Transfiguring into a God Being in the Flesh Texts from the Almine´s Ascencion Manual (Text 13, day 20, final text)

Transfiguring into a God Being in the Flesh

The evolution of a human being into the stage that lies beyond humanness, that of a god-being that can come and go throughout the cosmos with the speed of thought, follows three distinct stages. Each stage has within it three separate phases. This brings the total number of phases to nine through which a human being can evolve. An initiation is a test of skill, impeccability, knowledge and often one’s relationship with other life forms. It not only tests the worthiness of the truth seeker to move from one rung of advancement to another, but through the testing provides him or her with the chance to fill any gaps of perception necessary for the next phase. In the Egyptian and Atlantean initiations the last stage, with its three phases was guarded by the two Lords of the Two Horizons, also known as the two Lords of the Three Gates. The initiatory The smaller triangle represented the triangulated view of Sirius rising above the horizon as seen from the bottom of the pyramid. But as the nine rungs were completed, the Lords of the Two Horizons would bring the Ascended Master to the top of the pyramid. From there the horizon and Sirius’s rising would be further away. This would create a larger triangle. The master would have completed all nine phases of his human evolution. The two triangles represent the change in perception between the phase of the Initiate and the Ascended Master. It illustrates how much vision will expand, and how much more of the unknown will be able to be accessed as a master.

Stage 1. Identity-Consciousness

This stage is like the bottom of the pyramid in that many enter this stage but far fewer make it through. The three phases of this stage are all lived while in ego-identification, that state of beingness that sees ourselves as separate from others and identifies with the body and surface mind (the ego).

Phase 1 - The Initiate


Transformation is the stage within change that discards that which is no longer needed. The truth seeker dies to the old way of being.


To have all belief systems, identities and worldviews eradicated, leaves one without the comfort of shelters or a frame of reference and creates fear.


The seals of debris in the chakras start to burst open, causing at times physical distress in their areas. The chakras become spherical, instead of resembling a cone to the front and a cone to the back with the narrow ends meeting in the middle.


The Initiate has to learn not to take anything at face value but to cultivate the necessary humility that will remind him for the rest of his journey that all he can know for certain is that he doesn’t know.

Phase 2 - The Adept


During transmutation something of a lower frequency is changed into another substance of a higher frequency, much like the alchemist changing lead to gold. In this instance, challenge is transmuted to insight.


Every stage’s second phase has the testing of addiction. In this phase the adept learns how to turn challenges into power by seeing behind the appearances of ‘problems’. This results in power surges that create endocrine releases of hormones that can be very addictive. The adept can become addicted to challenge.


As the adept learns to cooperate with the challenges of life, every challenge becomes a source of power and energy; this causes the spherical chakras to become enlarged and overlap each other more and more.


The adept can take himself too seriously at this point and so diverts his attention from chasing challenges to balancing the sub-personalities. It is essential to become emotionally self-reliant at this point by bringing balance and expression to our inner family. If we neglect this, it is unlikely that we will pass the testing of power presented during the next phase.

Phase 3 - The Master


The third phase of every stage tests us with power. Because it is seeing whether we are worthy of the major evolutionary leap that occurs during transition from stage to stage; its testing is severe. Passing the test produces transfiguration of either the fields of the body or the body itself.


The master’s abilities become quite apparent at this point, bringing praise and in some instances, worship from others. The feeling of power can produce a sense of gratification that can divert the master from being a perception seeker to becoming a power seeker, in which case he cannot proceed any further on the path.


Not only is the power the result of bringing order to the mind, but also of the chakra spheres growing so enlarged that they form one large unified chakra field around the body. A heartache or an orgasm or the opening of the crown chakra by a peak spiritual experience, is felt throughout the body.


At the very moment that our egos want to assert themselves, we must not waver for an instant from reaching beyond the allure of the magical world of the unknown, to the far distant horizon of the unknowable. Resisting the temptations to do miracles for show, we must keep our goal of increased perception firmly in mind. Not many truth seekers make it beyond this point.

