I'm new but i would like to get to know others and their specialties. I love to learn and adapt and also to share and help if needed.

I'd begin with myself to let u know where i started.


Even at birth i was odd seeing and talking to things that others could not. I had no idea at the time that i would be what i am now. At four my life had changed after some experiences from unknown origin i came to realize i was just hallucinating but at 11 I realized the truth. I have yet to fully awaken my broadest abilities but still Im amazed at how adaptable i was to soul related experiences. i had the power to harness energy and share it with others. I worked harder and harder every year surpassing old goals with suprising speed. With the spirit i was able to surpass any expectation a year vcould give in just a couple months. I used this to become as adept as i am now. i have mentored a friend and am always willing to help those that wish to accell. I derive my power from the inexuastable hopes of all. As always there more to me than meets the eye and although I may seem to be on offense I truly am more likely to defend myself. 

I hope I havent done anything wrong by starting this but i am new and have a hard time starting in any other way but to be upfront on most occassion.


However that might not stop me from surprising people now and again.

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at this point i feel like yor heads might spin if i got further into this discussion but i will say that constructs have more powerful synthesis options than a cycle based armor. also the best starter is drawing on spiritual energies. i have other constructs in mind for future reference. like the almost succesful prototype for sleep paralysys prevention.

Well i almost forgot about the beta wave issues. My friend has these constant and terrible headaches. They seem to be cuased by an unknown level of beta wave actvity. However my research has yet to span into the betw wave cateory. Only some parts have been known. I'd like to ask others what they know about beta waves. The research i have already done spans to just what they are but nothing on what causes them for the most part. Also i know that headaches like the kind my friend has stems from an uncontrolled release of beta waves in the brain. Any help onthe subject will further my research and will also be greatly appreciated.



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