Deciding to take a break from all levels of existence have been good to me... There is nothing like healing self and remembering your path to inspire you to have hope again. For far too long I gave all I was to all that asked, and they turned out to be more greedy than what was good for me.

Being all you can be in service of other, does not mean you have to allow their greed to consume you. Having boundaries are healthy for personal growth, but does not make you less of who you are, or selfish.

Returning to healing, and helping those in need, exploring the possibilities of paradigm shifts in our society, is important, but not at the cost of your own personal power. Your truth and your soul give you the personal power and assertiveness to stand your ground in who you are, by not allowing others to tell you who they believe you are.

This world... this plane of existence are but a illusion, once we learn to see past the illusion and experience the truth that is beyond the emotional state of living in this plane, only then can we find true change within ourself.

That change inside us ripple out and affect all those around us, bringing hope to the lost, love to the unwanted, and understanding to the ones that judge us.

I am.... you are... we are... One living conscious experience that are here to learn the truth of love. Love start within, self love. Self love promote love, compassion, hope and joy to those we touch when we love ourself.

Written Anush

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So true,we can't expect people to respect our boundaries ,and give us time  for ourselfs  to rejuvenate,if we dont respect our own boundaries,and know we need time this time,x

beautifully said.

Wholeness very well put.



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