I'm new but i would like to get to know others and their specialties. I love to learn and adapt and also to share and help if needed.

I'd begin with myself to let u know where i started.


Even at birth i was odd seeing and talking to things that others could not. I had no idea at the time that i would be what i am now. At four my life had changed after some experiences from unknown origin i came to realize i was just hallucinating but at 11 I realized the truth. I have yet to fully awaken my broadest abilities but still Im amazed at how adaptable i was to soul related experiences. i had the power to harness energy and share it with others. I worked harder and harder every year surpassing old goals with suprising speed. With the spirit i was able to surpass any expectation a year vcould give in just a couple months. I used this to become as adept as i am now. i have mentored a friend and am always willing to help those that wish to accell. I derive my power from the inexuastable hopes of all. As always there more to me than meets the eye and although I may seem to be on offense I truly am more likely to defend myself. 

I hope I havent done anything wrong by starting this but i am new and have a hard time starting in any other way but to be upfront on most occassion.


However that might not stop me from surprising people now and again.

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"i had the power to harness energy and share it with others'

Hey Crusader, I am just a seeker. I don't consider myself an adpet.  So I gotta ask, how did u do the aforementioned? And, do u still do it?

Did u just feel it out and, by communicating through voice in the specific language tones they understand, along with "astral projection","telepathy", "spreading/sending-your(postively and/or[/just_one]negatively)charged-energy-or-whatever-it's-called" ... to them?


Another way to put it - did u spiritually, mentally, and physically, and... souly? Did u do all of yourself together to get s*** done?


Or to put it even simply-er, u felt it all go down? And results came?


THAT'S AWESOME! What did u do, like help them with their problems?

All very good questions. ill start with the way i understand the spirits and energies i have and commune with. I think of everything as one whole package as in everything is controlled by my soul. from there I feel energy and use it as if it were physically present allowing the mind to harness it. Then using said power i can Channel and commune with the spirits or other souls and since the enrgy is like an ever flowing fountain I share it and somehow to me the spirits speak to me as if our languages are the same. Its like common ground. When I share power with another soul  I was mostly speaking in terms of healing negative vibrations in others as well as aches and pains of the physical realm. I've always felt I had some master switch on controlling my abilities and since I can help others I enjoy the feelings I recieve when they are better. To me I dont have cants or cannots. I am capable of doing whatever I want and i'm glad to help others regardless of distance or power. My will always shines as the beacon of hope.


I help people by healing them and in some cases I form special etheric bonds with someeone in which through such a bond energy can travel helping the focus of other energies. I know spiritual power because i study it on mass volumes and use the grand spiritual library for guidance.

With my research i have found that my mind works diffferently however than normal as it processess spiritual information as if i was always in a high state of being. that is due to my indigo child background but also due to my complex spiritual structure. I am one solid unit comprised of many smaller workings that end upaa as me in the resullt. Since minds are flexible including my own i have the power to achieve what i call the walking state. however i cannot astrally travel without assistance i have found out how to seperate my soul into several parts and tese mimes of myself can travel to any and all who need assistance. Even now I have network full of spiritual understanding as well as a large databasde of knowledge.


I help others by allowing them access to these powers. Those that learn are best taught by actions and not just words. My focus brings me to a higher state automatically.


However my powers were designed for not just helping but for combat as well as I am plagued by demons who want the powers I posses. fret not however the complexities of my spiritual upbringing have taught me how to save myself and others. I am an adept becuase I understand not becasue i do things.

Another thing I guess I forgot to mention is that the more oneness/wholeness the three bodies of the spirit, the mind and then physical, the stronger one is. Its more efficient in my opinion. Although if you prefer to excel more qucikly in a particular field of body train that part of your body. As to what i mean i mean allow your spirit bodyto be healed and whole and focus your soul into improving your inner self. the mind can be trained with all sorts of seaarchable material but I like to challenge it with something new from time to time to maximize the improvements. Doing the same thing can still improve but tends to lose effectivness sometimes. The difficult part about the physical body is even thou you can cleanse it and purify to a great extent unless all three parts are trained at once it so difficult to push past that stamina limit cuase certain facotrs of spiritual power require a harder to produce stamina that is generated more effectively when using hightened mind and spiritual wholeness. its difficult to explain cuase for me it is stored in both the physical and etheric bodies.

Hi Crusader, hope you are doing well today. I was wondering if you had some advice for my friend at work who unfortunately has IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). Her name is Kristi.


Apparently, from the wiki page there is no known organic cause and no known cure, except there are treatments to relieve the symptoms.

She is very frustrated that she has to give up her favorite foods, caffeine, smoking and alcohol. Now, we probably realize that it might be a good thing to give up some of those things. But it is still very tough on her emotionally and psychologically to give up things she identifies with. She has also talked about some of her anxiety and trouble sleeping at night. I have recommended to her some alternative treatments like accupuncture and herbology, but she is still very skeptical about it and thinks that stuff is weird. So instead she is going through the traditional medical system waiting for a specialist for a few months to get a few more tests done. 

