Had my first lucid dream last night for about 20 years or so. I didn't have access to logical functions (math), as that part of the brain still seems under programming, I did have access to fight or fly instinct, movement at least within the illusions I was being repeatedly trapped within, emotions were there but very much tempered as opposed to out of control dreams.


I am looking for triggers to try, that have worked for you, things that will wake you up or better yet, center yourself within the dream to stillness (and thus control).


Only at the end of the dream did I become aware. I was buried in about 10 or so waking up attempts, false awakenings they call them, (in my mind) it became a game with whatever has been controlling me to see if I could wake up. The tetragrammaton at that point was what I was imagining I was engaged with, though I gave that name a shape name rather than a long name. 


In the end I woke up by admitting whatever it was, was strong, but then going silent, still and telling it I was stronger, -knowing it- immediately woke me up, as its control released. With no need to struggle, there was no struggle or manifestation of it. <- The main lesson for me, spirit to know what mind does, just go still and you have a better foundation.


Either it was a training session to reach stillness (the static/dark matter), a trigger to give me a lucid dream, or I was actually stuck under 8 layers or so of dreaming. 


So are there any triggers you can recommend that I can practice now to:


1, Gain stillness or
2, Wake up on command?


Spoons were suggested but that is external, I would really appreciate some internal commands (now I have the spiral breathing pattern), that I can educate myself in, or practice.


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Hi Wholeness!

To gain stilnesss, my guru recommended in his book: "autobiography of a yogi" to plainly ask yourself: 'Who am I?'.  This seemingly stops your mind right on its tracks.  It has worked for me.  It is startiling to the thought process being confronted with such a simple  yet profound question.




Yes I really think that would do it in any situation, and produce a profound effect while lucid :), what am I too :). Thank you, I will embed that in my uploaded memory when possible. See the spiral breathing, charge techniques I posted if you want to have a starting point to embedding memories. We die every night, once you can accept that, I have every confidence we can embed at will.



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