Stage 2. God-Consciousness

The previous stage believed the character we play on the stage of life to be real. This stage no longer identifies with the character. In fact, during the first two phases, we walk off the stage of life only to return for the third phase. But even as we again stay in character, we know without a doubt that we are just enacting a role.

Phase 1 - Emptiness


Everything we thought we knew gets thrown out of the window. All we know is that we are no-thing. The usual emotions are gone, from the dramatic shift in perception as our minds become empty. Nothing in our lives makes sense anymore and a great disassociativeness is felt.


Although the testing in the first phase of every stage is fear, most ordinary, everyday fears were overcome during the previous stage. Now the very foundation upon which we have stood has been knocked out from underneath us. Not only do we at times feel terrified, but a vast loneliness grips us. We feel afraid when expanding too much, fearing we may lose our self-awareness just as we have lost our identities; afraid that our responsibilities won’t be properly done. But something larger is running our lives and everything gets done without much forethought. We feel claustrophobic when we contract our awareness back into the body.


The changes that take place during this entire stage affect the emotional body. During this phase the emotional body forms a large round ball, slightly larger than the luminous cocoon formed by the seven bodies of man under usual circumstances.


If enough fear is present, one can step out of God-consciousness and, because one didn’t stay in long enough to enjoy the more blissful states that come later, be hesitant to try it again. This could then keep us locked into Identity-Consciousness. It is helpful to have someone ahead on the path be able to say that the disassociativeness one is experiencing is appropriate to this rather bewildering phase.

Phase 2 - The Bliss


The realization that it isn’t that we are no-thing, it’s that we are all things, transmutes the feeling of complete emptiness to the fullness of bliss. We feel everything as though it is inside us.


The test is a difficult one, not only because of its intense addictive quality, but because most traditions teach that this is the end goal of the spiritual seeker’s path. The years of disciplined living have to somehow penetrate the euphoria and remind us that there is no point of arrival.


A strange phenomenon now takes place in the emotional field, reducing the physical energy, while creating a vastness of emotion. It is as though the desire of the cosmos has become one’s own. The emotional body forms rope-like spikes radiating out from the physical body. When I first observed this in my own field, I thought that the shock of encountering the Infinite’s vastness had shredded my emotional body. Only later did I realize that it was an appropriate part of the bliss phase.


There is very little growth during the first two phases of God-consciousness when one essentially walks off the stage of life. The master has no boundaries and is in a very vulnerable state. But because others around him are allowed to misbehave as they choose, they aren’t growing either. The great challenge of this phase is to remember that there is value to the play; that it was designed that all may grow. The master has to re-enter the human drama while remembering it’s just a play.

Phase 3 - Re-Entering the Human Condition


The emotional body now expands itself to twice its former size, completely transfiguring the size of the bodies’ luminous cocoon.


As with all third phases, the testing concerns the impeccable use of power. The master has the ability to manifest whatever he or she wants to, but having spent many years gathering such power, must now forgo using it in most instances in favor of cooperating fully with life.


The changes that occur during this phase create intense emotion. But even as the renewed emotions again churn the surface of the master’s life, the vast stillness of expanded awareness lies beneath.


The tremendous power that is part of the master’s life at this point demands the utmost respect and sensitivity for all lifeforms. It also requires the mater’s full cooperation in order to become a tool in providing learning opportunities for others. In other words, the master becomes a steward of all life.

Stage 3. Ascended Mastery

The three stages themselves follow the roadmap of all change: Transformation, Transmutation, Transfiguration. The stage of Identity-Consciousness is in essence transformational in that it is the shedding of that which no longer serves, namely the ego.

The God-Consciousness stage is transmutational in that it turns a form of awareness that learns very little from experience, into a combination that does. In its third phase the master observes his experiences from an eternal perspective while again enacting the human drama - it feels a lot like thinking with two minds at once.

