Could it be....that we are moving into a time of transparancy?  For we are evolving to Higher Understandings.  We see that which has been unseen. Hear that which had not been heard by us once. We know...perceive ... immense diverse and amazing wonders....and, as we experience more we discover more, when we link with others that are experiencing this too, we fuse....the One...One ness...Oneness grows. We become transparant. 
This....I pondered upon.  I just watched a TED talk about the next 5000 days The projection the the web/brain/One were all the same by 2030, everything about us was viewable on the WWW, life became transparant.  He hints at Higher Consciousness, but I found that a most ponderous all senses....transparant? The processes it would take form of?

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Everything in the universe is vibration.......we are vibrational beings in a vibrational universe.  Everything in the universe is is vibration, is energy.

It has been a way of passing down the wisdoms for ions amidst mankind.

When I sit quietly ..... I play my guitar......I get into a very calm, beautiful state of being, it is the natural response in me to want to be creative in a musical way.....I feel the energy of it....and it can create healing for other living things, in the vacinity of my musical vibrations, the loving energy that I am giving out....I say 'things', for not knowing which word to use, as I have seen plants be affected in a positive way, and also animals, children, adults.....and, myself. 
We may create, manifest, with intent......using music as a a anxious and upset states of being...bringing us peace....and then......there is the times....when I just sit and play the guitar.....and I feel so connected to the Higher Realms.....The it what you like...but that is my true experience.
When I was a was the one thing that I feel was given to me for me to survive the terrible things that  reality gave me.......I sang....most days, would find me standing under our verander singing out into the sky......until I was called in for made me happy.  Took me into a different world.....whether it was fantasy or other realms, who can say, I was but a small child.......but, to me, it is a beautiful gift to us, to be able to have music. 
When I listen to the music of someone like R More on this site.....I feel it.  It touches my heart.......
Music can reach us.....

There is some music, that I find I cannot be in the hearing of, I find it a magnet, I am repelled........I repell it.....

like a magnet.......I am attracted to other music........resonating with my vibrations.

Transparency: Janet this could run for a while you know...

Transparency = Hiding the truth in plain sight. long is a piece of string? lol

What I think is great, is that we are all enquiring minds.....beings....wanting to share in our discoveries, and our learning, and enhance the growth in each matters not how long it runs, the fact that we can share and be finding answers and going down rabbit holes together, is wonderful.

I appreciate all of you who have read and taken the time to reply.

Love you peeps!

Now you see why I posted the link.........

To think how far down that road this world already is..........can you elaborate on what you were saying?  The little you said....has got me wanting to know more..


I hear I personally have a deep conection with 'Mother', and do not resonate with 'perceiving nature as an enemy..."
Will give my wisdoms / insights presently...

hmmm.....You have indeed given this long and deep thought Neil....(Lloyd).

I listned to Greg, and listened again, and then sought out more of his insights.

The DNA he says much about, has Codes.   Similar things to that which you are talking, he goes a little further.....maybe, just maybe, there are some answers.

Always, keep an open mind.
I belive we as a species....are changing. progress.

Man can not live amidst obstacles permanently.

We can influence our own DNA....influence and create all around matter what is going on elsewhere, or with whom or what has BEEN.

I have gone through most vigourous trainings to arrive at the viewpoint am presently seeing from, not always as did I see the bigger picture in my experience......however....I will share, what I feel to be of substantial significance.

As I have said before, we are....VIBRATION



Such amazing beings.....and each second...we create.

Aware, or unaware, we are Creators.  Creating our world.
Now, any and all who are reading this, will have done enough Self work, to have reached a level of inner standing that KNOW thought, feeling, intent....create reality.

Now, is a very important time to BE.
Each person is here.....with purpose.  OUR THOUGHTS ARE, one should become

AWARE of that which one is thinking. 
Much around us brings us into absorbtion....we get absorbed into....sensory overloads...our true being can at times be smothered....mothered...covered......over protected, and so, we need, RELEASE.

Release to be, the absolute marvel that we are as beings, in the fullest and wholness of that being, that we can be. Be who we want to be. BE FREE.

So....I come then, to another point....... WHAT DO WE WANT?

Now ponder this a moment.....what is your world telling you, your perceptions, mirror to you?

the UNWANTED AND WANTED ALL created it all.