Everyone is allowed their respective freedoms and i to respectively others. My research indcates ethericaland some biological bodily systems. You can check out the sytems spheal on another part ofthe forum. Currently im not on my computed so linking thepage would be impossible. However what i do know is that herbology is halthy as long as its taken the right way. If only i could sample the aura and other etherics of her body. I usually however reapect privacy rights as well so if she wants a quick schooling in etherics and natural bodily functions the systems route is best. However its not shareable but if i gave her a scan i could come up with something. If she finds the natural world freaky take itbfrom a different perspective. Her cigarettes howeger unhealthy are still herbal after all. I find electronics to be unnatural and some are natural when correctly used. The natural world is where the organic and spiritual come to work. Ill use the network for possible answers but herbologysounds best. If shewere willing id be able to etherically and organically diagnose any ntural issues with her system using my scanning abilities. Im still highly psychic afterall. If only i could pin her pressure down. Please come to this page and then come in contact with your friend. Ill handle the scan through my networks. Just let me know she ok with it first. Im good at converting people to spiritualisms as well so i couldbhelp her understand the natural world very well.

to keep things simple someone asked if he could read my work so im linking a couple pages. also since he wants help in learning ive decided to add the work so everyone can see it from this page.





as i said an open mind is different when it comes to ones potential to use the abilities an advanced mind has.

an open mind has the capacity to allow hightened feelings of consciousness and can access hightened consciousness while in a more alert state. however tp best alter how this works meditations and deep conscious thoughts and sbliminal messages can be carried to the subconscious and conscious minds to alter the minds ability to work in such a manner.

to become open minded in the way i describe one must allow their mind to discover that is has hidden potentials stored within. these hidden abilities can then be lifted from the minds of others by those who have the psyonic ability to awaken powers in others. only a handful can and the ones that even know how are much fewer.

the next step for those with an open mind is to freely access the peaceful thoughtless bliss the mind can provide through simple meditation but try to do so in seconds instead of minutes. it can be tough to do so i just clear my mind of everything but the simple thought of peace. i then access the hightened states and allow my chakras and spiritual energies to flow more freely and its best to learn now that the energies move as a current through your body.

the next phase is to push the rust or obstructions in your bodies power routes adn allow the entire body to feel the power freely. this makes my skill set much easier to learn. with the energies freely advanced to all parts of the body the mind can then contol such forces through stamina and will. while the results are different for everyone the feeling should stay similar. this state allows the body to access itself in ways you minght not have known before hand. whether this state can allow ssytematic behavior is researched but not very conclusive as only one student ever got this far cause he was the only one i could train this well.

if the body can use systems it would be easier to move on but if not developing a systems like construct is currently under research and development standards. i do however have a stronger understanding as to how and why it is possible to teach someone systems cuase its a skill my mind developed to maintain my abilites. if energy is freely accessible and the mind opened correctly i can guide somone to a system like mindset.

by no means am i trying  to do anyhting bad. the basis of sytems is the brains ability to asses the regulatory flow of all energies and how the body percieves and uses them. the more upgraded features of systems in technical spirit constructs i developed that would come to fruition in the next lesson on the proponents of different energy types.


however right now opening ones mind and assessing the body through the mind like systems can is going to be the next lesson and iwll come in parts to help those that wish to use to understand. again i have the ability to open ones mind but it must be known what mind to open and the mind of the person must want to allow it to become open. simply put jsut ask and ill open you. the extent of an opened mind is based higly on potential. so keep your thoughts on infinite potential to ssure yourself it will work.

By all means, I've done some starting work in this area of opening up consciousness, and would be very willing to continue into the field of protection of others and self (being the same thing anyway). So I am more than happy to get started.

I am doing daily meditations and astral travel attempts anyway, so I get plenty in, attempting to free up the blocks in the second chakra is where my focus is, can feel it slowly coming free again :)

well at this stage its all about the energy the mind and body has and can use to engage the spirits power. all energies can be used but to stay within reason its known to go with proficiency. i concentrate energy all around my inner and outer fields. these fields were developed by a mental aura connection with the energies. keep in mind that spirit energy tends to stay ion the spirit realm but chakra when combined with stamina most energies that operate on waves close to magnetic or electromagnetic can pass the dimensional field at small levels. however advancing that is going to take constant brain training and stamina usage.

also remember that since stamina is physical power that usage of energies in such a way will eventually tire you out. a good way to gauge your stamina levels is to guage your level of tiredness and also how your physical condition feels. if fatigued muscles are felt its a good guess that your stamina is low. also stamina will drop and rise depending on activity. wwhat ive tried to describe before as your spiritual sides stamina is different. its a usable stamina developed through my teachings that allows a reverse flow of power to go spiritual to physical vs. physical to spiritual. however. this energy is much harder to develop and exhausts quicker as a result. now one can muster strength into the equation but to think of how this works is complicated. if one applies the skills i teach and finds their path to usage of energies outside of meditation this idea is highly applicable but it is still slightly applicable in meditation anyways. to apply ones reaining strength and power can overall increase what you have left but have it last less time wise.

