Does anyone in the resistance how any methods that can help me see my aura, as well as raise my awareness so I can see others as well? I ask because I sometimes have very dark thoughts that I ponder upon, and I recall my first kundalini experience happening from unknowingly reading a dark arts book. Understanding aura is one area of study I have yet to examine, so if anyone can guide me to the knowledge that can help me understand my aura, and IF I am using this particular life to experience evil forces.

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Wear green as much as possible, the dark thoughts are probably not yours or if they are, maybe suppressed urges being manipulated to get you to waste energy or just give it up, maybe. The key is frequency. I have never seen an aura, nope, just fluctuations in energy around me and changes in light around people.  This aura stuff is mostly bs, there is an egg/sac of lifeforce that is electric and magnetic around you and contains all the energy you will use in your life, You can cycle it. When the suns light is diffracted through the prism then the colours show up.  When all is one there are no colours. The colours relate to different aspects of self and more so to the organs that process them, when the organs are clean they emit frequency properly, when they work in unison, the energy cycles, the triangles interlock and the gates open. The colours in auras are results of frequency.  If someone can see those colours then you are either giving out a lot of energy or leaking it. Intending different colours pulls in frequency from around you and balances you. Living food you eat breaks down to solar energy, ether absorbs light. If you are cycling energy already you can transform or transduce it.  If you don't take in imbalance/negativity which is damn hard, then it will become stifiled (think thats how you spell it) and reused. Fear is just a problem without an apparent solution. E.g. I want to kill him. Flip it: I am allowing my energy to be drained and am bringing that energy to me in a loop by imagining a reality that is against my spirit. Answer: Transcend it.  I cannot kill him it's not possible and he cannot actually affect me unless I wish it, further more, I can just walk around the obstacle and see it from many angles/angels. A major part is that you do what makes you happy, which should release blocks and remember to ask questions as they are released. You basically empty yourself out. No more junk. Example you have this terrible entity that appears to you.  You stop, check yourself, ask why there is any fear, look at the entity, why does it have need of it's features, why is it's symbolism so, It's got big scary teeth, to eat what? To accompany what body... oh wow silly geometry, but i'm not an insect, i'm infinite and then... oh right... funny, you are spirit, it's an illusion supported by energy, an energy golem, created to trap you for a moment, it's wants your attention, it needs YOU, you have the power, it's a deception, so... you change form into nothingness or just refuse to accept it's relevance, now what, you can't have my energy... jog on.  The light shineth in the darkness but the darkness comprehend it not... yeah I know it doesn't actually mean that in application, thats kind of a six for a nine but the point is you define yourself and you cannot be put in a box or be mastered over.

The matrix is people, places and things. Even on the astral, there is an agreement of concepts and energies manifest within these concepts.  Nothingness and wholeness are actually the same thing.  The actuality of all possibilty is wholeness and the possibility of all is nothingness.  Nothing .. no thing.. possibilty.  Thing ... creation.... definition... conception.  Think outside the box, you are the box or there is no box.  In order to have a framework, there must be a concept, energy >> energy field>>> a box for that energy>>>definition>> a fixing>>> a spoken word from a mouth>>> movement and slowing of energy.  Move the energy get light, still the energy get ether.  If you can think of one thing outside people, places and things then you got out and guess what??? It's the real you. That's the answer, thats why you are all, god, experience and beyond all expressions of the blueprint. You are a part of all but also beyond definition and beyond existence. Bit like water and I bet it feels a lot like you.

