It all started one day after I went to bed very upset.  I woke up to maggots on the kitchen floor by the trashcan and I think my alarm clock was blinking too.  My roommate took out the trash that morning, but somehow never saw the maggots.  So, I spent a lot of time getting rid of those and cleaning that up, but thought I was still making good time.  I didn't notice I was 15 minutes late until I was actually on the way to work.  I noticed it was because my favorite watch was 15 minutes slow.  I put it up to speed, and it kept time fine for a week or so.  Then, I noticed it seeming like it wanted to go backwards or stand still.  Eventually, it just stopped.  So, I got another little watch to clip onto my belt instead of wear on my arm.  That one kept getting behind off and on too, then just gave out within maybe a few weeks of me having it.  Also, my alarm clock in my bedroom occasionally is blinking when I wake up, though my roommate said none of their stuff went out, and I have no signs of anything else going out.  

I've had a lot of issues with computers at work not working right and have had two laptop power cords blown out somehow.  My Kindle seemed to have gotten zapped by an electromagnetic field, and I got an Ipad mini to replace it.  I've had it less than a year and have cracked the screen and have a broken volume down button.  I have never had issues with keeping electronics forever before since maybe 2011.  Has anyone had anything similar or know what to make of this?

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Hi there, 

Some might say maybe its a coincidence, but ive had to many things happen to me that I cant just accept coincidences anymore without some deeper thinking, if your noticing all these things syncing up like this then it could mean something, Maybe they are warning signs, before something goes wrong or when I need to see something thats going on in my life I need to address, I get little clues, sometimes big enough clues that I get it straight away, sometimes so small I dont notice until its to late, I have to timeline the last few weeks or months and remember the clues, but then I see the big picture, seems strange, I tend to sit back on my days off and evaluate my week and break down my experiences in that time. Sometimes stuff just jumps out and its easy, other times I have to ponder a lot, Sounds strange.

Maybe you have some kind of high electric vibration and equipment just breaks around ya? I dont know much about that stuff, maybe someone else could chime in. Could it be work related? do you enjoy your job? maybe your sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies/radiation. Do you revolve your life around time and schedules and do you feel pressured by deadlines, dates and appointments, do you feel you are running out of time with anything? what intention was the electronic goods purchased under? 

I think if its not a coincidence and these things are happening for a reason you will work it out, might take some time and more clues. 

Good Luck

I did hate whatever jobs when things were happening.  When things first started happening was after that earthquake that hit Virginia, but I felt it all the way up in the DC area.  I worked nights at the time, and the quake happened in the middle of the day when I was dead sleep.  Thinking back on it, I'm really not sure if I actually got up or if my astral body jumped up and ran outta the room.  It was terrifying, because it was so unexpected and I had no idea what was going on.  No one else was around, and I don't even recall seeing my cat around anywhere or hearing him. After that, it started feeling like there was never enough time and time was flying by really really fast.  I could be totally alone at work overnight and it still felt like time flew by.  I think that's also when the numbers thing started.  

I'm starting to wonder if the earthquake threw something off, like threw off my internal balance from the shock?  Living in DC was a traumatic, yet wonderful experience for me at the same time.  There's something very strange about the area.  I heard something about the design of it makes it special somehow, and I believe it.  I was able to do things there that I haven't done since, like leaving my body at will.

I think the watch thing is just so curious.  

if you aren't fearful, i recommend exploring the out of body stuff... Try reading the 3 books by Robert Monroe, I found them both interesting and helpful. Keep in mind that the out of body world or astral realm or whatever you want to call it is very subjective, every person interprets it differently shaped by their subconscious desires, prejudices, beliefs, and the culture they exist in. Don't take anything to literally, you may be surprised by religious imagery or archetypes good and bad, try to look for the metaphor in these things instead of jumping to conclusions. Other good OBE literature, check out William Buhlman (he has 2 excellent books). Theres plenty of others, but I like these two authors because they filter out the mystical complexity and subjective details and try to give a better 'scientific' approach to OBE.

