Could it be....that we are moving into a time of transparancy?  For we are evolving to Higher Understandings.  We see that which has been unseen. Hear that which had not been heard by us once. We know...perceive ... immense diverse and amazing wonders....and, as we experience more we discover more, when we link with others that are experiencing this too, we fuse....the One...One ness...Oneness grows. We become transparant. 
This....I pondered upon.  I just watched a TED talk about the next 5000 days The projection the the web/brain/One were all the same by 2030, everything about us was viewable on the WWW, life became transparant.  He hints at Higher Consciousness, but I found that a most ponderous all senses....transparant? The processes it would take form of?

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I want to say Needs - What you need enslaves you to a condition. Yet to be more balanced, needs you have no control over, and offer little or no life enhancing benefit.

Gosh Mark, Mike, most thought provoking......have taken a moment to ponder these things....  to be so honest with ourselves in asking ourselves these questions.....allows us to bring light and love into the areas o our heart that we had preferred to be kept hidden.   Old ways have their inner voices....that we let our sub conscious build a system of a reality with.  we access so many programmes via our subconsciousness......becoming aware of the many, is a brilliant start to changes that create new realities

All this light inside in the dark

Luminous xnsparency.

Polar bear fur is transparent yet milk white,

A fractal, the same as near as from afar

are all our thoughts transparent?

Thankyou Neil for posting your article gives us much to think about. 
  Inside of the cogs that are turning in this world, are many systems........we have in our own body, many systems all working at the same time.  they are not all visible but we know that they are there.....a system of cells, nerves, muscles, heart.....let alone mind.....mind patterns, emotion.....programmes.....

  aha...!  Programmes!  Now this is where I see the transparancy of world affairs pro gramming.  We may think that we are just little old us, and by ourself are nothing but a droplet in the vast ocean.....

hmmm...... droplets become ocean of droplets is most powerful

Now there are those who like the Official Resistance site, open up the mind.....the infinite possibilities of being limitless.......

i shall repeat this.......


we dont have to be ruled.  we dont have to go to thema camps.  We dont have to do what we are told to do.

We have a voice.  We can find our voice and speak.  If we are not heard...then link/join voices....

two voices are heard

three voices are heard

hundred..........are heard                       >   all are One Voice

thousand..........create change.......

million..........are the change      

we resonate in a vibration.  Yes, we know the hardcore stuff......some may not, but it is all coming out.  This day, the Russians have declared the Alien disclosure re Obama.
Much of the Lies and monitary and control systems have been openly disclosed by Russia Gov this week.  More to be coming out.  This is expected, and has been awaited. 

We are strong, when we link.......

when we link our sub conscious.....we create great and wonderful is limitless what we can do.

I believe in us as 'super beings'. 

Let it all be Transparant.......nothing to hide.  no reason to fear exposure.....for there is nothing dark/illusionary.  All is to be received

in Unconditional ~Love

 I say this again, and again and conditions....loving that sets no conditions.......pure......Love....

We have got strong blood running through our veins...........indeed Neil.....

Is Denial ~~~  a great river in Egypt?

technically spuiituality has before been practiced but became an ancient unused art. are search fopr oneness and higher states of being might seem new but it had an ancient root. were just now understanding it ina a new light. ive been gone for a while searching for something.  ive found a method for true oneness but is the earth truly ready for peace. can everyone really understand the effects they have on others. how a rich man might feel the pain of being poor or a kid realizing his potential by knowing how older people spend there lives. its only a theory but ive found it is possible to create a lasting peace through a certain degree of oneness. transparency may be how we feel but its understanding what we are that is impotant. it is understanding how others feel too. transparency is a bit of a dangerous term. i mean if we saw ourselves as blanks would there still be need for emotions.

The Crusader:  Thankyou. Nice to meet you. None of us are having the same experiences, for each of us is unique, however when we are a person who has been through much,,,,,we have great empathy, or the capacaty to have great empathy.  Our times of adversity are great teachers.....It is up to us how we react, respond, all.

Being being..The Observer, as I like to put it....creates a needed detatchment sometimes, then, we can look at an emotion or energy we are aware of within us....and truly deal with it...acknowledge it...release it, love it....energise it.....but collectivelly, we are able to assist a collective consciousness, we are steering a focus.and intent, we are creating the foundations of a new world. 

In this kind of awareness....there is a degree....for the time of not needing words, to some, is already here.

Crossing that bridge between seeing the problem in others and realising its in you. Not in your physical body :) that is where I used to get hung up, but in you. I haven't crossed that bridge, yet but I am pushing.

This is the original TED link that made me question transparancy. 
I really appreciate your responses and all the information that you have give.  This link....opened my eyes.....not sure that I like it, is what it is....I will have to deal with my own reaction to it. I see what he is saying...The connectiveness of technology in all things today.....imbedded intelligence in a chip...alternative existances.....the marriage of digital into the material word....spectrums of media. sharing mor in common with each other.....personalisation ......

He said.....'attention is a currency......"  that..I found interesting.

I would like to know what you think about this vid......

even though the polar bears fur is white (or as was commented in another post) the skin of the polar is black. Also this back colored skin is present in many canine (dog) or wolf breeds that have white fur. So, I pose the question, is the fur transparent or is is opeque?? The fur is white but the skin is black, so, I would suppose that it is reflecting all colors rather than allowing light to pass through it, such as would be the case if it was transparent.  Interesting question, yes??

The polar bears guard hair is transparent as is the undercoat one being hollow the latter not. The fur refracts almost all light whilst the black skin absorbs only far infra red heat.

We see things in such a different way than other creatures especially in that we may 'filter' what we perceive or 'see'. Or are taught etc.

Example, I always find money ie, 2000 drachmas on the beach in Greece, 5,10,20 pound notes in the street, in dry banked leaves in the autumn in Paris, 800 francs!

I can find that gem of an antique when out buying at Newark or Ardingly etc even when a competitor is on my shoulder.

It is all transparent to me. How the heck did you see that ? they ask me. ....I dont know why; I just do just do...

So if a person looks for trouble is that what they will find?

If music be the food of love and If you look for love will you find it?

Is music in this world, a kind of misdirection to mankind and the reason our souls are attracted to this place of the pentagram/flesh?

If it is mankinds intention that steers him towards her desires consciously and subconsciously then will mankind achieve true spiritual enlightenment once mankinds sub-conscious mind asks for that enlightenment instead of chasing after other peoples/gods  inventions which administer only a temporary quenching of mankinds alleged desire to go back to the one true source of pure love then will this pure intention manifest as such and bring absolute satisfaction?.

Do I make myself clear? :)



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