Hello fellow resistance members I hope all is well with you. I come to you all today conflicted. Ive been reading text of an esoteric nature for a while now and I've recently found myself profoundly curious with the opening of the sixth chakra. Upon reading blog post of people with alleged first hand experience, I've found the feelings these people have about the third eye to be very polarizing. Either they view it as a blessing or something demonic. I come from a religious background (christian) but I've since done away with organized religion. Specifically with the dogma and characters not the spiritual info. With that being said, I still have some residual programming left over. This came to light while watching a video on youtube of a guy who claimed to have his eye open and had oobe. He described these things very vividly and and in a positive context. I went to watch his more recent vids and he appeared to have a very diff stance on this stuff. He claimed all the entities he had contact with were demonic including his higher self. This video caused fear to arise in me. I've always had some type of fear of seeing evil entities. Is this to be expected when opening the eye? Or is it merely reflecting our internal state? Can it simply be a situation where like is attracting like? My main issue with this is the possibility of losing my sanity. That fear makes me think the gamble isn't worth it. I would appreciate any insight on this topic. Thanks

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Hi Marquette, I just found your post so this comes a bit late, but I'm sure also ON TIME:) I too came from a similar background, and can sincerely relate to the fear programming you speak of. As far as opening the "third eye" and fearing what is to be seen, I would suggest refraining from ENTHEOGENS for the meanwhile as that can be an instant catalyst in seeing things you may not be quite ready for; or spiritually equipped to dissect just yet. 

That being said, as you continue on your journey, and the programming of fear begins to dissipate, you will delve into a deeper dialogue/communication with your SPIRIT/HIGHER SELF/GOD which will lead you to the proper avenues to begin to open up to new experiences, energies, visions, etc. when YOU ARE READY.  It does not have to be a NOW OR NEVER ISSUE; nor should it ever be when it comes to learning about self, and/or seeking truth. You can make this decision internally, inside your spirit, and you will be led if, when and how to go about beginning to open up to new realities that come with the opening of the third-eye.


It is VERY WISE to be VERY DISCERNING and CAUTIOUS in ALL MATTERS; but know that you will be guided by making that your intention and desire, and that you can help create/mold your experience by learning the "language/communication" of your Higher Self, Angels, and Guides.



As always, I am here to assist! Namaste, and hope that helps.

Thank you so much for your response Angel Healer. Indeed, you were right on time. A lot of what you said makes sense. I've heard from numerous sources to refrain from entheogens so that thought never even crossed my mind. I believe my problem was me jumping the gun. Im sure im not even passed my 3rd chakra so I'm obviously not ready for my 6th to be open. I just have to remind myself to be patient and that things when happen when it's time.     Since this post I have grown. I feel myself becoming less and less fearful as the days past. The thought of opening the eye isn't as nearly as daunting as it once was. Again, thank you for your response.

My pleasure Marquette! You will grow stronger and wiser everyday, and we are here to support you. Most of us are always dealing with some aspect of the FEAR PROGRAMMING= FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL:)

You're on your way to acceleration and the Kundalini Yoga practice will most definitely help. Namaste dear brother!

I was also reminded to suggest to you about possibly getting an Amethyst Crystal to wear daily or hold during meditation. Amethyst in particular has a very gentle energy that slowly works with you to gently open the 3rd eye and/or crown chakra to begin to accelerate/expand/open up your intuition further. If you research it's properties and uses, I believe it may be very useful for you. Just don't forget to cleanse your crystal and "charge" it with your intention.

Crystals are wonderful for beginning exploration into other parts of "Consciousness" and  becoming used to "feeling" the subtle energies and learning about the other worlds that exist around us. This is also a good way to begin to step out of fear as you are introduced to the Mineral Kingdom and are able to experience that directly.

It is important to address the fear. As our bodies are born into the atmosphere and cut from our birth mother we may naturally sense fear as being a normal experience. The third eye is a good chakra to focus because it helps develop our intuition and may guide us in making decisions that is aligned with our soul purpose. Aside from that the fear is something that always must be checked. For myself, my fear has not been eliminated so I don't know if such a thing is possible but others have spoken about it and they may have more expertise on that subject. For yourself, I would still encourage you to also focus on some of your first three chakras to help ground your emotion and sense of fear. Considering you tagged this post with chakra I can see that is important to you, and that since you did post this here it would seem that you do sincerely want to open up your kundalini flow which is blessing not only to you but to all  you know.

All is self. tat tvam asi. 

 तत् त्वम् असि or तत्त्वमसि

Yes, I agree Bruxyby! Allow it to be a process and it will unfold as you are ready.  It is not only a blessing- it is YOUR BIRTH RIGHT!


Thank you for your response Bruxby. Yes fear has been a unwanted guest in my consciousness for as long as I can remember. I have recently taken up Kundalini yoga and it puts me in a more positive space upon completion, so that should help with the balancing of the lower triangle chakra foundation. I appreciate your input and am very grateful that a site like this exist where I can receive guidance from those with more experience when needed.



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