Greetings all ,

Well since i started trying to get into this assention process over 3 months i have been seeing weird stuff

i keep seeing stuff out the corners of my eye things like the odd shadows and then it dissapears.

Like this last sat nite i went to party in birmingham and left at 4am when i and my freind S got into the car and started to get ready for the drive back down to london. i looked up and saw the moon in the sky then i looked again when i saw an white light orb under neath the moon which was in  the quarter moon shape.

i said to S look at that s*** up there man can you see that he said " probably but i aint looking at that man i had too much last nite" so when i keep looking at the moon i see that the orb was still there hovering about 500 feet under the moon and directly on top of the moon very high up it looked like it was close to space another white light orb dead still like the other one underneath it.

Then we started driving out of Birmingham and as we got onto the motorway i could still see it and it was still in the same sort of place it was very bright now at 5am you donot see the moon in england at that time of morning normally it was mad.

as we got closer to london the UFO ORB and the moon was behind us and i said to S can you see it he said" I AM NOT LOOKING AT THAT YOU MAD xxxx you always on about Your UFOS i aint looking im driving mate".

Any way i cant understand what it meant does this sort of thing happen when your starting out on this path because i am waking up to things. and when i meditate i see a purple light in a ribbons and littles circle patterns .

any one that can give me any idea what to do ?

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Hey brother,  It's nothing to be afraid of.  This sort of thing has always been going on, you just never looked is all.  

Just remember that you are a very special being and to be here is a gift beyond understanding.  Stay strong and stay on your new path.  The things you 'see' while meditating, try not to look too hard.  Just observe, don't absorb.  Your journey has started, oh and what a journey it is my friend!

Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations brother Dread.

Consider a cinema. Projecting a movie through a very filtered lens, its cloudy, distorted, turned inside out, with only small bits of the movie highlighted and others left in the dark. - Ultra heavy conditioning is life for many, programmed to be so. What if just to the edges of the eye the lens was indeed MUCH bigger, and clearer as it hasn't been filtered (conditioned) as much? It's also a portal, as is your eye to earth, to put you here so you can experience it. - Only the experience has had things drummed into your mind that don't work, and don't empower you, static some call it or baggage.

What to do, only you can answer. For my part, its to be you, as much you as you can be. - That is all we are required to do on earth, be the best of ourselves. If we can help other's along the way, brilliant. At the moment, for me, that means becoming free of all the pre programmed conditioning it is possible to break, then bringing into line all the animals loose in the lower chakras ruling our decisions (de-sires, under sires). For me a bear is one that gets loose time to time ;).

If you find UFO's interesting/exciting, it means you will generate a natural self sustaining energy when you are exploring that subject, excitement is free energy, finding a stream of it is a real gift. If they are appearing to you, perhaps there is a very good reason for it :D, I won't bias that, but explore, no fear, be open to receiving the experience, a definite skill - (cultivating active yin I call it). Whereas Fear will be the block, or stop you in your tracks.

A gift to consider: Mad - Crazy, are very weak words, as they have nothing in them, no substance to them, just a bundle of wrapped up programmed judgments, so you could start by removing those weak boxes from decisions. If someone says hey that's mad, they haven't actually said anything. - So there is nothing to fear from judgments in exploring what is out there, as fear is next to worthless unless it's to keep you alive, facing something head on. For instance jumping out of the way of a danger for instance, that is when fear can be of benefit in keeping you in this incarnation.

Greetings My freind thanks for the very helpful reply and i will keep on the path now there is so much to do


Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations brother

Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations brother

i have just read the code to the matrix and i want to get all my chakras working asap

and i have a set of chakra crystals do i put one on each chakra and meditate

how do you know its working you know because i have also heard that when you get the

chakra running the kundalini then comes up to the crown chakra and if your not prepeared

this can even kill your self is this true for give me for question i am not far into this as you are ok


The more sensitive to energies you become the more you will feel the chakras and flow. Generally speaking in energetic terms you'll feel the resistance to movement of it. After you've worked on getting yourself online and activated again this will begin to settle down and you'll feel less once more, though that can take some consistent practice given how much gunk many of us have to remove.

