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Nice one Dex. Just curious can you use both hands equally?
While performing tasks I can interchange between my both hands e.g. writing, or even basketball but my preference is still my right hand.

Why did you ask?
Just curious, my side study.
http://www.ultrafrequency.com/ is unavailable. I am hoping to more understand the natural frequency of the body, one's personal frequency and how to utilize this frequency with the dimensions or the earth grid as that frequency rises. Can Anybody Help?

re-up for the cleanse, just found this paper that I printed out during my spring cleaning. it might be a good idea to bring it with you the next time you go grocery shopping. 

Nice chart. Thanks for bring this in the front :)
I was surpRised to see chinoa in the low level area?!

interesting and Im sure useful  but kinda messes up my forthcoming juice fast a bit which did include apples.  Any thoughts on that should apples not be used in a juice fast guys?!

go with organic apples washed off really good. they are great for cleansing. i'm not sure how accurate the list really is, although it's a great concept.

This is great, but there are some items listed in the high frequency chart which me wonder how accurate this is. It is also did not mention anything about organic foods.  Maybe someone can shed some light on this, but how is:

coors lights

absolute vodka


Red Wolf


7 Year old + red wine

Duck egg


Cream cheese


sour cream



Lake Trout

or any of the other meats and dairy products high frenquency foods?  The thing that has me amazed about this chart is mostly the dairy and alcohol.  Most dairy products out there are manufactured and contain modified milk ingredients or the like, which is processed foods and preservatives with additives.  Much of the tofu available is also processed and alcohol is basically poison to your body.  I won't touch base with the fleshy foods including seafood, since I think everyone knows about that.

It be would be great if there is validitiy to some of those foods listed thoguh, because i would be happy to eat dairy (organic and humane of course) and perhaps have some red wine!

There's a lot of things missing here really but i'd love to know how its measured, it seems interesting.

If you microwave something for example you change its actual structure, and it becomes a much shorter wave food.

If you cook it, you are making it a shorter wave food but no where near by the same degree.

If you eat it raw, its a natural food, in its natural state. If you eat it whole in its natural shape, you can actually feel the charge its holding, and although I have nothing to back this up, other than my own experience, you get more energy out of it.

Now what you can do to raise the quality of any food. Put out the frequency of gratitude, change the water inside the food itself, as you are consuming it. As you are digesting it if you are in love, praise or gratitude, this is a high vibration or frequency, so think about what that is doing to the food itself as you are digesting it. If you need it to heal you, let it know as you are eating it, don't think about how, just do it and be grateful for it. I am not advocating fantasy or miracles just letting the body know whats important.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnbZN54IZNE - Emotions in water.
http://www.fractalfield.com/heartfusion/ - Heart tuner, how to raise your heart vibrations as an example.

Hope it helps!



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