Once again I find that our greatest hindrance is ignorance and being saturated with those who refuse to tell or live the Truth. Summon your courage once more and protect what we have worked so long to build, Our Planet, Our Universe.


A series of books have already been written about the nature of the Fallen Reptilians and their lowered state, their jealous against humanity and their unceasing attempts to make us fail but they are liars and now the Truth is upon us.


I'm most grateful in having the opportunity to bring this to you, this is the first time this book has been OCR* and put into audio format as the Resistance continues to do its part for humanity tirelessly I wanted to thank all for making me who I am and allowing me to do something that truly has meaning beyond self.


I will be posting the other books also in the same format I only ask time as these conversion processes are lengthy. The other books include Jivaro and Hallucinogens and Shamans. I'm also attempting to locate Outside of Time but it appears it is not available anywhere, but I will do my best. Wholeness


The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner (e-Book)


The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner (Audio)


*OCR - Optical Character Recognition

When a book is scanned in it cannot be read by a computer thus it cannot be searched or digitally read by a text to speech software. Running a document through an OCR process allows it to be read.


The Way of the Shaman Harner OCR Edition Resistance 2010

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Here is a torrent for some shamanic drumming tracks
right on man i was looking for something just like this thank you

Thank you for making it possible to obtain this book. Wonderful mission and work you do here.

Links are no longer in service, any suggestions?

Hello! I am new, but I would like to refer the people viewing this thread to my discussion about spiritual prejudice. It's exclaims how people tend to view view reptilian beings and other ET races within the spiritual community. Enjoy!



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