We all know at the resistance that in dreams we can communicate with spirits (if you don't you must be new here and I encourage you to get up to speed) I've been researching a little into this thanks to renewed interest in these type of herbs thanks to some recent talk about this in another discussion.


Now, I gotta let you all know that I have not directly experience with them but have researched them considerable enough for not ignoring their reported properties.  This list has been done accounting good dream recall along with clarity and lucidity properties without psychedelic effects.



Coleus Pumilus, Coleus Blumei.


   A widely available plant (I bought a pack of seeds of mixed varieties just yesterday, lots and lots of seeds!)  used by mazatec shamans whom popularly also use Salvia D. they say that Coleus Pumilus is the male plant while Plumei is the sibling, there have been numerous reports that state some people don't get any effect from ingesting it but being this plant the male from the same family along with the fact that I've stumbled upon a non successful report from ingesting it along with not having a psychedelic effect after smoking Salvia...


   Have you ever heard about the strange Salvia reverse tolerance? Talking from personal experience, you could smoke a big bowl of 70X and just feel glued to the bed with very subtle non changing geometrical shapes if you had a very high threshold reverse tolerance, I really don't know why or how but it has been reported from other people too.  Now, getting back to what the shamans knows, it could very well be that the coleus plant also has reverse tolerance in some users which can be lowered through daily small doses of the plant.


   Another important topic about Coleus is that there are lot's of hybrids which seems to have lower concentrations of the wanted active chemical(s)... What chemicals we might ask? scientists haven't studied it enough to determine the substance....  The coleus plants reported with the best effects are Blumei and Plumei which I can't find a proper way to ID them (yet) another source states that the green herbs are the best ones, in turn the coleus plant seems to fade it's color into a green one when exposed to direct sun, this also might be correlated with the practice of stressing Shamanic plants in order for them to produce more of it's alchemical substances.


   For dosage, read here:  http://www.the-salvia-dream.com/coleusblumei.html



Calea Zacatechichi.


   This is the Mexican herb renowned for it's dreaming properties, it is said this plant induces a clear dream and also has potential for inducing lucid dreams, helps with insomnia and good overall sleep inducer, it's normal use is to make it a tea and smoke tobacco afterwards, this simple fact branches out to another topic connected to MAOIs I've been getting lot's of statements about tobacco being a mild MAOI although this points to a posibility of Calea interacting with MAOI containing plants, it seems this is not necesary based on other reports. -------------DO NOT TAKE MAOI's IF YOU HAVEN'T REASERCHED THEM!---------------


Other uses besides dreaming are against fever and nausea, gastrointestinal problems and more.


   Also has been reported with no effect on some users.



Xhosa (silene capensis)


   This is a recent plant in the trade, haven't found much concise information about it, vendors are saying this plant is greater than Calea and it would not be a surprise keeping in mind some other very powerful and very healing African plants.


Sweet gale (Myrica Gale)


   This is new to me thanks to Mune, she has used it with good results. native to northern Europe and northen North America.

Male Myrica Gale


 You might want to check your garden for some Coleus as they are used much in landscaping thanks to it's beautiful colored leaves, getting Calea seeds will be harder, even harder than landing the more exotic Xhosa seeds.


Important notes from Mune:


Just want to inform everyone,

  • Do your own thurough research with any herbs, and become familiar with your body before and after to see if there is/was any changes.
  • Let others around you know what you are doing, have support, you never know what can happen.
  • We have to be very carefull with anything we do, known your intent, and approach these herbs with respect and honor.
  • Do not become addicted, if the herb got you to a level, Be It and move on! Herbs are external aids to help you navigate back to what you already have within. Thank the herb and put it away, some beings need to keep using herbs for healing work, that's a different situation.


Many of these dream aid herbs are not to be taken by women who are planning to concieve or who are currently pregnant. Gotu Kola included. So please do your research, find a local herbalist and ask for their advice or a book you can research from. Never do it alone, always have someone with you to be your support.


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I completely forgot about not taking any of those herbs if pregnant!


I too have read some reports from using Calea not doing anything, the leaves resemble the Coleus, even the name... Maybe it too has reverse tolerance on some users.


I will look into Myrica Gale, thanks mune. If you don't mind I will add a part of your post to the Original text for non users whom can't see the reply's

not to nagate what you said about pregnant wemon taking herbs but my wife took gotu kola on a regular basis for 2 pregnancies and the kids are smarter than me already.Otherwize id say your absolutely right

Actually, thanks for sharing your family's experience.



Try passionflower

It's one of the ingredients from a tea that my mom buys to help sleep (insomnia) I have tried it several times, even two tea bags in one serving with low effects regarding insomina, I can't recall the name of the other herbs in it but they are the traditional herbs that aid sleep, I have also smoked passionflower and the only effects that I've experienced is some dimmed colored lights while "awake" with no effects in recalling better recalling dreams.  I don't know if that effect is because of the very low MAOI content in passionflower as it is not a highly regarded herb for those searching for MAOI.


Has it helped you gain lucidity in dreams or vividness, can you share how do you prepare it? I have lot's of it at the kitchen.

either raw or "boiled", it helps a lot of people with vivrant or lucid dreams.  For a relaxing effect (it does already have this) you can also use chamomile, and scullcap.  This is really to give your nerves a break, and relax. If you're trying to tap in to the effects of using an maoi and plants, that's a whole different approach and method. In my experience the active dream state comes from the "jing" building.  Having enough energy to actually be awake in a dream.  Solar exposure in the day also tends to give a helping hand for you in your night sleep.  Thank you for the post, very interesting plants.

syrian "rue"?


Thanks nima,  I have trouble remembering dreams and so far what has helped me the most is breathing excersizes before sleep, maybe combining the herbs with it will do the trick for me having complete lucid dreams.


Regarding Coleus, I ate more than 30 one night and while I did go to sleep some hours after I did feel some effects like heat going out of my body, mind and body relaxation along with some sharpening of my senses while awake, I will eat more of it once the plant it´s fully recovered as I also made lot´s of cuttings for planting (it has been recovering pretty well sorruounded by orgone devices). I think the trick is to eat it right before going to hyperspace.


It´s pretty cheap too.  I have the typical red one, I´m not sure if it´s one of the hybrids but I feel it is blumei or pumilus.

I have been using lavender by smelling the essential oil for a time before bed it is great for getting good rest.I wonder though if there are other essential oils that may do better for being active in the dreram state more?? Know any?Black pepper essential oil is helpfull in turning wemon on ,often times.Not to distract but the turning on might be helpfull for being in active sleep.I will try that out.
I do not know of any but it makes sense, I´ll try some lavender for relaxing my body.  Thanks.



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