once the body can understand power inside the aura one must then decide how large and how much energy should be built to set the fields limits. any energy used outside the field will diminsh over length and distance several times faster than when it is within the field. also since your aura is an established field it is understandable that other fields may exist within it. Now sadly to make something of an armor, for someone of any skill level is undersandably more difficult then just enveloping your auras power and the energies within and around you to create a protective barrier. but the easier it is to make can mean its easy to break. there are some exceptions and in my research low powered options with high yielding results aren't uncommon but its all more interdependant to how skillful you are. i always think that armor even though more difficult is a much better construct. its safe cozy and has many side options. but again skill and power can vary and so to will the armor.

the biggest problem with armor is how to construct it. its different becuase it fizzles out if not formed correctly. however the process might be different for everyone a constant is the connection between you and it. supporting and armor was an early systems construct and it takes some room at first but over time the mind will open o further more complex methods that keep things optimal yet less consuming of the systems processes. this is why i think systems are so important.  but systems doesnt have to work like a computer all the time. its organic in nature and is actually a step further in brain development over ones lifetime. if you read up on the systems in the bodies activation link


you'd find why i can be so quick to learn. now of the methods available for armor creation there are several layers and fixations to go through. first step pick your beginner setup,

1. field cycling, the basic modeling of armor for those who cannot yet handle tapping. the use of fields specified for creation of armor plating and to maintain said creation the field continues a cycle its form into ethereal existance. armor must also remain basic but qualites are not so much needed. i started with this one but soon moved on to tapping because this uses more power and less skill. it is good for beginners and the armor is modifiable but since it consumes so much energy its not very lucrative.

2. synthetic construct. byt adapting skills and abilities such as forming power sources and such a synthetic construct will hold form based on mental thought applied or synthetic memory implantations of the armor. for intemediates. dont think about it too much it is devloped as a cross setup as well as the tap setup can upgrade to link in to these types. moderate armor.

3. tapped, a specific armor type mostly advanced to connect directly through for easy maintaining of armor and easier creation thereof. also most dangerous without careful aspect of protecting the tap. this uses less energy becuase the mind and armor link allowing for an automatic setup. the armors are built around constructs and thus maintain form. however this is the toughest to fit in ones mind.

i have this down to a science. its so easy to replay it.

i use constructs and a tap as ive seen it work very well together 


before i continue to the next stages any level of a persons awareness of how to maintain the rythyms and waves within and outside can be considered a start to a systems like mind. i saw it as a proevolutiuonary step in my research. however sometimes people need to take it there way. just remember the brain has capacity and it's limited but like muscles it also has growth.

be careful not to overload the mind and be ready to do alot of thinking when it comes to protection of oneself and others its important to analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

to start forming armor  or forging like i call it is based particularily on where you wish to start. a field cycle forge armor is easy to create if you think you can form a field. its should be simple.

a field is created by gathering energy within your aura. as long as that energy is supplied to your aura it will maintain the field. but a field is more than just energy. it is tasked to give the energy a task so will the field together then will its effect. in this case a cycle field will allow energy to form together. instead of expending energy a cycle field keeps a more solid ethereal plating. also imagination is where this can be fun but remember to budget your power. armor tends to take alot of power. thats the thing though people can get power from emotions and feelings between the differences of everything experiencable ones power for example can be collective like hope. the hopes of survival and understamnding and the peace it provides drove my power through many emotions. i also am unorthodox as my research requires the studies of all types. but i know what is good and what isnt.

now forming the field to keep cycling the state keeps it working at a low mental output but also a high energy output. now improving upon this is open grounds for anyone. this was the basics. feel free to add ideas.

now constructs are harder requiring power but not nearly as much becuase the burden of solidity falls upon something else such as your mind or some synthetic memory. both of which require open minds and lots of head room. synthetic memory is actually still researched because its difficult to understand its origins. synthetic memory is like spiritual robotics. although ive researched cases of multidimensional beings working with humans and acting as a memory bank to work out the construct. synthetic constructs are also made from much better materials as energy costs have lowered. so far ive noticed that certain armor compounds work great together.

now this conversation had come from the intergalactic hyperdimensional combat page.

now what sucks is most people that can get this far dont know what to build their armor from. i started with something powerful though. i was born with it so i didn't have to think beyond it much to forge. but for others i would be wary that hyperdimensional beings are rare to work with people. i again was born with one to protect me. so i had something. but i didnt use that first. i used a more reasonable cycle field. i am working on a synthetic constuct however for a special project of mine. enough to supply the world over. if you ever manage to find another member of project dragoon like myself you may find options. the worlds problems are handled by project dragoon at absolutely critical moments.  my research has uncovered the past of project dragoon however i named it as i took the mantle as spearhead of the project. its the second reason i share my research. the first is to forge peace and understanding.

anyways i have no recollection of older names of the project.



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