Infernal reptilian beings of the lower fourth dimension have breached the Gate.

It all began when little Adolf, of blueblood Rothschild descent, got a little too educated about the occult. Fooling around with seances, automatic writing, and channeling put him in contact with the dark side, the lower fourth dimension. He made a Faustian pact with the "Devil." He would get what he always desired: power, fame, and vengeance -- and the "Devil" would get what he wanted, physical entry into this world.

The deal was finallized during a mystical experience Hitler underwent while hospitalized after his mustard gas exposure during WWI. The experience left the former benevolent but overzealously occultic Hitler, like Aleister Crowley, a changed man. Hitler came out with a vision, one that set him on a path led by the infernal reptillian entities. While Hitler remained in the third dimension, the infernals whispered thoughts into his ears from the fourth dimension, and occasionally took over his body completely.

Hitler stood on street corners, letting the reptillians take control of his speech, wowing the crowd with "his" articulation and and eloquence. Once accustomed to channeling these reptillians, he set upon his path. Through synchronicities engineered by the infernals, Hitler gained popularity and power, tapping into the fascist nuclear fuel that was the German People.

The infernals empowered him with superhuman knowledge and understanding of human nature, giving him performance boosters when they were critically necssary during face to face meetings with potential collaborators. In between these boosters, Hitler reverted to his usual neurotic, helpless, shell off a man. He would dash to the bathroom, shut the door and weep hysterically, or drop to the floor and throw a kicking and screaming fit, or hide under tables for fear of facing that which he KNEW he must do. He would be late for meetings because preparing for take-over of his body by the infernals sometimes took longer than expected.

After Nazism bloomed and Hitler gained power, fame, and vengeance, it was time for Hitler to hold up his end of the deal. The Nazi scientists, inspired by infernals whispering technical data into their subconscious, built primitive flying saucers, mach jets, and other wonder machines.

One particular machine served to breach the dimensional barrier, a machine which was later replicated under Project Rainbow upon the USS Eldridge. In the late 1930's, the Nazis conducted their own tests and came into contact with "Greys" from another dimension. Surprise surprise, the infernals had psionically interfaced androids ready to go. The Greys, which were cybernetic puppets controlled by the infernals still in the lower fourth dimension, collaborated with the Nazis and gave them new technology, one of which was a time travel machine.

The infernals' plan then went into action. Genetically groomed aryans, those of purest blood, were gathered for an expeditionary time-travelling force. Fleet upon fleet of occupied Nazi flying saucers, despite their relatively primitive function and design, were sent back in time. The fleet was divided into several groups sent to different points in history in strategic geographic locations. This is why most indigenous reference an Aryan as their God especially those of the Western Hemisphere. Kulkulcan, Birdman or one who flies in the sky.

One of particular importance was the middle east, 8000 BC.

Using totalitarian tactics gained by years of study back in the future, the Nazis engineered an equivalent system for imposition upon the pagan minded natives. This eventually grew into Judaism, in which an all knowing, all punishing, omnipotent, fierce, vengeful God replaced the idea of a State, because "states" did not exist back then.

Toward the east, the Nazis ran into a little quarrel with the vedic races, but managed to set up another religion based on the occult knowledge from the 1930's in collaboration with Tibetans. Incorporating the local beliefs and twisting the truth to put men into a state of sedatory meditation all day, hinduism and buddhism were founded. The dark skinned vedics knew of Nazis as the "blue skinned people," never having seen such white skin before thus a caste system was created. These aryans fought with machine guns and flying saucers, thus no aryan chariots or swords were ever recovered in modern archaeology digs because they weren't used by the Nazis.

The middle-eastern natives were equally fascinated by the Nazi appearance. Aryans eventually became known as the "sons of man" or having the appearance of the "son of man" because they came from the future, from the sons and grandsons of these native men. The appearance of the son of man was greatly exaggerated, much like white skin was hyperbolically labeled blue by the vedics. The middle easterners said the sons of man had hair white as wool, with eyes bright as fire. Apparently blond hair and blue eyes weren't too common around those parts.

Time went on, and the Nazis had sons and daughters who became part of the native population, carrying some aryan genetic markers quite valuable to Hitler and the Greys. Some colonized iran, and remain there to this day. Others became known as the Israelites, God's chosen people. They were chosen by the Nazi fleets because they were the very sons and daughters of the Nazis. The Israelites eventually departed the mideast and colonized europe, to preserve the continuity in the timeline between this altered history and that which gave rise to the Nazi fleet in the future.
Thanks to Judaism, a myriad of secret societies arose and inquisitions, holocausts, and programs were perpetrated over the next thousands of years, feeding the “Infernals” who were nourished by the human astral energy left behind proceeding death. This astral energy empowered the Infernals, and by 2010, they would have adequate energy to break through the barrier entirely. The Nazi experiments merely allowed the Greys to enter, but it took ten thousand years of manipulated history and soul munching to complete the plan. By the time this altered version of history transpired to 1940, the Nazis of this altered timeline were merely doppelgangers, and were hence allowed defeat. The original Nazis had no tolerance for copycats. The persecution of Jews seemed likewise justified because these Jews claimed to be the chosen people of God despite their being of Khazar origin -- in other words, they were Southern Russians who had a mass conversion to Judaism in the last millennium and NOT descendants of the ancient sons and daughters of the original Nazis. The Nazis, who knew that whites, not khazars, were the chosen people of God decided to purge these imposters.

But because the 4th Reich (NWO) is more important than Hitler's 3rd Reich of this timeline, WWII ended in victory of the allied forces, who consequently established the UN which was a seedling for the eventual new world order.

