Just so it is clear We have provided this site to assist all those who wish to ascend. Those who wish to combat, join teams, and tear down what has taken Us so long to build will be excused. Many who have been with Us since the beginning are aware of Our sincerity as We have been here for you for countless hours walking individuals through the transformation in most cases one at a time.

We would like to make it clear that We take this process serious and are more than aware of the subtle spiritual energies all possess. When those energies are not controlled and cause one to say and do things that are counterproductive to this cause, you can be sure that one will be removed without hesitation.

The greatest difference you will find with this network is We take what We do very serious, this is an open forum from the sense that you are invited to share your experience and join in the experience also with others. However, when it comes to senseless challenging, which is ego based rather than warranted, there will be repercussions.

This is only necessary as the community grows for Us all to stay on one accord, keeping Our eyes fixed on the prize rather than nonsense and distraction. 7

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Whole Tina, yeah it is of value to keep some structure as the community itself is under a Shield and thus nothing can come from the outside with confusion, it will not be tolerated as We have individuals that are precious and their soul needs proper mending, not more confusion. We are here for everyone no matter what race, creed, culture, or belief but all that must remain at the door as one is here to increase purity of spirit and clarity of mind which equals total power and control of ones destiny, which no longer becomes that as they are changing directions.
I knew it was a matter of time to manz. i put my post in "jesus" couse i sow what was coming and tryed to show him this a place out of the social religious buble. thanks sevan, we will/are make/in it and those who are against us have they place (anyplace) out of here to destill they frustraiton. :)
I knew there were a few "Agents" on here as Brother Lenon Honor would say, some comments I read were just not rooted in love, lol glad they're gone! :) Whole to You-(If someone could explain what "whole" means, that would be greatly appreciated. lol :)
Instead of peace/pieces which is not all of it and we want all of it or the "whole" thing.
ok, wonderful, i really should have gotten that one. Whole.
don t be sad :( ( i did not know either :) ) hahaha! now i do !
rabbit whole ? could be where the word WHORE came from... a great mockery to the MOST HIGH. A very sinister thought indeed. KInda makes ya feel a lil bad for the dumb soul that acts like that... A lotta people don't grow with age. I trust Sevan and One so far. The site runs nice... info is flowin... questions are being answered... my mind is definitely expanding in a way I would never believe... It is like the shift is occurring RIGHT NOW... the plates are gonna move. Daddy's home.
Great! Get the Men in Black or agents...
it is a wonderful thing...
good to know, to have your sharpened eyes upon those all, who came in order to dis-integrate.
Dis-lodged, sooner as expected, right into their homeland again-city of dis.
Partes adversae!
3 furies at the gate with gorgos head impatiently awaiting...
Those that live through their egos and are trapped in time will reveal themselves. They shall not stand.



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