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  I was wondering if any one could recommend any books that could help one to wake up. Any books that help with understanding, spirituality, one self, life, the world, the programming, etc.. any books that can open ones mind more to understanding themselves and the universe, laws, etc. To help awaken  and bring understanding. thank you WBV

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Hello Misty, I think I can help you...I have waded through a great deal of material and have a couple suggestions to point you in the right direction;

Read "The Unfoldment" a book by Neil Kramer

Watch "The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto"parts 1-5 approx. 6hrs long on youtube

Research material by Terence McKenna, Manly P. Hall, Dan Winter, Neil Kramer, Michael Tsarion, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Sevan Bomar, John Taylor Gatto, Alex Collier, John Lash, Dr. Judy Wood, Jose Arguilles, Graham Hancock

and most importantly read "The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean" as many times as possible!

Just what I needed as well. 



thanks! much appreciated :)

this was helpful for me too. thank you both!

The temples of light by Danielle Rama Hoffman

no books. you are already awake! ;p

try less busy. or be busy, but with stillness. silence.

No matter what one's journey is, it's all good. Everyone is and will get there eventually. I just think, in this case, it is important to consider that sometimes it's the constant searching/seeking that can be one's biggest addiction/blockage. Like a golden chain of attachment. A subtle bondage or anchor.

It's hard to talk about because it seems as though it is all apart of the majestic dance-- that by reversing the search to within, is the shift that takes place once we realize that what we're looking for isn't anywhere 'out there'. Instead of constantly reaching desperately, we can just remember. Way less time consuming and way less exhausting. Much more simpler.

We are the writers of our own tests, but only if we could remember the solutions..The paradox here is in reaching and letting; how can you become that which you already are, unless you are already falsely assuming you aren't already awake? Just by becoming aware of what already is, right here and now, you know? For example, one can never be free if they are always striving and straining to be free, since they would be coming from a limited awareness, and reinforcing that they aren't already free.

Someone once asked: 'someone please, i'm begging you, tell me what an orange smells like, tastes like, feels like, and looks like!---I want to know what an orange is!'  Just then, they got a reply, 'find out for yourself; it's the only way you'll ever truly know'

There is nowhere to go or be. But if one feels the insistence that there is such a place or state, let it be found under the very surface of where they [inner]stand, in the depths of silence & stillness, right where they are.

You could look at The Force ,Miracles,6th sense and others by Stuart Wilde and maybe The way of the Peaceful warrior by Dan Millman(JH Kramer) (stay away from  The emerald tablets of Thoth its a bunch of advanced nonsense(to those who

disagree,i was trained for sometime in the Order of Thoth)

Good luck

this is it by allan watts, some books on sacred geometry, alchemy and so on.

what really woke me up to this though was talking to people actually in the know,

and when i was younger, videos like the matrix, the animatrix... 

and of course, "the code to the matrix"... 

I very much like this approach Kevin!  




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