How can we be born in 9-10 months, but when born start back at Zero?

From the first day a baby starts forming in the womb everyday after should be counted toward that babys age. When that baby hits 42 weeks at the max (about 10months) the doc tors pull the baby out and we began again at 0 months lol wow, and the day we came into this plane a year from that date we become the age of 1. This means if a baby is pulled at 10 months there are 2 more months and then the baby will be a year, instead we wait a year  and some months before becoming one! Please feedback i might be off.

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This facet of our lives has always interest me. I was born two months premature; so I guess that two months that's added on to make up one year of human life, pretty much evens it out for me personally? - as far as calculating my birth month (which should've been September instead of July). Had I entered this world after being in the womb for 10 months, my birth month would've been September, which is really July; so I'd say I'm on track lol.

As far as determining point of birth; in my opinion, this can be viewed from either a soul level or physical level - birth being calculated at the point of conception (soul); or birth being calculated at the entry into this plane (physical).  Since we identify with life on earth as our 'physical home' - I guess it would make more sense that our birth be calculated from time of entry; physically.  I hope that made some sense! 

Thank you Patricia and Maria for you time and energy, your answers have brought me to more question lol.

I took too long in editing my previous post - and it timed out on me. See if I can recall my further thoughts on this. In addition to the above, I wanted to add that, although it makes more sense to me that birth be determined by entry into this physical world, this still is of concern, as far as the method used in calculating our age, which is counted using the 12 month cycle; one year intervals (365 days). 

The lunar cycle and a woman's length of cycle are usually 28 days. 28 X 12 = 336, and 28 X 13 = 364, which is closer to one year., I have no idea how old I am lol.. and frankly, it really doesn't phase me much anymore. At the stage of my own development, what I find to be the determining factor as far as birth goes, is a person's soul-level of maturity. There are people considered older than I am who act like 2yr olds; and there are some who are significantly much younger than I am, who I tend to gravitate towards.

... I think I went off topic a bit there lol... but very interesting subject you brought to light Tyrone.  I'm curious of other's point of references.


I agree once the inception takes place on the astral plane, then comes the physical conception, which then our physical bodies from that sec starts to form. For to me this is Day 1 and everyday after brings growth and physical age, however when we reach 10 or so we are pulled out and mind you we are already in the physical plane, we start back at 0 months. 0 months physically is not developed so this can not be. I know it has something to do with throwing our Bio off.



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