The Ascended Mastery stage transfigures not only the fields of the body, as do the other two stages, but also the physical body itself. To transfigure something that dense is a tremendous accomplishment and the primary function of this stage is transfiguration.

Phase 1 - The Totally Silent Mind


Previous God-consciousness phases had silence within the mind during any time the master did not have to relate or act. Now, even this form of inner dialog is discarded. Interaction, writing, speaking is done from a place of complete silence as though being on ‘auto-pilot’. The silence is only broken occasionally to do something deductive.


It takes a lot of trust to have your mouth speak that which you didn’t first think of. If anything is done from a place of old, obsolete programming, everything starts to spin. One is physically incapable of doing something that isn’t meant to be. The overall fear is that life is completely out of control and it is - out of the control of the egoic self. But the vast cosmic mind governs our lives at this point.


Because of the transfigurative qualities of this entire stage, every phase has very dramatic changes, all of them pertaining to the mental or linear bodies of man. In this phase the mental body implodes into a pinpoint of light, pulling the emotional body with it. It then explodes and fuses with the etheric body. The emotional body becomes smaller and denser.


The vestiges of a desire for a personal life have to be laid aside at this point. The master can and must make sure that his life has joy and balance in it. His life affects too much to have it be anything less. But his life’s work is pre-determined by his contract with the Infinite. To a certain extent, he can determine how he wishes the work to unfold, but he cannot deviate from his purpose. He cannot allow the total inner silence to seduce him into inaction.

Phase 2 - Immortality


This is the incredible phase in which mortal matter is transmuted into immortal matter - ‘lead is turned into gold’. The whole event takes but minutes to complete and feels like a lightning flash throughout the body.


The bliss that follows this transmutation far exceeds what was experienced before. Within the body of the Immortal Master, the energy lines zig-zag through the areas where the chakras used to be localized. In women they criss-cross from side to side and in men from front to back. They end in the area above the pineal gland, about four inches apart, and excrete a substance that is the hormone for this level of bliss (also called the life hormone). It can be tasted as a sweet substance in the back of the palate during intense bliss. Once again, addiction becomes the challenge.


The Immortal Mastery phase culminates in yet another spectacular alteration in the bodies of man. The spiritual mental body implodes to a pinprick of light and when it explodes, merges with the combined mental/etheric bodies and carries them outward, forming a large sphere around the body. The emotional bodies fill the sphere and the spirit body’s light-fibers radiate out from the life-force center through the sphere.


The unseen realms present an alluring detour during the third phase of Identity-consciousness. Yet now they become a way of life. They are no longer seen by the master to be outside of himself, so no longer present an enticement in the former way. But beings from the various unseen kingdoms we dwell amongst are attracted to the master’s light and enter his life. The master has to learn to know the many different idiosyncrasies of dealing with the various beings around him so that he can further refine his ability to benefit all life. This helps him resist the temptation of inactivity induced by bliss.

Phase 3 - Life More Abundant


The change that occurs with this transfiguration is the apex of human achievement; it creates an evolutionary leap that only 9 Ascended Masters had made up until August 2005. When fully transfigured, the master exits the human kingdom and enters the God-Kingdom.


We can surmise by looking at the previous third phases of the other two stages that this stage’s third phase also has something to do with power. The challenge here is to accumulate, harness and conserve enough power to shatter the glass-like shield that separates kingdoms. The master has to overcome the huge temptation of overpolarizing into the light; into the seasonless place of no emotion and great peace -- the place of ultimate stagnation and inaction.


The life-force center explodes during this phase, forming a large ball of life-force, slightly larger than the sphere of mental bodies. The spirit body’s light fibers cluster into one rope extending from the assemblage point behind the shoulder blades, to the zero point portal that has formed behind the belly-button.


