Could it be....that we are moving into a time of transparancy?  For we are evolving to Higher Understandings.  We see that which has been unseen. Hear that which had not been heard by us once. We know...perceive ... immense diverse and amazing wonders....and, as we experience more we discover more, when we link with others that are experiencing this too, we fuse....the One...One ness...Oneness grows. We become transparant. 
This....I pondered upon.  I just watched a TED talk about the next 5000 days The projection the the web/brain/One were all the same by 2030, everything about us was viewable on the WWW, life became transparant.  He hints at Higher Consciousness, but I found that a most ponderous all senses....transparant? The processes it would take form of?

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ka kohana 'oia'i'o - the naked truth.  


No judgements.   No Blame. NO guilt...... conditons to Love.

Well looking at the field of a group of people is surely the next step to looking at your own field. Its when you start to realise what's in the external environment is in you, and slowly take care of that also. What you've got here is brilliant :), but when you start to consider everyone and bring material about the combined field up is when we'll truly be able to accelerate things.

I've done chi manifesting (for the benefit of others/groups which is i found how it works) but I am not back at that level, lot of cleansing and clearing to do before I am able to move that again. I can only imagine what ten people who could all manipulate their chi in a room for the benefit of the planet could achieve.

Maybe 13? ;)

Janet just wanted to say thankyou thankyou for being you!! I really needed to see such balanced and positive information today. I will continue working towards wholeness and the day that I feel able to express such wonderful balanced symetry in words. I may not be there but I do feel it - the oneness. The mind needs to stop chattering so much though. It is invigorating though to keep in focus the ideal and goal of transparency. I am excited by joining together with others free of negativity and fear. This site is such a lifeline so glad it is here for us all..

You are doing it.... Samantha, the self doubt, can be released and you can acknowledge the Greatness of you, and the flow in which you can express the multi-dimensional.
I always sugest that people keep little note pads, or journals around, so that they at any time, can write a thought or draw an image or write lyrics and remember them later.. or a mathematical solution is forming and it needs actioning via writing it out..  there is always something... that is created... and idea blossoms, it can grow, if you feed it... and it can turn your world around into amazing newness... 
So.. begin, with what ever joy, is in your heart, in your actioning, be it expression with words,music, dance, arts, creative anything... for you are Creators.  Begin to have some fun with this.. lightening up the heart. Being and allowing... flow.

I sense that coming into a time of transparency is highly possible, after all, hasn't the illusion/Lie become so transparent, we really can't be fooled again? And as above, so below; as within, so without? 

Greetings, Janet 

Not only is it possible, it is happening...



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