Hi. When i was in a bad state with a lot of chaotic thoughts, i experienced something similar to this. I think was sending out a lot of uncontrolled energy maybe, but lights would flicker as I passed them and several of my electronic goods behaved strangely, as in breaking or making loud noises like the fan on my laptop. It happened when i first "awakened" and i was in a very confused headspace, with a lot of unfocused energy. I also had increased synchronistic events during this time (see Caro Jung's writings), including repeating numbers appearing on clocks, table numbers at cafes, addresses, forms and product numbers, reciepts, etc... This cooled down after I began to meditate and calm my mind regularly, as well as read alot to understand the phenomena better. The synchronicity still occurs but far less frequently, and I havent had flickering lights or electronics problems at all. In fact, some of the broken items began to work again, such ad the ceiling fan in my bathroom, it just seemingly fixed itself when i smoothed out the craziness in my mind.

If this sounds familiar, i suggest it is because you are changing and fighting it. Try slowing down, thinking positively, and realising you are connected to the universe and loved. I would bet as your conscious mind calms and you focus your attention on creating the futures you desire, all this phenomena will cease. Worry less, live in the moment, and be mindful of your choices and thoughts.

I have been fighting the changes, and not realizing it until recently.  The main reasons had to do with other people not accepting the new me.  I felt very out of place for a while, and I was trying to "act normal" and not draw too much attention.  I have recently ended a long relationship, because my sig. other was not able to deal with all of the dramatic changes and unpredictability that came along with being with me.  So, now I do at least have the time to figure myself out and go from there.  It's been a crazy ride since 2011 though.  Very high highs and very low lows.  I'm working to even things out again, and you're definitely right about the need for meditation and calming.

I was reading something about kuji-in after I posted this, and I think I figured it out.  Apparently, because of the way we breathe when we're excited, upset, stressed, etc. we can created this type of energy (Jin) that can make things happen in the physical reality.  I guess after activating, that energy is magnified?  I try to be more conscious of my breathing and emotions now.  I recall that the times things happened, I could feel this heat coming off of me.  It was to the point where I could heat up a small room or my sig. other would start to feel hot too.  So, I know it's definitely real.  A lot of self control and watching the emotions since figuring this all out.

Your experiences sound similar to my own and im still struggling to be honest....

I too experienced the end of a relationship, a marriage actually. We haven't signed the papers but we've been seperated for almost a year now and the split was instigated by erratic behavior from myself as I grappled with the changes. I've withdrawn from society, no longer see the circles of friends I used to, and am very much alone alot of the time these days as I try to recover and work out how to refocus myself to re-enter social activity and maybe (hopefully) repair a relationship. Its been good on the one hand to get time to myself... I've realized how exhausting it is putting on so many different faces to make everybody happy in all the walks of life, you get the point where you realize you've forgotten who you are.

Take time to yourself, get comfortable with who you are, if you have the option, get back to nature a bit and walk, breathe, think, meditate... Get in touch with your soul and listen to yourself and your environment, you may be surprised at the synchronicity of your surroundings. This is difficult to achieve surrounded by other people, because you (if your like me) are suddenly very sensitive to the "energy" that others give off, and you can be easily upset/affected/frustrated by negativity. I think part of the change is embracing this new sensitivity to perceive more... both good and bad, in existence. Drawing from the positive and accepting but not being affected by the negative. It can be lonely, but when you feel the connection to the spirit or soul or whatever your interpretation of 'it' is, and let it wash over you... theres a peace like no other.

I had a very similar situation maybe about two years ago now. It was also accompanied by other spiritual occurrences such as sleep paralysis and a bunch of other dream related experiences that I can't begin to explain. It went away eventually after about a year. I can't give u an explanation of why it occurred, but at least reassure that it stopped or at least has eased up to the point that it doesn't affect me as it did before.

Another consideration is I've felt time has been speeding up and slowing down. I've noticed this more subconsciously after reviewing my days and evaluating my mornings. However, I don't remember concrete timelines as you do. I do feel the master clocks such as the ones on our cell phones are being adjusted to speed up and slow down. Those are some of my thoughts, I hope it helps.

It's been a few weeks now since I've been living away from my ex, and it's seems that the issues have stopped at this point.  I was given a message that said to break up with them like two years ago, but was unable to overcome my emotions to do it then.  So, here we are.  Maybe my higher self was telling me to break up with them in order to avoid all of the chaos that ensued after not breaking up at that point in time.  My life has really taken off since I've been living alone though...remembering more dreams and more insights.

As far as time, I've noticed that it seems to go faster the more I think and the more stressed I am.  If I'm just not thinking,and I'm calm or bored, it slows.  Maybe there's a connection with breathing, but I haven't payed attention to that yet.

