I want to begin this discusion and ask a simple question , has anyone here gone through with the UCC-1 strawman redemption procedure ?    . And being that all i have to go off of are writings by others that appear to be derived from another persons writings and so on and so forth . That have not bothored to study the statutes themselves , they are just repeating what the previous person says . Im   thinking worst case scenario this could possibly be the work of evil trying to get  us to commit fraud  (   Or what the systems considers fraud  )  just to get them into the system .   I have been told  that poeple were being jailed for the accepted for value process ( Probably disinformation)  Could it be that all the cases of poeple doing this on you tube are lying saying they had success  because they are in denial that it didnt work , and are in such a state of denial that they decided to lie to everyone else about it . Im just trying to look out for everyones best interest here and keep everyone safe from possible disaster .  I have an intense need to get  to the bottom of this .Anyone who has done this process please talk . 

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Hello friend, ....I filed my ucc-1 almost 12 years ago. Since then I have been arrested numerous times etc.....throughout the past 12 years. To this day all my cases are open as I am always released before court. Except the time I denied having a true name and the judge held me for 30 days to be evaluated by the psych? Lol.

Hey nice to hear from you , hope all is is well with you .   Did you establish the TDA  account and complete all these steps ?

What are the Steps for Laying the Groundwork to Discharge Debt?

1) Properly filing a UCC-1 form to establish a public record that you are not the STRAWMAN and in fact are the holder-in-due-course of it. This is the single most important tool in your tool bag because this alone changes the presumption of law from the side of the STATE to your side;

2) Making yourself the Power of Attorney over the corporate fiction.

3) Copyrighting the STRAWMAN's name. This doesn't just give you another defensive strategy - it gives you a very important offensive weapon, because from this point on, anyone who is coming after your STRAWMAN for anything without your permission is trespassing on your commercial property.

4) Properly filing your Public Notice and Surety Bond.

5) Properly filing these documents in your County Recorders Office.

Note: The five steps above will take about 90 days to complete because of the filing at the Secretary of Treasury in Washington D.C. and filing in your County Recorders Office.

Everyone that resonates with this information will love this song , brand new  .

sweet. but i am trying to figure out if u consider this has worked out well for you or not. like were these numerous arrests because you flaunt it or the less likely because they watch you?  since they let you go i suppose its working out. i was arrested 1x for a weekend. by their laws they could have kept me a long time but they didnt coordinate their info fast enough. i personally have used prayer to keep the pigs away, it has always worked. it goes something like this "whatever lesson i am here to learn, i am sure i could learn it better outside of the 'justice' system."

that's beautiful

In my experience that question has always had a vague answer. This system were caught in has too much pride to ever give us the last word. So If Does Work Im Sure Its A Slow Quiet Process. When nobody's around to witness it.

i've been researching this also, no experience. thanks for asking the question, though. if you make any headway, please let me know. i'm not trying to go at this until the process is clear to me.

this is somewhat along the steps you've listed -> http://sovereigntyinternational.info/Asserting%20our%20Sovereignty....


Hello 777!

I am into creating my own Bill of Exchange, Promissory Note to pay property taxes.

Have you followed the work of Jean Keating?, it's all about PRIVATE credit vs PUBLIC debt.

Become a creditor.


Here is a seminar transcript on Commercial Law - 

How the Baylonian System works and how to disconnect from the Matrix:

Keating also wrote the following treatise exposing how the system treats us all as prisoners:

Here are some videos about the Cestui Que Vis Trust ( Birth Certificate ):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilW9IWrqKxY  ( Great links in the summary )

Knowledge is the answer regarding the question:
How Do we Access our Credit which got hijacked by us as
we forgot to Claim our Exception. Learn Private / Public
Creditor / Debtor Difference.
Read all you can about Admiralty Jurisdiction and Law Merchant:
Status Law - Public vs Private explained


Yusef El has excellent videos on commerce at:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2_VBmneOP8&t=40s  ( Yusef takes about 30 minutes to really get into the topic )

he makes available free documents including Clerke's Praxis ( about how everything is in Admiralty Jurisdiction as the Earth is a vessel in a sea of space ):




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