So.....thinking in this moment, with feeling, will create the next momentum....Seeding the new births of creations in realities.  So, this, little question....what do I want?, is actually on the flip side, a big challenge for many.

Why a challenge?  Because of lack of self esteem.  Lack of self worth. 

Feeling like...." I am not good enough to deserve better, I do not deserve the best, good things in my life....only bad / negative things come my way.....'

Life experience is created.

We cannot go back into the past and prevent what has been, chage that which has been, alter the past in any way, so....much of it, has clogged us up.
Stunted our growth.....dis enabled us....moulded us, programmmed....


so it is then, when we experience the JOY of for give is can come no other way, then we enter new vibration, our cells change, our DNA is altered.

We give COMPASSION.  Experience the recceiving and giving of Compassion.....this, is life changing....for the most we can experience in this world is through LOVE.....this vibration is life force. It is ENERGY.  LIFE GIVING.....TRANSFORMING.

WE TRANSFORM.....cellular structure changes....with the CODE OF LOVE.......

this is written in our very cells......our unseen and seen........this is the greatest gift in transparancy that one may posess, I believe....transformative love.

Quantum BEing........this is a very serious topic to discuss....for it is our core.

In answer to your posting Neil Adna, I wish to share the viewpoint that I have undergone many many years of most vigorous trainings to have reached.

We you like it or not....of love and light.  It matters not really to me that you do not have pleasure in this, for when you become open, like a flower in bloom, you will naturally align, your experience of your own perceptions, your own beliefs, which, I know....can be changed in an instant.

We are amazing!

BEings of immense powerful forces....for we are CREATORS.


When we become aware of the Quantum fields around us, and our PARTICIPATION IN THE CREATION OF our UNIVERSE.....we can create life that is of PEACE, HEALTH, FULFULLMENT, WHOLENESS, JOY, LOVE......WE CAN HEAL.....

I would like to share a little story.....many may already know of this one, as it received world wide publicity....
There were two twins born prematurely, two little sisters. 
Immedeately after their birth, they were seperated, placed in different rooms, in incubators under hot lights, faced down on their, remained strong, the other, grew weaker and weaker, her vital signs not giving much hope at all for the family.
As it reached a very low point in her vital signs, a nurse made a decision, breaking many of the regulations by doing so, but went with her HEART. 

For seven months the two little sisters had been very close together, hearing the sound of their mothers' heart beat, hearing the sound of eachother s heart beat and having that close phisical contact....then to be totally seperated from that familiarity in their birth. 

So, the nurse reached into the incubator of the weak sister, and took her against rules, into the room of the stronger sister....there, she placed her in the incubator with her twin.  Instantly, the stronger one put her arm around the weaker sister....It was nothing short of miracullous.....amazing.....the impact of that little tiny arm around the shoulders of the weak sister......HEALED.

now....this MOMENT....what you FEEL, IS is not mind, it is HEART.

science is showing us that the HEART, creates and effects the fields of energy around us.

a decision made with heart, has a different outcome to a decision made with mind.

and so,  I come to EMOTION AND THOUGHTS

it is the higher chakras that we have the thoughts...

it is the lower chakras that we have the emotions....

there are only two real emotions

    LOVE    AND FEAR...... to the people on this site.....

I believe that there is nothing but nourishment to be had for the soul


what do you think?  WHAT IS YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM/s

what ever you have been programmed to be/think / do......if for just for the sake of an experiment, you could rest a while...sit in STILL......

ALLOW THE be in you and through you......allow the flow of life...of energies..

after are conected to just are not aware of that yet.

When you heard the story of the little gave you was HEART VIBRATION.....this is the stuff that is rocking the world of science today.....for we are now coming into the fields of quantum science meets ancient cultures/spirituality.  We were all affected by that story, some even had tears as they saw the pictures of the tiny twins in the incubator with the arm around the shoulders.....ENERGIES.....WERE VIBRATING< ARE VIBRATING......

Now you may think I am not having my head in reality - your choice of your belief systems.  I do not have to accept the belief system of you, or any other. exciting......for we ARE....LIVING OUR BELIEFS.... our very life is a testimony to that which we hold in our belief systems.

The ancients have much to teach us today. 

