Sevan mentioned in various older videos that "time is running out". What does he mean by this? Is it the time we have to ascend/awaken? Some of these videos/casts in which he briefly mentions this are from several years ago. How much time do we have? For those just starting out, are we late to the game? 

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I am just a seeker. THe way i see this is that in this world we have to get more active, seek knowledge, "evolve". In general there is no time... i have no idea in that sense what Sevan was referring too. I fwe do the right moves, it will all be ok

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Diana Santana, I meant there is literally no time. Time doesn't exist. For me it really doesn't as it seems fairly too easy to manipulate this subjective sense of "time". I've found out I'm more like on pause at this !time" and if I do the move, something happens. If I don't do, time doesn't really go anywhere either way. Am I alone in this?

I have an understanding that, EndGame came around 2012, and now we are in the midst of "Globalization Agenda" (prepare for Orion queen to come by, either enslave us or wipe us out and create a better human slave) we are supposed to ascend spiritually and spiral out of the game. 

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