Chakras can be in any of the following conditions i know of, upside down and locked, flat, spherical and finally a united body of one circle energy depending on how well they are working. I have experienced feeling them off the body when they activated, feeling them on the body etc, specifics are hard to give as yours will be in a different condition to how mine were. Some may be on now and supporting the weaker ones.

What I will suggest you take a look at is:

For Kundalini Biology go here - the premier resource:

Then download this by signing up the email on the right, it covers energy work in chapter 9 through 13 etc.

These two are both the science/theory and the practical ways to get the secondary centers online. Kundalini Yoga to get the rest online.

If you are sensible with your energy work it is like anything, if you feel a bit too much you take a break and ground for a few days till you feel comfortable. It is just like lifting weights really, but you won't be moving that much at first anyway. Before attempting to raise Kundalini, if at all, I'd advise doing a lot of primary and secondary energy center work, Kundalini is just the natural state of an activated human so if you have put the time in it will start assisting, by burning things out of the way. Kundalini then may awaken by itself, it did with me in about March and I hadn't even realised what had happened :). Till after I read that site above.


Color code them as a start, and see how they feel on the body, let yourself be guided to what to buy, and work out a system that works for you. Sometimes you need your opposites to balance, but sometimes you need exactly what you went in for, it may be jumping out to be purchased or found. I realise that is vague, but energy is attracted where it needs to go.

Pink or Red for Root, Earth Colors are good too, browns, and I use black, brown or dark red below the root.
Orange for your second Chakra, I consider this on the belly button but there are other opinions.

Yellow or Clear for your Solar Plexus

Green for your Heart/s, in the center of your chest.

Blue for the throat and Third Eye. 

Violet for the Third Eye or Crown Chakra

I prefer white on the crown but I have success with a amethyst geode as well. I sleep with the crystals sometimes, but allow them to fall off as they like, considering that my body knows what it wants when I am asleep better than I do.

Other Energy Storage Centers

*Lower Dan Tien - I like dark orange crystals.
*Jade for the Jade Gate - This is the only one nobody has advised me on, I find Moldavite is interesting but I've not had much movement yet. I like White or Clear Crystals Above the Grown, sometimes an amethyst geode.

You may find after all these techniques you are raising energy from feet to crown, that will come in time, main thing is not to panic and go with whatever happens. If you can't move your back for instance for a few minutes after a session, its a natural biological reaction to energy movement that can happen in rare cases, just relax and go with it, same if your crown opens and your consciousness leaves the body for the first time, don't panic you are in control of all of it. Cleaning your blood with a beneficial diet, or cleansing will help you carry more energy as well.

Consider the crystals holders of information, spirits, data crystals, energy centers or whatever works for you, for my part they are multidimensional beings and I treat them as such.

I clean them in distilled water, as they are neutral in who's energies they will pick up and share. Before you use them putting them in a neutral state is worthwhile so you don't absorb energies from any else. Selenite crystals and Kyanite work well for cleaning others also, I keep them charged up and nearby in the center of all of them.

I find Selenite exceptional in bringing out blockages in the system. - Often in small aches, and then in dreams if its night time.

Look into charging too, some like rain water, some the moon, and some the sun. Some fade in the sun, or dissolve in water, so do a bit of research on any you purchase.

Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations brother

Thanks for that man thats really what i needed to do i have the stones allready as i make

orgonite there are so many ways to clean the crystals as well ok cool i better get started thanks


awesome.  they r sure enuf out there!

Yes there sure are but i have not seen any since must be the bad weather in england in london its cold and dark earlier in winter

i think  they DEFINITELY mess with the weather so we cant c them.  and london is such a crazy beautiful spooky wonderful place!  lol  that's company headquarters fuh sure!  lol  :)  i havent been 2 UK in 20 yrs i cant IMAGINE the typa stuff they got goin on now...

Yes there is a lot of chemtrails every day almost we get sprayed plus there is a really busy airport heathrow here as well there is crazy stuff thats goin on here in the belly of the beast of london the headquarters  are  working triple over time right now



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