Constantly continue to see the word/symbol "Uber" being pushed around a lot lately and believe that I heard somewhere that it has its root in "witch" but is not clear in the dictionary. Would anybody care to share some etymological viewpoints or opinions/comments? 

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I recall Sevan saying that 'uber-mensch' meant super witch.  Seems like he meant that uber=super mensch= witch...?  Where else have you heard uber=witch?   

A simple look at things would garner - uber = br = so B is everything to do with Birth and R is representative of standing capabilities after a birth or beginning of balance or possibly from R as in 17th letter= 8 or infinite as well as Ra, so uber is U-BR as in You be ra - god/man = super  as well a b is just a p flipped so we would see uper(upper) and uber being akin as well.  UP is where god/super things come Lord(lowered) from.  

 ... I'm just free thinking it here....    

and the mensch = MN(sch)  M is a w upside down so simple enough Mensch is Wensch/Wench which is a WITCH. 

Hope that helps a bit.  


Über is german vocabulary. It means above, upper, over someting etc. Mensch is also german and means human. Nietzsches Übermensch is translated as superhuman, overman, overhuman, above-human.



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