Could it be....that we are moving into a time of transparancy?  For we are evolving to Higher Understandings.  We see that which has been unseen. Hear that which had not been heard by us once. We know...perceive ... immense diverse and amazing wonders....and, as we experience more we discover more, when we link with others that are experiencing this too, we fuse....the One...One ness...Oneness grows. We become transparant. 
This....I pondered upon.  I just watched a TED talk about the next 5000 days The projection the the web/brain/One were all the same by 2030, everything about us was viewable on the WWW, life became transparant.  He hints at Higher Consciousness, but I found that a most ponderous all senses....transparant? The processes it would take form of?

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Janet, I love what you had to say about transparency, I think that the physical person we are during our waking hours, is what we look like when we are conscious in this reality, when we are in our astral realm, we appear quite differently, and when we are able to see our spiritual self, it is also different than what our physical self thinks we look like. Interesting thing to ponder on huh.

On my last Blog on my page, I bravely shared about a recent experience in looking in the mirror....I have come into practicing speaking words of change, intent, vibration balance, wholeness into water and also look in a mirror, when you are feeling upset and truly begin to raise your vibration by saying, light, harmony, balance, beauty, love, proclaiming these wonderful energies...abundantly believing in them, you cant help but transform a sad face to a happy one.  If the words can change the molecular structure of water, which we are mostly water vessels, then looking into a mirror and predicating these into our life/energy/vibration will create change.
So it was a recent time of doing this, quietly speaking words with intent, and I noticed, observed, that I didn't want to look at myself.  I did not want to look into my eyes.  I looked then looked away....not wanting to look deeply into my own eyes.  So, I made myself.  And used the words.....Love, Light, Harmony, etc...then, something I saw around my pupils was different.  Two white light circles around my pupils.....I looked and then I became the Observer. I was observing myself looking at reflection. I saw the reflection with the light circles around the pupils.  I dont know exactly how much time passed....minutes...and it was what it was....I couldnt explain it or any real logic to it, but just accepted it as what ever it was...I closed my eyes, but the mirror reflection still had the light circles when I opened my eyes.  I dont quite know what else to say about was just another bazar occurrance of late....

when I look in a mirror, then at a photograph of myself, I don't feel like what I look like. Does that make any sense?


Sevan mentioned that one time but he never explained it. I feel the same way! I think we know that we are much more than our bodies. Sometimes its hard to identify with our form but I think that when we start to ask ourselves these questions, genuinely seeking the answer, we find the truth. Whatever you feel you don't understand, just keep asking. Dive into that feeling. The answer is already there. 

Thank you Christine for sharing. Yes, totally, and ye shall find..

Ooo transparency would bring so much truth and actuality, indeed We would all see we are the same as subsequent layers and veils collapse upon themselves. Transparency means naked a possible pun to why "adam" and "eve" felt they should clothes/close themselves.

Exactly Sevan!  The naked truth!  How exciting is that, though I could see that many may not want to have their thoughts, inner emotions, feelings, likes, dislikes all about you in all ways....seen...viewed.  observed....known...what would people want to 'hide'.....and is no hidden any thing.

R.More....yes...we see different images......all are perception....all are illusion...but what exactly are we looking at when we look at ourself?  so many questions......further down the rabbit hole I go!...


I had an email this morning, and the relevance of transparancy was prominant, so I am sharing the link.  I would be interested to see what anyone has to say re this.

Processes and form. Higher conciousness of the humans eventually will be such that all the chicanery and misdirection  previously known cannot exist any more and that is where the transparency will be. All hierarchy will be more inclined towards the feminine taking the place where before masculinity overpowered the world. This more balanced state of being will

be the new age of ascension for the whole planet. Who knows perhaps money will no longer be a concept. Care to exchange a thought for a thought?


aha! Thought for a thought.  There has indeed been masculine energy....the divine feminine is coming more into being. The 3d Earth is still in its reality however I believe that there are active 4th, 5th dimensions - realities that are very transparant once one is within them.  The vantage point cannot be viewed, nor even comprehended until one is of a level of higher consciousness that one can perceive.
There will be balance.  Ascension has happened, and the 4th d Gaia aura is activated. 5th d sphere is activated and connected to the outer grid.....

However....not all are out of fear...and remain in 3d reality.  Do not be concerned/worried, for all will eventually be given opportunity to be in the 'New Earth', or be in another 3d holographic world. 

We open up our Pineal Portal with Unconditional Love.  Many use many tequniques to do this....but what is instant....and with more use, we connect to the Higher 4/5/6d energies when we are in the frequencies of Unconditional Love.  This means.  Love, with no conditions attatched.  No intent being sent out.  Free love given by us, our Higher Heart....sent into the cosmos.......the Ether.....into our Higher heart....out....breathing it in.....breathing out our Sacred Breath.......of Unconditional Love.

This is 100% raising the Earth vibration and all vibrational frequencies.  Take time to rest.  When you are busy in the physical 3d, and you are suddenly fatigued, it is time to stop, relax lay down, sit....sleep, rest.....and receive your 'download'  the more you listen and tune into this higher frequency, the more in life you will be acting with the new earth frequencies.  your creative nergies will be fusing with this frequency, so it may be that in a 'download', you will then be energetically creative, eg writing, music, life patterns....listen to the signposts.  When sudden fatique hits u, rest, get your download and be in eleveated awareness.  The bliss.  The Higher Wave......
There is no money concept in that frequency. 

Its already here just a really low vibration version of it based on fear :). Record keeping, numbers and men with computer files. We'll get the better version as the species raises up :)

Though for the day.

Enslavement. Enslavement is the biggest SIN ( missing the point) on this Earth. Everything and Every one is a being, free to develop along its own lines of destiny and free to develop its own spirit if human, and its own pack spirit if animal or plant.

Look around and see what is enslaved to others and most important to yourself, what have you enslaved?  What and who enslaves you?



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