Hatep brother, My advice to you is to get a book on crystals, and learn the basics of the chakras and how certain crystals are aligned with each chakra.  Scott Cunningham has a nice book on chakras as well as a book on healing herbs.  You can find his books on Amazon and you may also find videos of him on Youtube discussing these topics.  Also everything is connected from the dark to the light.  But BE CAREFUL....  learn about this first then study also the Metu Neter which will bring balance to you.  Also be very careful of spiritual vampires that literally suck your energy away.  If you are around family friends etc who suck your energy away everytime you encounter them, dismiss them out of your circle immediately!   You may have to go WITHIN and focus on self for awhile to balance yoruself.  Also get some frankincense and myrrh incense and burn them in your home.  Also if you can get dry sage, burn the tip of it then put it out and let the smoke smudge your home of any negativity starting from the rear of your home to the front and also read up on spritual baths for cleansing your aura.  See when you go outside on a daily basis, our auras touch others and sometimes bleed onto others , some folks are like sponges and they absorb the other persons aura thus you carry what they're experiencing with you.  There's videos on youtube on how to make your own spiritual baths and these work.  Also the author Scott Cunningham has some recipies on spiritual baths as well that you can make yourself to use at home.   

Any questions feel free to ask.  were here to help one another to advance up to the next level.


Its a wonderful thing when people get together, and seek out  real solutions for real issues. To chose growth in the face of experiencing one's vulnerabilities is boss.Thank you for  braving it out, and sharing real stuff with all of us brother. Obviously you contemplate on light just as much if not more  than dark,  because I see a huge sun ray generating from your post.  There's some real good solution's  here for an on going problem in our world. Stay real, Its all good  if you can learn to channel, and cycle dark energy back out of you as clean. No experience is wasted.  Wholeness, Family All Is Self

You wanna know who/what/why god is, just look in the mirror, to put it very bluntly.


Every person is their own world.

I chose to be here. I chose to have these emotions.

I let them come to me.

I let myself become this.

So whats next? I dunno. For me, it is up to me. For you, it is up to you.

"evil' is but a word part of this language which I have undertaken to an extent, but I did not create this language.

All I know is - well it is mostly what I am surrounded by. That is what I know.

For 21 years I've grown accustom to many things...

it sickens me to be honest...

 I F****** HATE THIS PLACE, mainly because it has a tendency to trample my thoughts, inject just the right blend of fear in me, without me noticing this minute process so subtle it could be, until almost a minute later, I realize - it is fake, and I focused on it, making it impact me, making it real enough to direct me in certain ways...

I could go on and on, but to address this post (IMO):

You've got to make your stake out. You are swimming with emotions. How long have you been breathing in that body? How long have you developed a certain set of patterns which you basically sleepwalk thru? I've got mine, and every time I look them in they eye, they've got nothing to say.

Words might burst into your head right as you are thinking of something; right as you are trying to comprehend something, and you question, different answers will come, depending on which frequency you tune into.

And if it is just words which come into thought, well it is never just words. It is the words, but also the intentions behind the words, the double meaning behind reworked words part of the same language, and there are triple meanings, quadruple meanings, ad infinitum!

We were all trained into a specific language. This is not very freedom like.Our brains function with words mostly.

So the words you received in your head could have been created by so many potential directives, it can boggle your mind. These languages are ancient. 

I appreciate EVERYONE'S reply. To know there is a caring community who believes in the greater good is such an uplifting privilege. "If you seek you shall find". Ever since i posted my worrisome reply, I have sense found multiple resources that explain my thoughts and urges, and I have begun to transmute accordingly.

I am big on Ernest Holmes and "Science of the Mind" and it has helped me a lot. Crazy thing is I have always known how to transmute, however for some reason I may go through days or weeks where I allow negativity to rule the day over responding with love. This post was written in one of those moments. I have long been much better, and I am glad that the resistance community is here to help me!!!! THANK YOU ALL

 :) big smiles and giggles. I love it when a story turns out well, happy journeys brother :)

I would like to add my 2cents. When I became aware that the dark thoughts were not my own I  stopped entertaining them and asked them to leave. Then I  noticed where I was when they slipped into my mind many times I was driving. I would be in a perfectly good mood then suddenly feel angry I knew I had just driven though someone else's stuff.  We are entangled with our fellow humans and can pick up on their frequencies. Notice where you are and who is around you some people are broadcasting louder then others. When I drive I try to up the frequency around me by chanting and singing and rising my own frequency.  I also try to do the same at work maybe not by singing lol. ;)    



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