NFINITINAKED, thank you for your post, honesty and openness. know you are not alone. I can completely relate to your situation and symptoms and have had and continue to have almost the exact same parallel experiences as yourself and several others that have responded to this post. Things also started to get really strange for me after the quake as well but they were already in the process way before that although my awareness of such things was still developing at the time so I didn't notice as much until looking back on how things have been unfolding. when the "quake" happened I was awake standing in the kitchen with a friend and I have to say to me it felt more like a dimensional shift than a quake. it didn't feel like the earth rumbling at all but more like the entire reality going into a pulse of gigantic waves. at one point during the event it felt like everything got really elastic for a moment and was about to stretch apart. almost like when you see the way objects or people are "fictionally" depicted right before they go into a black hole, wormhole or jump to warp speed. also the time stream issues, electronic interference, body temperature changes have all been happening and continue to. some moments it feels like I can use a minute like an hour and other moments its like an hour disappears in a minute. I've noticed that during heightened states even the slightest negativity in my mood, feelings, thoughts or attitude will cause electronics and mechanical devices to immediately experience some type of interference or break all together.  I've noticed that during these states simply visualizing the desired result can bring it about with just a bit more focus even if its something I've never done before. positive energies can also manifest more quickly during these enhanced states of awareness but its still an on going lesson to learn how to flow with it, handle it, and work with it as positive vibrations are a higher frequency and therefore require more effort and focus or we slip back into the slow spin, low light, "negative" vibrations.  it reminds me of a child trying to learning how to use the powers and abilities of the physical body but instead now we are learning how to use the powers and abilities of our soul. I've also had a lot of emotional stress and trouble with my interactions and relationships with other people not ready to awaken and even those who claim they are but aren't willing to accept how truly profound and magic we and our lives are and can truly be as most people are still "making a living" on us being powered down and dependent. I've stood side by side with "friends" as we witnessed first hand, "miracles" occur in the physical reality worthy of spiritual books like the bible and then be in complete denial of the experience within a few days when they fully realize what revealing such things might actually cause. This is one reason I have so much respect for Sevan. I've heard him openly talk about and confirm just about every profound experience others have run like childish cowards from. Ironically because most of these childish people are from the elder generations and the current brainwashed youth is their by-product.  I've experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows during these times as well and have had much anxiety, depression, and sadness as a result because I felt so much guilt and loneliness as a result as though I was doing things and messing with forces I shouldn't be but the realization I have had most recently that has been very uplifting and inspiring is that the universe has revealed, shown or provided some level of response to every single question or intention I have put out during this awakening, much of which would be considered impossible or crazy by the majority. if anything I can see that we are capable of our wildest dreams but must navigate through a mostly sleeping world that is not prepared to shed their beliefs of everything they thought they knew or was possible. I've been able to see right in front of my eyes the energy exchanging through all things and how most of the things society currently values as important are really empty voids that return nothing or only regurgitate poisons, toxins, and all the other "negative" entities that result in our sicknesses and deaths. the world at large has been convinced to fear and worship death and this is one reason why things can even degenerate to the point of "dying" at all. just as I've watched black clouds and heavy rains spontaneously crack open from the clear blue sky and unleash a down pour just from holding onto a single negative thought during an activated state. I've also seen droopy, withering plants and trees that looked like the equivalent of a sad person almost instantly snap up and reach for the sky with every limb and leave and start immediately producing fresh growth in a dance of euphoric celebration when intentionally sent energy from a person during a display of enhanced awareness. the biggest obstacle I have found is simply dealing with all the nay-sayers who are not prepared for such profound realizations. all in all;-) let us never forget and constantly "re-member" that all is self and we still have much waking up to do. time is our projection and tool to experience different states of being and therefore even if things seem like they are not happening fast enough or are taking too long this is ultimately an illusion than can be changed in an instant when the proper actions are taken at the proper moment which is ours to create. I'm sorry for your difficulties but you're post has been very reassuring considering it lets many of us know we aren't the only ones experiencing what most would consider so unusual or not consider it at all because they are still sleeping. which is what the "zombie apocalypse" that we are currently already in the midst of is really a metaphor for. the zombies are all the un-awakened people unwittingly trying to devour the light ("brains") of those who are "awakened" and doing so with no empathy or compassion as a result of their unconscious state. Forgive them Supreme Source, they know not what they do. Stay strong and balanced, Nfiniti.



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