chakra.



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