Secret societies, working over a ten thousand year timespan, built the entire NWO infrastructure which was nonexistent before the Nazis altered history. Now, this infrastructure is ready for implementation. In 2010, when the barrier between 4th and 3rd dimension is weakest, this infrastructure combined with the fully nourished Infernals forces, the Re-Legion, will penetrate which will result in its dissolution...the Infernals will break through barrier, attempt a complete takeover, and if successful have won another battle in their quest for the ultimate control of the Galaxy.

Transmission from Canis Majoris, carrier 7.

Indeed I can not hold the truth from you any longer my People I to must prepare to leave and re-arm, I cry over my controls. We needed fuel to help you but alas you would not help yourself. Their has been so many phonies and frauds when something real comes the people think it is fake. The boy who cried wolf theory. Only if one activates can We have a chance, I asked for donations so I could pursue getting properly calibrated, and feed the children of the world. Once that happens one can venture back to the future and warn future selves thus unlocking past selves. You think, either he is a madman or a Genius, more the former than the latter. I think, what a shame one didn’t seize the moment, no the results will come in. What else was their to do anyway, oh Seinfeld/ Sign Failed.

Many have allies waiting at the right moment to remove them from this. Those who I speak of have received subtle signs from them in abundance. Do not fret you are not forgotten, just as the Resistance has not forgotten Gaza.

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Sevan where do you get this information from?
The totality of my mental projection into the subject, what's up Makeda?
Actually its quite the opposite, as of now most of the humans are still in deep sleep and at the most sleep walking. The conscious spiritual humans have given their souls to worshiping the Deities, these are none other than the same spirits which infest the bodies of the so-called stars and icons. The increase themselves through worship and praise. Then you have this 3 percent, at the most, who know whats going on and the only thing We can do is stuff like this web page and nothing more because We are extremely underfunded. Lupe Fiasco's page 30,000 members, The Code to the Matrix, 120. This is a very clear microcosmic example of what is happening here, this is not a judgement it is an intelligent observation, The humans have only a little more time to get their act together or as I said in the book, they will realize what such selfish neglect of the obvious brings about. I will finish Appendix B today, which is the final conclusion of what is going on, on Tiamat. I've been swamped lately by the material world and its financial demands thus time that could be spent putting this whole thing together and getting the message to those who are still in there homes imaging there is nowhere to find real information, is spent doing monkey business to keep the lights on. It should be very clear to any Adept at this point how things are going to play out if this continues as such. Its like playing chess.
i want to get higher, balance myself out more.... i get it, just dont innerstand everything like you do but i feel close enough just to find out i am not.. is hard. but not impossible... i wish i had all the answers for myself atleast but i dont.. since i was little i felt this whole spectrum, this time... this age. and i cant believe i am here.. wow... i want to be fully connected just have to come when i am ready iguess.. some times i get fustrated with the most high because i feel like he left me behind but i know that is not true. just hurts to be so confuse with all these lies and i keep seeing how the people are so dead at sleep. my own family is, sad.. when i think i got it, boom the slap.. i realize i dont know nothing... is a good thing because it fuels me up to never stop moving forward, as it is my life became only this. i cant get off the site. even in my sleep is all this. my thoughts my step everything i do i do it for this moment and fuel myself with all the hope i can to play a huge part in this and finaly finish this.. sevan im glad i got here i dont know what i wouldve done if i didnt follow my path, i thank "eduardo" the indian guide... i was a lost soul. no voice no hope alone. loosing my mind. he came and guided me to wake up to do it and to not stop... i meditate and i ask him sometimes to give me more info and all i get is the words "MORE"......
Who is Dagoth?
To me it feels like your eyes have finally been open enough to know that there are alot of changes that need to be made within yourself, but you don't have all that is needed or know how to use all that is needed to fully be conscience. I wonder if there will be enough time to evolve, to become conscience. Sometimes when I look at things and the way the world blindly goes on with everyday life. I feel like I'm on the outside looking in even with not being fully conscience I wonder if enough will get it and if I will have enough time to fully awaken.
Come on oz! We're gonna do this! Why else could we be here? < what a breakfast... i'm all amped!
My brothers I am in it to win thats for sure and I agree we are still here at this point and time in history and its for a reason. I believe if asked each member of the resistance has a unique journey as to how the lights came on for them and I believe we are all connected and have been lead to this point and it is up to us to figure out what gifts we are to use to get others here. I'm just trying to find out what my purpose is, who I am, and how can it be used to serve others. I must say brothers you are shining and may that light be a beacon to all that have eyes to see. I heed the warning of all the messagers and sometime I wonder at what pace to go as far as the monotomic gold, gotu kola, etc.. I don't want to jump the gun, but I also know time is of the essence. I don't want my ego to tell me I'm ready and not be able to handle it. I believe this path has been calling me since I was a child, but it hasn't come to light until now at this point and at this time.
You said it Oz. I too am fearful of where i might go (during meditation), but so far after not going anywhere i am truly more afraid of never ascending. But you, me, OneSoul, all of us have found our purpose in life. We got something to live and die for brother, and that is reaching the highest. I am assured we will unavoidably reap the benefits when seeking the purest, the love, and the truth. How could we not? I know that no one is excluded and anyone at anytime can activate with or without crystals, supplements, frequencies, etc, but these tools speed up the process so i determined i will adjust my life accordingly to get things moving. I'd love to hear yours and anyone's story on how they got here or when the light bulb cliked for them. Please send me a message anytime.

Oz, Soul, i feel your hunger .

Keep Strong
thank you.. wholeness balance and vibrations to all, it feels great to be amongst ya'll... strong yet gentle but swift and mighty with the will of thruth!



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