Indeed, we need to cleanse.......cleanse our systems, not all of us have got a sweat lodge to go to and have a medicine man to give us special herbal mixtures, but, we do have sites like this one......

We can access colon cleansing kits, internal cleansing kits.....
for our filters get blocked up.....and for us to function the highest capacity that we were born to be.....we need to CLEAN OUT OUR SYSTEMS.

GET RID OF THE PARASITES...... there is much information, that not only helps, but transforms on this site.

then....we have got so many things to help .....mineral salts....monatomics....crystals,

The people reading this, will resonate with knowing that they are doing the best they can in a very nurturing environment.....we all need nurturing!

I want the best for you....the best for me.  Hence, I am here today, and can honestly say I have done the cleanse with many others here on the site, and yes, it was amazing the are not alone, for we go through this journey helping eachother.


each second, you choose what you align to.  what to think. what to feel.  Do you let your emotions run riot?  dive into depression....?  maybe...just maybe, you have overload in the system of yeast, or sugars.....which alter behaviours and alter the molecular responses within the body systems.

The great news is.....the OFFICIAL RESISTANCE IS HERE TO STAY .....and we are going no where.....each person going through inner transformation, and there fore there world in this EXPANDING CONSCIOUSNESS.


Neil, the focus is what......?  All the above....being your focus.
I am one person, but one person, can make a difference.

fracking......I visualised the healing of this planet.  I do Mayan Magnetic Movements, sending energies into the Earth.  This is very powerful and the Mayans have been doing this for thousands of years and now teach this.
Ac Tah, teaches much via Youtube may learn for free.


When I heard of the fracking in this country, and then realised the beautiful farms and waters and wildlife would be affected, I contacted a film investigative crew that filmed the protest and brought the matter into the public arena.  There by educating a wider audiance.  I also shared this matter with many others who also shared their concerns.  I actively participated in collective signing of petitions via MPs ..... etc etc.

There are things one can do.....If you are saying you know more than the PR...then what is stopping you from public infromation enhancements?  How can you share your knowledge?  What can you bring to the table?  Instead of looking outside, looking in at what you yourself can do...if you see that it needs being done....and you think you have the answers....what are you doing about it?

It takes a small percentage, to create a change....a little spark, creates a fire...


your production of negatives......what about trying...just for a day, or maybe an hour, if that is too difficult for you, just 5 minutes, or one think.....HAPPY THOUGHTS.....CHOOSE TO THINK POSITIVE.

and here you a hundred reasons why not!!.....

The FOCUS.....and what you make it.

I had created a different document to share here, and lost it in 'saving', so I appologise if this is incomplete. 

But, I believe very strongly in the power of one. ONE  can make a difference.

Your perceptions can do anything but you live in a unified field. This is why forever, people have been trying to raise it, and why we always hit ceilings.

I've been saying for years all thoughts originate in the heart, that is the center point of the spiral. I know the mods deleted my questions on the alchemical cross (which was unfortunate as always), but it's the same, it spirals towards the heart.


Something to consider that has been on my mind since the beginning - There are thousands of different emotions. It depends on your emotional intelligence to perceive them. I am 100% fed up with the binary universe people keep portraying on all levels, certainly not just you here, but the 1 0's, the yes, no's it's not all there is by any means.


Cleansing is great, body/mind - same thing. Total agreement.


You choose - combined with the people you live with, hence the net or the human ceiling of potential, till the community around you is raised nothing is. Hence my work to do so. If i've learned anything it is that the people around you bleed into your life on all levels, always and constantly.

I also wanted to say that you are very much needed Janet :) and if you gave this knowledge to the average forum you'd blow most people's minds, so please do! Though time is speeding up, you have some room to get material like this out. I can put you in contact with a publisher friend if it will help.

My comments are purely to highlight where you might look next, to groups rather than just individual power, which generates much greater fields and impact (media)

Thank you Mark for your thoughts that you shared.
Much is down to perception..and belief..self-belief.  I am not sure what you mean by 'look to groups rather than individual power.."  This site is a group.

To me, those reading this, are in exploration of their being.
Exploring their consciousness and the expansion of it and how that influences life/their life, and how in turn that affects others.
Of course there is spiralling energy...Maybe science is just catching up with this...but if you just spend an afternoon discovering your own will see how spirralling energies are so wonderful and evidant!



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