Ascended Masters have great perception. The greater our perception, the greater our emotions have to be. When emotions aren’t recognized and utilized as the growth mechanisms they are, these very large emotions can be deliberately disconnected in order to experience the peace of the bliss that plays through every cell at this point. But it is the power of emotion that will crack the ‘glass’ shield the master has to go through to get to the next kingdom. All chakras must be participating in creating this emotional response.

Most Ascended Masters live only in the upper chakras. It becomes necessary to re-awaken the lower chakras, re-activate the sex drive and use it to arouse the other emotions. With the power of emotion, the shield shatters, the zero point opening explodes to fill all the fields. The fields around the body explode to double their size. The chord of light fibers now elongates and loops from the assemblage point on the outside edge of the fields to the heart center and back again to the assemblage point. The master has become a god-being in the flesh.

The God-Kingdom - Future Destiny Of Man

A large leap of consciousness awaits man if he wishes to go beyond human boundaries. As we have seen, only 9 have made it across this boundary before 2005.

Unlike the 3 stages within the human kingdom, the God-Kingdom has two levels. It is essential that more and more humans enter the Godkingdom, as did Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Quan Yin, Sunat Kumara among others, because it is their destiny to change the inactivity found there. Humans are accustomed to struggle, and a great struggle awaits in the God-Kingdom to avoid succumbing to the inactivity and lack of growth in that realm. The struggle is against the huge enticement of bliss. Although we encounter bliss as a testing within the human stages, the bliss of this higher stage is eight times stronger. It becomes difficult to move even a limb and activity tends to slow almost to a standstill.

During the first phase of the God-Kingdom, the fields around the body are very enlarged. The small zero point opening found behind the belly-button of an Ascended Master explodes as the transition to the God-Kingdom is made. The zero point enlarges to fill the entire mental body, pushing the emotional body outside of the mental body.

The mental body (the sum total of all the mental bodies initially found in man, fused into one) starts to rotate. The chord of light fibers loops from the assemblage point through the heart and back again. During this phase emotions are felt much more intensely.


We ask for the courage to break through any limitations of perception that prevent us from being all we can be. May we earn the personal power to set us free from mortal boundaries; to rise like the phoenix from the ashes of disappointment and to pierce the veils of illusion that have obscured from man the possibility of his Godhood.

To Thee the glory, forever and ever.



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I had a question about immortality and the sexless body attainment and how it has to do with the lunar and solar germ bur the only info i have is thinking and destiny and 144 cubits

You mean the masculine and feminine germination of life? Solar/Lunar? It sounds like you want someone to decipher a message?

Sorry I don't have much more, only that 144 would be (1+4+4) = 9 cube-bits. - I suggest a book on numerology that gives you more than I can, have a look in the library.

Maybe someone can take it from there, though to be sexless, self propagating of energy, is to be immortal as you'd be self generating, and not need the stabalizing cube we are in, in the first place. (The training wheels would be off)

I haven't had a decent synchronization moment in some time but I had a video depicting an angel (angle) open up in my browser as I replied, music video that had sparked the usual discussion on angels and such like.

At the point I had the browser open - One man had written:
 "The Word was with God, and the Word was a god" =  Pas une invention des JW
Le livre de la Révélation est composé en grande partie de métaphores, le fait que les 144000 soient juifs signifie qu'ils sont choisis personnellement par Dieu ( adpotés )

I had to put that through a translator myself :D, to translate to you.

I'll leave it for you to run through the translator and draw your own conclusions, on the meaning behind the metaphors. You'll need to take out the english (angle / angular / anglican  ) part of of it, and just copy paste the french part into google translate. In essence it deals with selection, which perhaps it is that time for you :)

Best fortune.

I am finding the opening of the heart helps me hear my Divine One inside me. I ask my heart to qualify what I perceive with love and compassion so my limiting programming is bypassed and the little self can be transparent to experience the big self that is one with all.

Can I ask humbly sylvia how you know the moment your heart chakra opens and closes, or the moment it opened, switched on, starting spinning etc.

If it's not too personal, as I realise these can be.

Many thanks.



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